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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Red Five, Sep 8, 2022.

  1. Red Five Developer

    Welcome to the party pal!

    This is the official thread for Homecoming 2022 items and rewards. Please report any bugs for loot drops or vendors, as well as any feedback. Since this is our first time doing this event, we are also interested to see what kinds of rewards you would like to see next year!

    Thanks, and enjoy the festivities!
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  2. Extinction Active Player

    I made a thread already but I guess it should be requested here:

    Please make the Tamarean Royal Crown also as an Accesory / Face too, it could be mixed for some other styles, the more options the better.
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  3. Zoe· YouTuber

    Blackfire's full outfit is a MUST. Please make it happen!
    Tamaranean Soldiers clothes (This is literally the Teen Titans Starfire outfit!)

    Base Items:
    Pile of Iconic Dolls (On the ground)
    Different types of booths, like water gun booths and such - It's ok if they can't be interactable (But would be cool!)
    Royal base Items like chairs, sofas, tables etc. I know we can't really see Tamaran yet, but I can imagine some cool items.
    Photo booth with different poses!
    Game tickets base items (Basically on the ground or on a table)
    Posters (Like the Bombshell ones) Inspired by the Titans, and a Blackfire one would be cool too.
    Syl'khee base pet
    Titans Emblems Balloons
    Interactable Titans Hologram (We have Cyborg as a Hologram in the maybe him idk) to drop some collections
    Snacks Machine
    Drinks Machine

    Will probably come up with more later xD
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  4. Achikah Committed Player

    I made a Seasonal Furniture Mega Request Thread a few weeks ago outlining other events an potential items for them, but I didn't include Homecoming. Now seeing the theming, I think a few items from that would work well. I also have a few other ideas too from all the research I did for my Tragic Kingdom base for Amusement Park/Carnival things.

    Finishing the Red Tornado Rollercoaster from Valentine's Day: Really love the Roller Coast Car from Valentine's day, but we really can't do anything with it since there's not a higher or lower piece to connect it to. If there's anyway to figure out how to finish that, or just give us a whole new rollercoast track.

    Different Booths: As Zoe requested, it'd be awesome to have different types of carnival booths. Below is a small list of possibilities I'd love to see.
    • Dart Balloon
    • Ring Toss
    • Whac-A-Mole
    • Pingpong Ball Goldfish
    • Shooting Gallery
    • Duck Pond
    • Horse Race
    • Water Gun Game
    Caricature/Carnival Posters:Must like Vaudeville-styled posters of some iconics.

    Bumper Cars- -insert color-: Brightly color, non destroyed versions of the Bumper Cars

    Carnival Barriers: Colorfully painted half walls for ride and booth dividing, about waist high on standard character models. A short and long variety would be great.

    Circus Platforms: Round, colorful raised platforms
    Trapeze: Acrobatic swings for the ceiling
    Tightrope: A long wall item for tightrope walking
    Tightrope Platform: Platforms at the same height as the rope for access
    Acrobat Netting: Safety nets for the above activities

    Make Up Table- Clean: A retextured version of the Make Up Table that's pristine and not broken

    Various Arcade Machine: Various video game machines with different games, could include various different version too, such as shooters, car/motorcycle, or the regular fighter game set ups.

    "Disco Disco Rebellion" Machine: A version of another popular DDR game *cough*

    Skee Ball Booths
    Air Hockey Tables
    Dunk Tank

    Hotdog Cart: Similar to the Hot Dog carts already utilized in several early game missions (Raven's Gluttony quest and Gotham U's).

    Vending Machines: Again, from the Gluttony mission; some non-interactive/workable ones would be amazing for bases.

    Market Tents: Similiar to the Thanagarian Market Stalls but square. These are already assets in the game and can be found in Gotham's Chinatown in various open parking lots.

    Slot Machines: I know Vault of Chance was an exclusive item, but since exclusive items have started to be given away once more, I'd really love for these to be added to the game again, even if it's a reskin.

    Poker Table: Similar to the other gambling tables but more suited to poker.

    Wheel of Chance: An interactive item; press the prompt and the wheel spins.

