Not A Bug House of legends phases

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by Silently, Feb 9, 2024.

  1. Silently New Player

    Can we make the house of legends phases max atleast 100 people again. 50 is too little makes the game feel dead on eu there would be 4 phases with 38 people and on US there was 19 phases with 30. Maybe this was done to make the game look more “active” but it does the opposite I go into house of legends and see 5 people on the bridge.
  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This is a temporary change to address crashing on xbox.
  3. Cypharr Committed Player

    Not everyone stays on the bridge. Personally I alternate between my base and hanging out by the mail to the right when coming in from spawn point perspective but mostly I'm in my base.
  4. DcHarleyQ New Player

    Metropolis is similar too, while last week the phase was populated and great, and had a high capacity of about 350 i believe, so there was only 1 phases needed. Make it like that again.
  5. Samoan2001 New Player

    I think personally. We shouldn't have the house of legends anymore. Go back to the hod and wt the way it was. Put eveything in there all in 1 spot. Too much crashing, drama etc. House of legends shouldn't have existed in the 1st place
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  6. Cypharr Committed Player

    Try making a villain toon for fresh perspective. HoL particularly benefits villains
  7. bags New Player

    All the smaller phases in HoL makes the game seem like it’s gasping for it’s last breaths…just need some tumbleweeds blowing around…spreads the community out way too thin, eliminating one of the few remaining attractions to playing the game
  8. DcHarleyQ New Player

    When are the phases going to be fixed?