Home Turf Enduring Damage mod ruining dps balance

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  1. Liightmare New Player

    just going to point out that electric lacks a 35% finisher and a 60% modifier. and its the only powerset where the cooldown time for some main powers is double the time of the actual power.
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  2. ASH New Player

    who told you that using cast time powers are a loss in damage? i did crits of 6-8.5 k with tachyon blast when i played quantum for a while and have the 60% buff. try it with and without hand mod and you will see a huge difference.
  3. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    Ah that's true. I actually got confused for a while there.
  4. Critics New Player

    So whats does enduring damage atcually do? I know it says it removes like toughness and defense what do it help for a dps wise? I use core strength
  5. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    When using a power with a cast time (Tachyon Blast, Fireburst, Telekinetic Bolt, etc...) and successfuly cast it, you keep your 60% bonus for 20 seconds.
  6. Redhot Well-Known Player

  7. Critics New Player

    ohh ok
  8. Cream Corn New Player

    Can't Believe I'm Actually Gonna Say This But I Partially Agree With Alpha. Although I Thought Earth Was A Bit Weak In Dps Before The Mods Which Was A Huge Part In Me Switching Back To Ice. I Doubt A 60% Move Would Help Though. Better Pi's Would Be Preferable.
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  9. thelostczarnian New Player

    yeah right fan glitch is the worst of all, timebomb is pointless unless trolling and the turret/decoy thing is terrible for any situation. i can out dps anyone using any of these glitches but fan. the rest are totally pointless
  10. thelostczarnian New Player

    ty this is earths real problem. the pi setup is terible and it lacks range aoe burst. make the first power on dazed tree an aoe attack like sticky but with a single burst and aoe pi application. i would also boost the damage on the crystal pet by a ton. this would help earth dps with out making earth tougher in pvp 1v1 i would even add a 60% 3 second cast as well
  11. Flash New Player

    Elec/Earth just need a 60%. Simple as that. Giving a 60% dmg modifier to every power, but 2 is unbalanced. It's common sense.
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  12. Deus Ex Tempestas New Player

    I don't know if that home turf mod is ruining the balance of powers in the game, but what I'm 100% sure about is that it would help us tremendously if we could use it. A 60% buff for 20 seconds helps a lot, and if you think about it, electricity doesn't has a finisher power either. I have a question for those who oppose that electricity and earth could have a 60% modifier in this thread, How does it affect you? (sorry if my english was bad :p)
  13. Aqua New Player

  14. PaperGirl New Player

    Are you sure that the devs know what means balance ?
    I know that they know unbalance , and pay2win , not sure about the rest p .
  15. Red Hood Well-Known Player

    Please shut the **** up and stop trying to troll this thread. There always has to be someone like you dam.
  16. Poetic Play Committed Player

    People never look at the simple examples. They try to defend their own personal benefits to the end of time, whether they be for the good or bad of the game. That's one of the big problems with DCUO's community. I don't play either Earth or Electricity (Nature user) and I do agree they should be able to have this advantage that other sets have. That's what it is, an advantage.
  17. GrimMalbogia New Player

    How about instead of trying to make all the powers the same, throw more variety into the mix? Add actual weapon Powers that you put on your loadout, it would give another thing to spend SP on and mix up powers some more. I know its a long shot, but it would be nice to be able to actually create the GA. Give the weapons Power trees of sorts. For some powers that are lacking, the weapon trees could add some supplementary powers to your loadout. For example: electric does not have a 35% finisher, but you would like one on your loadout, turns out there is a finisher type move at the bottom of the Bow tree called double shot surprise, shots two arrows at and enemy one with gasoline and a second with and ignitor dealing massive damage to enemies below 35%, equip a bow, spend the SP and vuala, you got your self a finisher, no changes to the power to keep them interesting meanwhile you get the loadout you want. I know HL could benefit from this as well, and so could earth.
  18. ASH New Player

    but he is right with his statement....
  19. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    my main is a mental troller who i dps on .... your kinda right the 60% hand mod is a bit excessive .... and i would surly expect electric to need it because of it not have a 35%er and all ....place down Dots put up a tele bolt (for modier), pop trinketm for extra might .... spam my 35% at over 3050 might with this combo i see over 8000 dmg crits sometimes .....while dots are still hitting ... and i dont have to reset my tele bolt (60%) untill 20 seconds ....this means you can spam 35%ers and always have a 60% dmg modifier thus maximizing my escalating might neck piece... i know beautiful isn't it .... and do not 4get to thank those trollers .....

    but i kill bosses i mean i leave the adds to earth and electric mwhahahahaha lol
  20. AIpha New Player

    Finally people see the issue as bring locking that 60% and being able to spam whatever they want and keep that boost. Its obviously making balance extremely difficult to discuss. For the complete idiots that said not all dps should be balanced are you kidding me? That's the whole point dps is available to all powers so that anyone can be a dps and yes they should all be even. That baffles me that people think otherwise. Back on topic though I think the whole idea of the mod is ridiculous. It takes all skill out of dpsing because once you have that 60% that you don't care about what the modifiers are after that and you certainly are not micromanaging modifiers which is one of the key skills to being a good dps. I dont think giving powers without a 60% a 60% is he fix. The real fix is removing this mod. Its stupid that some of these hometurf miss can't even be used by some powers. The stealth mods are a joke because they only apply to two powers, the mighty smashing mod is dumb as well. The real issue here is the lack of choice when it comes to hand mods. At least fore strength is useable by all powers I think that should be a hand mod and that opens up choices for the cheat mods because a lit of those are interesting unfortunately if everyone ad their mother is tuning with core strength.

    On a funnier lighter note rumblecrush mise well be made a 60% because by the time I summon it and get it out of my hands its been the same time as a 60% move from other powers lol.