Home Turf Daily solo missions way to hard for fresh CR70

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Latechs, May 7, 2013.

  1. Latechs New Member

    So I just hit CR70 5 days ago and I have been trying to do the solo missions to help me gear up. It taking me an hour or 2 to complete each one. The only way I have been able to beat some of the tougher guys is by jumping around and kiting them. I am a controller and have no dps gear whatsoever. I usually end up dying about 20 times trying to beat some of these guys.

    Either make it so all roles can beat them solo withought dying tons of time, or raise the CR rating to access it. I have never had problems as a controller even when I first was able to access tier 1-3 solo instances with my controller gear, why is this one now so hard? Not to mention there also seems to be nobody ever running them at the same time so I cant even get help.
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  2. Frostbight Well-Known Member

    the home turf missions were designed for people to have a few pieces of T4. I remember when I first went in with 0 T4 I had to keep running back to start of ace to heal. Now its a walk it the park. Alas all content cant be a walk in the park when you hit a certain CR, there need to be some challenge.
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  3. Latechs New Member

    I have 5 pieces of gear that are cr70 and over. I just don't have the killing power to beat the boss types. the normal guys are no problem with me keeping them stunned. but bosses don't get stunned. and the few where I have to get inside something and use those powers are tough since my dps is so low
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  4. BomombRook Well-Known Member

    Run the wayward alert or the villain version of it and get dps gear. How I did it and the HT solos are a breeze now except when it comes to punchline and parasite for me...
  5. Hendrix Active Member

    Try using the mainframe accomplice and the supply drop with every boss. Troller is the toughest role to play the HT missions in. Healer is the easiest, next tank, next dps. But the accomplice and supply drop heal and provide bonus/assistance. Definitely use strategies to lure the bosses into fights.
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  6. Joykiller Well-Known Member

    Shout for some help - the missions can get pretty difficult especially when the mobs start swarming (for villains, the Steelworks missions are more difficult, IMO, than the Arkham ones...).
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  7. Captain Just Well-Known Member

    This is great advice. The home turf mainframe trinkets and mods are must when attempting these as a fresh 70cr toon. In addition, try getting the mod that makes your shields heal you and use every shield available to you.
  8. Latechs New Member

    thanks for all the advice, I havnt done anything with home base except decorate it, guess its time to get the bonus effects from it.
  9. EP Ice Well-Known Member

    Not true!!! I beat the solo challenges as a CR70 tank with just T2.5 modded gear. I know a tank is different from a controller but the point is that you don't need T4 to beat the content.
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  10. The Horn'd One Active Member

    You think it's bad for CR 70? I'm CR 86 and I've tried EVERY trick I've seen on Youtube to get past the first part of the Stryker's Solitary Riot solo. I can't get though to the opening of the riot doors because I keep getting over-mobbed.

    It took me a while & many replay badges, but I did get the Ace Chem parts of Home Turf done eventually. I just want to win the Stryker's one ONCE. Then I will NEVER play that part again.
  11. BomombRook Well-Known Member

    Lol I do use them just those two always give me trouble with the blocking system for some odd reason.
  12. DarkSyde79 Well-Known Member

    CR requirements on content drops mid-cycle are more suggested then anything else. Plus if you're not a true 70 (full T3) and are more the roided up 64 with mods then that might be the real problem.
  13. JEEBIE Well-Known Member

    My mental alt I just went through doing them at 70 cr in troll gear. It was a bit challenging but very doable, I found the heal supercharge to be quite handy, as well as getting the first 2 ranks of sidekicks.
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  14. BomombRook Well-Known Member

    I was like that but still could complete the solo dailies, just needed t3.2 gear to beat the bosses easily though. I stopped bothering with t3 gear really cause no point in wasting marks on the gear when there is the HT gear which is better. Better to mod the 64 level gear to get 70 cr then to waste marks on t3 gear which becomes obsolete after you do a few HT solos and wayward alerts.
  15. EP Ice Well-Known Member

    I agree that you shouldn't waste marks on T3. I used HT to get a full set of DPS gear and used the marks to purchase T4 for the tank side. Pretty much a two for one and I am doing the same with my healer (for DPS gear). :p
  16. DarkSyde79 Well-Known Member

    It is true that purchasing T3 (or any other tier below the most current tier, generally) armor is not the most effective of marks but running solo content is not the best way to go about gearing up. Matter of fact most content below 4 man will be a challenge for anyone who is not appropriately geared for it.
  17. MAGNETOxxFirstClass Well-Known Member

    It depends on the characters.

    My Mental Flying Troll could do the Ace Chemical quests as soon as he got to 70 CR. But for the Stryker Island ones.... heck he is 88CR I think and I still get squashed if 4 or more prisoners gang up on me. So I do them quests with my healer friend usually.

    But my healer friend can do the Strykers ones easily.... but he gets creamed when he does the Ace Chemicals ones.

    And with my dual pistol gadget acrobat.... there was no way that I could do either the Ace or Stryker quests at CR 70. Even at CR 74.... I die quite a few times when I do Ace.... and there is no way that I can do most of the Stryker ones.

    So the characters you use makes quite a difference in how hard them quests will be.

    Hope this helps.
  18. BomombRook Well-Known Member

    Not really because wayward is a pretty easy alert that gives good gear. And then the HT gear is lvl 74 gear and is attuned. It's really pointless to buy t3 gear at all since you can save those marks for t4 gear.
  19. Solutha Well-Known Member

    This content wasn't meant to be easy for people who just hit CR 70. Its a little hard because you are on par with it. Its no harder than doing T1 content in fresh 30 gear.
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  20. BomombRook Well-Known Member

    Yep. Except certain bosses will just tick you off, punchline,parasite and my least favorite Heatwave...

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