HL Nerf?!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Lightful, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Lightful Well-Known Member

    Am I the only one that has noticed HardLight took a HUGE nerf? It could possibly be a bug but as of right now and what I've seen from a few other HL dps is that fan, when you clip it, only gives off ticks.

    You don't get that big number anymore when you clip it, it only comes up if I let the animation go. That's a big disappointment, fan had good dmg, clip-able without using power and had a lack of dps division under AoE.

    Just thought I would post this to get some insight, I haven't seen anyone bring up the fan issue...
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  2. Laff Riot Well-Known Member

    There is a whole thread on this already but I would say its most likely a ninja nerf.
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  3. Lightful Well-Known Member

    I saw a thread about HL being needed but I didn't see anyone refer to the fan. What I read was the dmg was nerfed which I haven't noticed but I didn't see anyone talk about the fan...
  4. Lightful Well-Known Member

    Nerfed* not needed.
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  5. Jumpnit Well-Known Member

    They nerfed the combo fans pull abiliy and damage out, not power fan. Power fan still works the same it was just the combo they changed
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  6. Lightful Well-Known Member

    Well that's a big deal for HL dps. I don't even use the traditional ram, snap trap, fan rotation but I still implement fan into my rotation as so do many, many other HL dps do. I don't know a single HL dps that uses power fan....
  7. Lightful Well-Known Member

    Btw for me and other HL dps, it's not the dps of the fan that's the issue. All I'm getting are ticks when I clip it, before I would get 500-800 dps out of it then ticks...
  8. mecha Active Member

    pretty sure all of you are going to quantum anyways, why does it matter :p
  9. Joykiller Well-Known Member

    OH SNAP (trap, fan, power snaptrap, etc.)!
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  10. Doc Holliday Well-Known Member

  11. Foghat New Member

    Well that escalated quickly
  12. Jafin Well-Known Member

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  13. Senshirou Well-Known Member

    Well, I am going Quantum but that's besides the point. Fan did take a nerf now if you don't actually let the animation ride out. HC got weaker as well.
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  14. Lightful Well-Known Member

    Nahh, I've been HL ever since about a month after fight for light dlc launch. Dedicated 4 LYFEEEEE
  15. Geldonyetich New Member

    Judging by the wording of the patch message:
    It sounds like any power that lets you do this is considered an exploit. Report em' when you see them and they'll eventually get around to plugging all the more obvious culprits, if any remain.
  16. Lightful Well-Known Member

  17. Jurgen Blitz Well-Known Member

    I have seen my damage numbers go down today. I could swipe through t3 challenges, but today I had trouble killing some t2 challenge mobs fast enough. I´d say its a ninja nerf. Oh, and combos don´t work every here and then
  18. Green Lantern Well-Known Member

    Yep. It really sucks. It's really nice to find out the hard way, too. I appreciated that little surprise.
  19. bedovean Well-Known Member

    You guys must not of heard, those nerfs are nothing, i would take them on a silver platter.

    The worst nerf was the fact that they have reduced our crit chance for all constructs dramatically. that is why you all are seeing such a decrease in damage and ability to kill things. Before whips used to crit very very often, now you will be lucky to see 1 on a swing. HC also splits damage now and is blockable. Fan you have to not clip it for .04 seconds after it is out and had its damage and pulling ability reduced. Further testing will reveal more i am sure.
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  20. Lightful Well-Known Member

    Really? I haven't really noticed much of a damage nerf. Maybe they're decreasing dps out because of the huge increase in precision. As for crit chance, I don't see any change. Have you?

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