How Different would the game be if you could have 5 artifacts equipped?

Discussion in 'War Room (Powers, Artifacts, & Builds)' started by Oceanly, May 3, 2021.

  1. L T Devoted Player

    Five Artifacts.....
    Why not six?
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  2. Lara Well-Known Player

    Even with 3 artifatcs all instances are a joke with 5 lmao there is no point to play anymore
  3. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    In that case… yes 5 artifacts sit he crybabies leave!!!!
  4. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    Oooo the gauntlet of artifact slots!!! Heck that could be its own artifact!!! An artifact to let use have more artifacts!!!! Genius!!!!
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  5. Rejchadar Inquisitor

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  6. Lara Well-Known Player

    ye... makes sense
  7. Plowed In Committed Player

    Take us down to 2, make us be choosier. #Bettergamebalance
  8. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    As fun as paying for Iconic powers is... no thank you.

    To answer the original question, it would be $400 more for a complete set of gear.
  9. Vitalizerr New Player

    No. Just no.
  10. Cerulean Osprey Active Player

    It feels given the grind and the amount of artifacts currently available, 3 seems like an ideal number. Maybe one day when there's a plethora of artifacts and if they consider lowering the amount of time to level them up, then 5 would make sense.

    But with what they have now, it allows us to pick and choose and have some differentiation to how we build.

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