    There are a few assets from the Gotham City Zoo raid that I've always wanted that'd be great as Homecoming items:
    • Ticket Booth- Wall: At the very beginning of ZOOe, there's a ticket booth to the right. I'd love to have those windows be available, especially with all the movie theatre stuff that's out already.
    • Ticket Booth: Potential freestanding version of the item above, maybe mounted on a wall/divider
    • Ticket Sign: There's also a sign on the wall reading TICKETS that'd be great to have as well.
    • Food Truck Vendor: Right after the first archway in ZOO, if you hang to the right there's a concession/food area. The food trucks/vendors here would be a great addition for base decorators.
    • Patio Table with Umbrella: In the same area, the round outdoor tables with the umbrellas in the middle.
    That's all for now! I'll post more when they come to me, thank you!
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  5. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Next year can we get a Starfire and/or Blackfire set? I could really use it for my character that's essentially just an inverse Starfire.

    And maybe some kind of Tamaranean cultural base items? Maybe even Syl'khee as a base pet now that we have him? I also find the lack of Bart/Kid Flash weird since we finally have Jaime through this event and they're such buds, I feel like Bart should be here with his BFF. There are a few other Titans not present that are in the game like Tim, but I get how it can easily get.... very crowded if we involve EVERYBODY. But I do feel like Bart should be here just so he and Jaime are together.


    The DJ booths if we don't have them yet, can't remember
    Some sort of Tamaranian cultural base furniture. IDK any specific stuff, tho.
    The big circle thingies the carnival games are on, both with and without the dome over it. Could be used for a lot of things like keeping prisoners in or keeping specimens in for study or as a little sparring space or any number of things.
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  6. Achikah Committed Player

    Also, I wanted to say THANK YOU FOR THE STACKABLE FURNITURE!!!!! T_T
    I almost couldn't believe it when I saw 1/99 and then when I stacked two Carnival Booth... The noise that came out of me, haha!!
    You guys have no idea the quality of life that's going to give decorators. Oh my goodness. Thank you so, so much!!!

    Two other request for next year as well after running the queue-in:

    Titan Tower Rug: The red rugs in the Tower during the event. It'd be great to have the Romantic Rug texture in a different format than just a heart.
    Titan Tower Window: Not sure if actually the gridded windows in the actual Blackfire fight are the environment with some transparent, fogged glass or an actual base item window effect. I'd be very happy with either as a base option though!

    Again, thank you so much for the stacking, and if there's any way to continue this for future and past items, it'd be amazing. <3
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  7. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    Is it too late for us to get this hairstyle?


    I mentioned the same request on test server feedback thread and I know both genders able to wear hair styles but I was hoping for a male hairstyle alongside Blackfire's. :(
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  8. LeatherJacket25 Well-Known Player

    I would like to see-

    A more pageant like crown/tiara.

    Pageant sceptre weapon style.

    A sash

    Party heels.

    A corsage (a lapel one and a wrist one)

    A floating bouquet of flowers accessory.

    A “prom” style photo booth with a backdrop and props. Maybe a few different themes.

    Like royal thrones - King & Queen

    Other like “homecoming Court” base items.

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  9. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    One thing I would like is instruments, mounted on the floor or a wall, to go along with the theme of the stage, mics and dance floor we got in another event. I ask for it in this one because of the party theme at the end of the queue. What types of instruments don’t matter and can be different types can be put in the same year or multiple. After all, not everyone is into the same genre.
    Maybe some chairs or stands that sit high enough off the ground to look like they are sitting on the stage for those Benny Goodman fans. Appropriately themed of course. The floor mounted instruments can be low to the ground to sit next to the stage base item or high up off the ground for the illusion of sitting directly on the stage. Doesn’t much matter to me.
    I have another idea and as soon as I find a way to tie them into a homecoming theme or a party theme I will put them in here.
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  10. LeatherJacket25 Well-Known Player

    I agree.

    Drum set.



    Base guitar.
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  11. momochan1976 New Player

    Are they planning on unlocking everything in the vendor so it's not account bound?
  12. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    I agree with all of those decisions. Drum set and 3 different guitars were the first thought in my head and what I would like most because when I first thought of the idea I was listening to More Than A Feeling in my walk to work. Then Strangelove and This Can’t Be Love were playing while I was typing the request and I thought “why limit the request to 1 genre?” I do admit though, instruments that imply rock would be my first choice.
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  13. darth_paul Dedicated Player

    TBH, I'm not all that interested in this event for this first year because the rewards are kind of lackluster and I don't have any use for any of it. The base item offerings this year are just meh to me, and the few costume items we did get aren't super worth grinding for imo either.

