How balanced are the powers right now (PVP)?

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  1. Galil ACE Well-Known Player

    Which ones are struggling and which ones are melting faces? I feel like making a character dedicated merely for PVP but don't get me wrong, choosing whoever is OP won't be a good idea since that will just end up being a crutch. Its just nice to be informed.

    How are all the powers doing in pvp, specially gadgets?
  2. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    From a scale from 1-10 on power balance in PvP.
    It's a 0.
    There are 3 tiers.
    1. Powerful PvP Friendly AM's. Nature, Hardlight, Rage, Ice.
    2. You can pull off good damage with this if you are lucky. Gadgets, Mental, Celestial
    3. You gotta be really really lucky to pull an AM off. Fire, Quantum, Electricity [Could go into 2], Earth and Sorc [Pet's give up immunity], Munitions.
  3. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Sorcery is OP...

    Fury is strong, Watcher is strong for healer, and Guardian is a pain in the butt. Not to mention the damage out that a WM Healing Sorcery player can do while being healed by a Watcher. Not even fair. In DPS stance the healer I faced did more than damage than I was doing just using WM...

    I'm all about removing WM from PVP....

    Light is still stuns are less effective now but it still hits like a Mac Truck

    Nature is still OP due to the DOT it does and that it still hits as hard as ever

    I imagine that Crystal is strong again in PVP and making it hard on some players.

    How is Munitions fairing in PVP.
  4. Mighty Committed Player

    I would bump mental up. They can basically stand in your face and spam with zero vulnerability. And mass terror hits very hard now. A mental plus a Sorc healer in twos is extremely tough to beat.
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  5. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    Hmm intresting. I thought it would be easier since Gu47 basically got rid of Mental's CC advantage.
  6. Mighty Committed Player

    It's easier to catch the Psy res up front, yeah. But if you don't catch that you're going to eat some spam.
  7. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    That goes the same for Celestial :p
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  8. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Celestial healing got sooo much better.
    That responsiveness stuff made it sooo much better.
    It still needs some tweaks but the damage healing Im doing is perfect.
    2.3 million damage and 1.8 million healing
  9. CosmicIV Well-Known Player

    Rage is op in open world.. arena you have to be pretty good to get that AM going or you'll be on your back...
    HL broken
    Nature wolf broken
    Munitions is spamable and does hit hard dont let people who are muni tell you different
  10. Alpha Cell Well-Known Player

    I think Celestial is the most balanced power in PvP and where all powers should be aiming to be. It has a high payoff if you get the AM going (which doesn't take too long unlike other AMs like Munitions), but the AM is easy to interrupt so it can't be spammed carelessly (unlike Hard Light). The delay between combos is a good way of balancing out the power's naturally high damage. Also it is very power efficient, and as a combo power it focuses on precision which is always a plus in PvP. On top of that, none of it's moves are exempt from the WM crit bonus, so that's good. If you're focusing on PvP but don't want to pick the most OP power, I would suggest Celestial.
  11. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Celestial is far from balanced in PvP now.
    these response changes made it 3rd best.

    Healing, could still use a few tweaks, however, it does more damage than the other battle healing variations
  12. Alpha Cell Well-Known Player

    How is it unbalanced?
  13. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Hits too hard after the AM buff.
    It could use a slight reduction.
  14. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    Since the update, most matches I lose are to Celestial (damage and healer), Rage (damage), and Sorcery (damage and healer). HL is still annoying, but with better responsiveness the wins via stun spamming have been way down for me. Earth is way more powerful. You can farm for counters off their pet and then land attacks onto the player to negate much of that.

    Fire tanks are still decent, but they're not monstrously overpowered. The total damage+healing number I get now are roughly equal to what someone in damage role would do. Those totals used to be considerably higher. Also, the fire self-healing isn't a large fraction (or more) of a regular healer.

    Here's a summary of a pretty even Temple of Isis match I grabbed data from; this distribution seems typical for me now:
    • Rage DPS: 195K damage (all 3 of them close)
    • Sorcery DPS: 230K damage
    • Fire tank: 94K damage, 57K healing [me, all CR97 gear]
      Sorcery healer: 55K damage, 453K healing [healing the fire tank, so inflated from that]
    • Quantum dps: 140K
  15. Absolix Loyal Player

    I would say that is not a great impression as the Sorcery Dps had to have been a better PvPer than the Rage Dps to be higher. If you put the two powers in the hands of two equally competitively skilled players the Rage player will come out on top every time.

    Plus the problem with Fire tanks was in 1v1s and to a lesser extent 2v2s. I wouldn't say that any match in 4v4s and up would give a good impression of a Fire Tanks potential strength.

    What you are saying may or may not be true, but what you are saying doesn't present itself as solid evidence to support your claim.
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  16. Mighty Committed Player

    I think the fire tank thing really highlights what I've heard guys like Enquirer echo a lot, that they haven't quite decided what arenas should be balanced around. In 1s and a lesser extent, 2s, fire tanks are just ridiculously tough to crack. They're healing back upwards of two-thirds the damage they take in. however in 4s and 5s (competitive deathmatch) they're more or less useless just like the rest of the tank class. You just focus burn down the rest of the team one-by-one and no fire tank's going to live through four or five people hitting him.

    Moving forward I really don't see how you can reconcile making tanks durable and essential for 4s, without making them absurdly strong in 1s.
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  17. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    That was a representative sample picked from many similar matches. I've done a lot of fire tank scoreboard analysis; there's a whole set in a developer feedback thread around here. After ~50 matches at all sizes after GU47, I'm not seeing the same imbalance in the totals I used to see. My win rate is way down too, especially on 1v1 matches. A week ago I'd routinely win a dozen 1v1 matches in a row before losing anyone better than me at counters has a shot at winning.

    That post before picked one match that seemed average for the new behavior. Of course the peak potential for Rage vs. Sorcery can't be concluded from that bit of data; I don't have complete control over that. I can churn out the fire tank data all day though, and it all looks similar. The healing is coming out of my damage potential, and that combined total is not much larger than anyone else anymore.

    And when I look at who did large amounts of damage, it's the same few powers most of the time. Here's the top 5 players from another 4x4 Temple of Isis match I thought was typical of current arena PvP:
    • HL (damage): 363K damage
    • Munitions (damage): 240K damage
    • Earth (damage): 233K damage
    • Rage (damage): 225K damage
    • Fire (tank): 90K healing, 111K damage [me]
    I'm sure that eventually I'll notice a scoreboard where a Rage player dominates everyone else. I get absolutely shredded by some of them on the 1v1 matches now.
  18. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    Correction, MT is always vulnerable to interrupt.
  19. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Celestial is still the most unbalanced healing power for pvp compared to nature, electric and sorcery.
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  20. Eminence Dedicated Player

    DPS Powers



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