Home Turf and The Last Laugh DLC Packs Now On Sale!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Lando Level 30

    Lol @ peeps complainin about unrelated stuff (GU38) "darn it i read elec was OP so i switched during the sale - hurry so i can be op and less fail" ..... :p
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  2. Yochanan32 Well-Known Player

    Well I already own home turf and highly recommend it. I don't own last laugh, primarily because I have not done PVP. As I venture into that realm it may become appealing. However, there is enough PVP in what I own now to keep me busy for the next year at least.
  3. krimzonk Committed Player

    Last Laugh on sale!? Is this a joke? (No pun intended). One of the worst DLC's alongside, Hand of Fate...You'd have been better off putting all the DLC packs up to Sons of Trigon on sale.
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  4. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Look in your bank. It's annoying the way the armories switch stuff at times.
  5. SLYDER X New Player

    Trying to occupy our minds with sales and new updates rather than attempt to fix glitches that have been a thorn in our sides for a LONG time!!! Good job DCUO team..pull the wool over our eyes too many times and that cost YOU money.
    Enjoy your illusion of power while you can, a lot of unsatisfied players will hit that point and spend money elsewhere if the 'team' isn't confident enough to fix old problems like the ones stated here by the serious players
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  6. DC-Doll New Player

    30% off? Of the price or the product? I'm sorry Mepps, you guys work hard and do alot of good but please have somebody let us know what's going on with Safehouse recovery. A heads up would be great. Thanks :)
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  7. Thibor New Player

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  8. Proxystar #Perception

    Wait so let me get this straight Mepps and I mean this with the utmost due respect, so don't take it personally.

    But you're pushing the sale of a product which is quite broken and has no ETA on a fix. I mean I'm starting to head down the track where a lot of the feats I have left reside in the DLC Last Laugh,

    All feats in which have been broken for over 12 months with absolutely no ETA on a fix, it's almost like it's not even a priority. Surely if you're going to put a DLC on sale that's broken you'd let the people know about it.

    It's almost like selling a defective product, then again maybe that's why you're putting it on sale...

    Call my bitter but I think it's about time this stuff got a fix instead of worrying about putting teleporters on the marketplace, I'm all for new cool stuff, but lets get the stuff we have that's broken fixed first?
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  9. Badname222 New Player

    You really just put the last laugh on sale and you cant even get all the feats out of it.... how much sense does this make to put a broken dlc on sale? Instead of putting a broken dlc on sale you should fix the problems in it first...
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  10. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    SOE are just mocking everyone with this sale.
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  11. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    Sony corp is investigating in to the last laugh dlc to why b roken content was sold but can't be played want to help push the issue call sony corp not dc soe as well post on fb n twitter to this fradulent sale half a dlc since Checkmate was pvp gear all , we as gamers want to move forward but content we need to get stronger is either broken or no longer available if your a vilain like me dcuo don't care thus game caters to heros even hero friends agree look at the devs they login as heros most gm's login as heros diamond heist next to hero police station , ring war middle of no where

    Most villains struggle to 160+ sp heros almost capped out but will they agree no they will deny it and say god speed keep up the good work

    Most can't wait till destiny comes out beta and dcuo coukd still care less to fix things the right way n when they do it takes forever n mostly already to late.

    Sorry as an adult some of us know when to call it quits this game used to be come home just to run a raid get a new item gain a feat now you get the same items you been getting for an entire year sad they created marks of triumph and you can tell there lost they ran out of content to use them on the game is breaking down won't be around as long as some think comes a time where we stop spending money n they stop making it
  12. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    Those who think last laugh is broke are wrong know plenty who got all the feats with no issues they took pvp doen to 5 maps cause there servers can't handle every thing at once reason they keep it limited reason now you see 9 maps on each side there testing to see how much it can hold with out causing issues with load balancing

    Like before they will say untrue don't know what I'm talking about but they dont know some of us work in the server world and do balance testing to see his many machines is cost affective for profit and scalability to customer loads and data space .

    But you can't blame Mepps or there devs dcuo has the say so in the end
  13. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    TC was sooo cool, flying around in his chopper with Magnum solving crimes and getting chics.
    Rick was a twerp.
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  14. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I have a hard time recommending the Last Laugh DLC to anyone. The Last Laugh is a very PvP-centric DLC with only one PvE instance. Here are some of the known issues with Last Laugh:
    • Safehouse Rescue hasn't been in rotation for over a year. There are several feats associated with that map that can't be earned.
    • The Last Laugh introduces several 8vs8 and 5vs5 maps. Several of those maps - such as Watchtower - can be very buggy on PS3.
    • Earning the 8vs8 map feats can be a real pain on USPC. 8vs8 queues rarely pop.
    • The Shady Nightclub duo is the only PvE instance in the DLC. Several of the useful drops from the Shady Nightclub duo were recently made non-tradeable.
    If it was me, I'd skip buying the Last Laugh and pick up a copy of Mask of the Phantasm instead. You'll have the opportunity to hear a real last laugh from Mark Hamill:
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  15. Warped Reality New Player

  16. Crimson Jonni New Player

    Oh boy the Last Laugh dlc, cant wait to buy that.
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  17. DC-Doll New Player

    So....a map that consists of 5 feats on a dlc list...Dlc meaning we payed for either through sub or bought seperately, being off of the rotation...meaning we can't play it for more than a year to earn our feats isn't broken?
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  18. DC-Doll New Player

    Better yet, let me put this in simpler terms. I payed for a product and I can not access a good chunk of it.
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  19. Crimson Jonni New Player

    Its a joke but not a funny one, broken dlcs arent cool
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  20. Mr Rocky New Player

    how is Hand of Fate useless?
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