HL bugs post GU 36/38

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  1. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I've isolated a few bugs post GU 36/38 as the title suggest. A few other players have corroborated that they exist. Please like the thread if you'd like to see them fixed ASAP.

    *Fan - Fan is only executing its stun and knockdown crowd control effects when used at point blank range from the power tray. At any other range other than point blank melee its just a pull. It is only working correctly at melee range. This occurred somewhere between GU 36/37 I believe.

    *Missing tool tips - Light Blast should read in its description " Does additional damage to enemies under 35% health". Chompers should read in its description " Deals additional damage to Dazed Enemies". Hand Clap should read in its description "Controller Role: Stuns target". Light Blast and Chompers lost their tool tips in GU 38. Hand Clap has been missing that forever.

    *Lunging Swing is cancelling damage when clipped at any range(Baseball bat from Entrap).

    *Impact is still doing the two trains shooting out for the animation. Sort of a double delay with the cast.

    *Ram's Power Tray dovetail to Whip Thrash is longer than the combo version. Ah la Chainsaw>Ram>WT. Ram to WT combo is faster. GU 36 should have made the power version quicker than the combo version. Do not nerf the combo version slower. Please fix the problem with the power tray animation. It is slow, awkward and wonky.

    *Entrap is not splitting damage correctly. It should be splitting at 3. That one works in our favor but if the others have to get fixed so should this.

    Special thanks to Jolt and AM for testing Fan to corroborate.
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  2. SpagTheTapdancer Well-Known Player

    here to support bug fixing and order McGronalds.
  3. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Just to add:

    -Spikequake is not receiving bonus damage from WM.
    -Using Chompers or Entrap after Shield's magnum round combo creates a slight animation delay that isn't present with other powers.
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  4. Crimson Jonni New Player

    Fan missing targets right next to the one you are targeting
    Frontal radius too narrow
  5. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    FYI hl has broken for so long and, the devs have proven they can't fix it. Why make threads about broken HL.
  6. Advanced Mechanic New Player

    -Go to the league hall group of 8 sparring dummies, fan only hits about 3 of them. The Aoe is glitched

    -combo version of lunging claw has very small range and will not do damage despite still being vulnerable to block. This needs fixing asap since it can be game breaking
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  7. Advanced Mechanic New Player

    Funny, the only bug they fixed was the one about entrap, the only bug that was actually working to our benefit. This isn't funny anymore
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  8. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    So I investigated the issue with Ram>WT a little further. It would appear to be a very slight difference and is only slightly faster when starting from IMP. Basically Power Tray Ram>WT or CS>Ram>WT are at the speed their supposed to be. IMP>CS>Ram>WT has a slight better feel for speed and transition. I do not want to see that combo changed to the others. Please adjust Power Tray Ram>WT and CS>Ram> WT to have a better feel and transition. It is clunky and wonky.

    I'm going to upload some video's showing the issue's I provided. I have the Fan CC video done and will add more later.

    Heres the Fan CC bug. I showed it on the dummy then go to bottled gotham and show how it is working on a bounder. The pull is working no matter what. The stun/knockdown is only applying at point blank melee range.

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  9. Cold D New Player

    Good luck getting the devs to fix anything other than the Entrap not splitting bug.
  10. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    This is a video of Lunging Swing cancelling damage.

  11. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    SQ fixed in GU 43.

    Chompers, Light Blast messaging to be addressed in GU 45.

    Fan CC issue's to be addressed in GU 45.