Not A Bug Horrid Customer Service.

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by OdinZeusMrPace, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. OdinZeusMrPace Level 30

    For the last week I have been unable to log into the game as error codes show up and apparently I am not the only one. I have sent in reports but have gotten not even a response since I sent in the report a week ago. You developers have got to be the absolute bottom of the barrel when it comes to customer support. I posted the error code in the report and the only message you slimey little devs had the nerve to say to me was that I sent the report outside of normal business hours when the report was filed on a Monday in midday. I have been waiting patiently while you are still absorbing the money from my bank account. I want a resolution to this asap. I am a paying customer and I should not have to deal with piss poor customer service or write a message on the forums just to have you do your jobs you miserable conartist. I have never had customer support as poor as this for any game I have ever played. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. And if possible I would see each of you fired for your utter lack of professionalism.
  2. Kuno Loyal Player

    You have to understand we are under special situations with the pandemic. I guess they have limited support.
    I understand where you coming from, I have the same problem, I have an error preventing me to play (on PC).
    But I reported it, and support reached to me twice in a week. I'm still not able to solve it with the solutions they gave me, but I tried different methods.
    I downloaded the game on stream and I'm able to play from there, its almost the same experience as a fast fix while I figure it out how to fix the problem with the launcher and the installation.
    I don't know what plataform you playing in, but I thought it could help you if you are on PC. Give it a try, so you dont lose membership days like I did.
  3. Catastrophic Repercussion Dedicated Player

    Unsatisfactory experience with customer service is not a bug.
    I suggest you either write how you encountered the error here (your platform, the error code, how far into the game loading does it happen etc.) and/or follow-up/rewrite your report to customer service.

    P.S. if you submitted the report on 25th May 2020, it was Memorial Day in the US so they were having a holiday break that day.
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  4. OdinZeusMrPace Level 30

    It is a big when more than just myself have made the same complaint. And if they were on break the report still hasnt even been responded to after a week. I gave the error code and if the devs refuse to respond to the report then I will post here about this issue until it is resolved. I have run , created and operated websites and support columns and I cam tell you that even the owner of a site with more than 1 million users still responded personally to reports. A bug that I can't even validate the game's asset code if an issue for which the devs should have to investigate, and in every measure they have failed. Until I received satisfaction results I will post and report however I so please. Glitches and error codes that disable you from being able to install the new content. If they refuse to respond to my report they will respond to me here.
  5. OdinZeusMrPace Level 30

    I fixed the issue myself. I apologize for any offense I may have caused though it is still highly unprofessional for you not to get back with me.
  6. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    Good to hear you got the game working. FYI, just because the Customer Service Rep has a his/her name highlighted in green it doesn't mean they are developers. Developers are not tasked to handle customer issues. Granted CS has gone downhill since Sony sold of SOE/DBG/DI.