how do premium players survive on just 3k of money?

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  1. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    I'm a premium player at the moment for financial reasons, I buy the episodes because in my country the legendary with the dollar money was very expensive, but I have almost everything to survive as a premium for example most episodes and I bought a lot of space in the inventory but have money limited to 3k with millions blocked, I wish I could definitely buy access to money could be a percentage of all money handled, or a percentage per episode purchased, so the more episodes the more money to move, this 3k limit is an offense for those who invest by buying almost all the content and episodes of the game.
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  2. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    premium players and friends leave your opinion

    sou brasileiro e tenho jogado a anos,
    tenho cr 329 healer e 470 sp
    24 slots de inventario e a maioria dos episódios
    tenho raiva por ser limitado a apenas 3k tendo mais de 300 milhões bloqueados
  3. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    Multiple levels of premium and member is something I'll always support, there's no reason for someone who bought multiple episodes, powers, replays and cosmetics over the years, that may be more than someone spends in membership over 3-4 years, to be treated like someone who spent like $10 once.

    They should also do a soft membership, with access to the full episodes and money
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  4. Icy Shell New Player

    This is a ridiculous decision by the devs. I dont know many games which the players are forcefully removed from the game economy if they dont pay a monthly fee to the game itself. I get that the game, by being free, needs to charge money to sustain itself, but locking away the money that f2p and premium players is not the way, its barbaric and reenforces the microtransactions laws that are being adopdted world-wide
  5. Kanniu Well-Known Player

    Pretty sure no one would buy the membership then since those are the two biggest incentives
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  6. GhostsAndMagic Dedicated Player

    keep stackable items in your inventory to sell to vendors, lots of people I know do soder cola extreme.
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  7. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Those of us who have been premium for 10 years we just got good so repairs arent needed as much.
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  8. Wildcat Committed Player

    like most of the living people who get paid 3k for the whole month of work ;)
  9. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    As a premium player I'm grateful that we made it to 3k, does that mean I wouldn't like more improvements from here? ofc not, but I think If I'm still at a state were I'm complaining about the premium limitations, then I would just Sub up since it's a pretty old game thats still hanging in there and supporting it further will help you and the game.
  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Here is a tip that I've gotten very good at doing and it's saved me a LOT of soda shuffling when repairing/purchasing. When you are planning on a session, especially one where you expect a lot of repair like bounty spamming or running a hard raid, do your dailies but before cashing them out, take something you have stacked like soda or Nth and unstack to fill ALL your inventory slots. Then when you cash the missions in, they will not drop in your inventory, but will go into the journal as complete but not cashed out. If you are working on 2 zones like LLL and WV, that means you will have at least 8 journal entries to cash in at about 2500 each. Unstacking and stacking the items takes only a minute(unless you are maxed on inventory slots)...much less time than separating sodas or whatever....and once you re-stack everything you can continue doing what you are doing, then claim each mission as you need the cash on the fly. I find this very helpful (especially when buying a new gear set at 2000 a pop) and a few other premium players I know have adopted the practice with much success.

    Word to the wise though, make sure you cash everything out before reset or signing out. The one drawback is that if you leave them uncashed till the next day, you lose the next day's mission...which is obviously a problem.

    Or don't, it's just a suggestion. Sodas otherwise, or soder enhancers if you can get a legendary to buy them for you. If you go the soder route, make sure to get a bottled city soder leveled up to at least 6 or 7. That way you are accumulating soders vs consuming them for health/power when running. That will save you having to buy them at least...or have someone send them to you.

    For the record, I'd think they could increase the cap to 20K or something. It would still keep premiums bottle necked for the broker, but would allow for repairs as a fully damaged piece can be 1K each now vs when a full set of repairs could be less than the 2K cap we had originally. I'd guess that the repair/purchase hassle is intended though, and that there will be no further increase anytime soon.
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  11. Tros Active Player

    Well friend, i am brazilian and i started playing with 12 years old, so i played it for 3 years as a free2play, and since then im premium. Its very limited to play as premium and like u i have all episodes, i bought very space in bank and plus i have 15 characters, all bought with daybreak cash, but yeah, the cash limitation is something anoying.

    I would like if we could pay for daybreak cash or member acess throught steam platform, like i do in eso. Well, with that the prices would change at all with dollar and political crisis we are faceing here in brazil. I also suggest if they ever do it, put a price more like was in the past. just to remember. Back in that days member was for R$ 24,00, now its R$90,00. Daybreak cash was 500 for R$ 10,00, now its R$ 28,60.

    Take care u all ^^
    This game is my childhood. :D
  12. Vella Active Player

    They should really just raise the premium money cap to 100k. That's a drop in the bunket. Especially on PC. It's not enough to really buy anything on the broker, but it's enough to repair gear.

    This coming from a Legendary member.
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  13. Critical Massacre Well-Known Player

    I never really use the broker. I hardly ever see anything I need on it. Probably because I’m on Xbox. I do sell things on there sometimes though because I don’t need it or already have it. Some of those items are worth millions but you can’t even put in on the broker for that because of the 3000k cap. I’ll just delete them verse going through the trouble. I want to sell things because if I ever do want to use the broker I’ll have enough to buy what I want. Such a low cap means I can’t even provide to the economy sufficiently.
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  14. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    Indeed. If there's was one thing that 'forced' (overstated) me to sign up for membership, it was repairs. It's all very well saying to keep stacks of soders to sell, but if you're a newer player that's not really an option.
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  15. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    all the tips on looting already practical is logical but it is unnecessary because if I had 100k for example there would be no need to stack and it is logical that in a moment of fervor in elite raids when you die so often this job of defragmenting soda becomes very boring ...
    there is also the issue that I cannot make soder of attributes because the base of the id is 9,950k, so I cannot create soder even though I have bought the episode and dropped the plan
  16. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    and saying that it doesn't have to be free, after all when I buy an episode I believe that I would have the right to use all the content offered by the episode and thus make it soder after all, is it or is it not part of the episode?
  17. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    I know many players who have stopped playing because they can no longer pay for the legendary and even though they have become premium they do not have an incentive to continue because of so much limitation and humiliation for needing other players to do them favors.:(
  18. emerson brasileiro Level 30

    being legendary has many attributes besides money like all episodes released and 500 DB and seila as for replay-b and more discounts and other things, attractive for those who can and who cannot spend
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    Access to in game cash is a legendary perk, which are continually getting watered down for the sake of free and premium players, people already get access to nearly all of the game as an example, open episodes was supposed to be a time limited thing but during the pandemic became an ongoing thing to the point where it now seems unlikely it'll ever disappear.

    If you want more access to cash then the only way you can justifiably do it is if you re haul the legendary business model to make a subscription worth the money by finding an alternative perk equally valuable to the buyer. Access to cash isn't the only significant perk to subscribing but it's a pretty big meaningful one and if you're not prepared to pay the price for it, why do you deserve it?

    Alternatively you scrap the subscription model completely but I'm pretty sure you'll see everything get monetized then and microtransactions go through the roof, although it's hard to imagine at this point what more could be monetized
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  20. Proxystar #Perception

    There would also be no need for you to feel compelled to subscribe, why do you think they're making it difficult, they want you to be uncomfortable, that's entirely the point.
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