    I have to agree, that getting both Starfire's and Blackfire's outfit styles would be worth it, as well as the outfit styles of the "Invaders" that you fight in the event, because I find it funny that they're basically wearing Starfire's outfit from the cartoons, but she herself doesn't wear that in game. It would be cool to get that style as well as something that our characters could wear.

    And, also why are all the invaders female? Why are there no male Tammeranians attacking, they do exist you know.
  14. Chewsy Well-Known Player

    Not gonna lie, I've enjoyed the event this year, and I appreciate the effort that went into making it feel unique without being frustrating, but the rewards disappointed me. There's a ton of stuff made for the event that could have been used for rewards that was just left out. I hope this event will also lean into a high school/more basic clothing style for styles in the future.

    Some things that I would like to see for rewards next time:
    Superboy's hairstyle
    Jericho's hairstyle
    80s prom-inspired hairstyles for both genders
    5-o'clock shadow face/accessory style
    Prom dress style
    Prom tuxedo style
    Prom tapshoes style
    Bandage handwraps style
    Nerd glasses with tape style
    Party hat head/accessory style
    Party horn face/accessory style
    Dunce hat head style

    Base items
    Dancing NPC hologram base item
    As others have stated: stationary musical instruments
    Food and drink machines
    Slot machines
    Table tennis setup
    Gaming setup (like the giant TV/video game setup on the Teen Titans show)

    One thing that I think would be really cool, either as part of the event or as a lair mechanic: a Jukebox base item. Once the Jukebox is obtained, songs from the game's OST drop as disc items from locations where they were originally introduced (ex: FOS3 record disc drops from Zod, New Genesis music drops from enemies/open world bosses from New Genesis, Gotham/Metropolis music drops from their open world bounties, etc.). When these discs are "collected," players can select and play the songs in their lair via the Jukebox. Total pipe dream, but I think it would be fun to collect all the songs, and it would give people a small incentive to run older content.
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  15. TracyStraussEU New Player

    Not sure if this is the right place. But on switchEU the marketplace doesn't sell the prize tickets. Also... since the latest update there are many bugs. You have to calibrate your screen each time you start up the game, menu is explained on each topic as if you're a new player, skill point progress and other settings are reset, etc.
  16. Ambassador of Krypton Well-Known Player

    Next reward: Superboy's boots.
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  17. Chewsy Well-Known Player

    Some more ideas I had for future rewards:

    Terra’s mask face style
    Gizmo’s goggles face style
    Mammoth’s beard face/accessory style
    Jinx’s chest and legs style (heck, even the arm bracelets would be cool hand styles)
    Football quarterback style set
    Football face paint lines face/accessory/skin style
    Cheerleader captain style set
    Cheerleader pom poms hands/accessory style
    Floating balloon accessory style (follows you around like a kite, maybe has different variants)
    Loose neck tie accessory/shoulder style
    Cosmic Shaper’s necklace accessory/shoulder style (still don’t know why this wasn’t a part of the OP item)

    Also, unrelated, but please consider making a Jolly Beard accessory variant next winter so we can use face styles with it! :)

    Base items:
    Ginormous carpet - just a simple one or two-color square/rectangular carpet, about the size of one room in a lair, or about 1/4th of a main room in a league hall
    Football (or soccer) field turf rectangles - parts of a field we can put together in our lairs/halls
    Football goalposts - small and large variants
    Soccer goal - small and large variants

    To reiterate on this idea, the Jukebox could be an amenity included with a future DLC, with account-wide versions in the marketplace, and a one-time per toon unlockable version via a rare collection (like other Home Turf amenities). The discs would be tradable, and perhaps even special Jukebox-only songs could be put on the marketplace (ex: the Drowned shanty, BOP song, or even Jukebox-original/unreleased music).
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  18. Chewsy Well-Known Player

    Also, if we are planning to have homecoming cosmetics relating to football/sports, then perhaps create emblems for dual digit numbers 00 through 99. I know many DC players that are huge sports fans that would probably wear styles with their favorite players’ numbers if given the chance. Perhaps these would be best put in a new vendor, preferably a DC character who LOVES numbers. Maybe Calculator, Oracle, Calendar Man, or Riddler, for example.
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  19. Ambassador of Krypton Well-Known Player

    Jericho's chest style
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  20. MisfitCircusInc New Player

    Not sure if this is by design or not. But, one of my toons has the Homecoming Crown style. But, I don’t see it on the style list for my other toons so that I can unlock it with Replay Tokens.