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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by MrSuperman, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. MrSuperman Well-Known Member

    I know the Devs still want us to run the older content. I don't blame them. But has anyone actually finished the entire set? And if you have, did you get certain pieces from certain T2 content? I know some are drops from the Hive Alert, and some are only dropping from T2 boxes, but good grief its only a 10 point feat! I have been feat hunting for 2 years and have only 5 out of the 8 pieces. I think enough is enough?? Can all the pieces start dropping in the alert soon?
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  2. One_Man_Army Well-Known Member

    I haven't finished it yet. Still need 2 more pieces. However, if it matters, I ran Hive alert a couple weeks back, and when I came in, someone was wearing the entire Hive Defender style. Surprised me really. I have never come across anyone before who had the whole thing, but he did. Looked nice how he had it styled.
  3. indee2025 Active Member

    Pieces of Hive Defender drop from the Mbot & Obot...I can confirm the Hive Defender legs dropped from Mbot, I mentioned this in a forum before and someone else said they got a piece from came from the daily reward box where I usually end up with some junk consumable and a mark of war...same boxes that drop escaped inmate & steelworker styles also drop Hive Defender.
  4. deltablues Well-Known Member

    I've been playing since march 2011 and I only have two pieces and those came from t2 award boxes. I run Hive t2 every day and collect all the t2 boxes each week. In addition I do mbot and obot every single day(still chasing styles) and haven't ever seen it drop from them but I would shriek with joy if that ever happened to me.
  5. Greenman_x Well-Known Member

    It's got a worse drop rate than Avatar Infiltrator had prior to T5

    I don't bother with it...worst thing they ever did was make it untradable
  6. DarthSizzle Well-Known Member

    I have never even seen a hive defender drop, this set is a myth to me.
  7. Little Sister Well-Known Member

    Is AI dropping in T5 content? o_O

    If so, I am a happy girl.
  8. Nawtae Well-Known Member

    Can someone else confirm this?
  9. Greenman_x Well-Known Member

    Im pretty sure ive seen it drop off of the 1st boss in Nexus...Unless my mind was just tricking me into seeing what I wanted to see
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  10. SilentKiller Member

    It is, there are some cr 86 pieces i have seen that are avatar infiltrator.
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  11. SilentKiller Member

    And if im not mistaken the cr 84 dps shoulders from BiA are infiltrator too.
  12. thoughtpatern Active Member

    Pretty sure the shoulders from the alert are oolong style
  13. Lumb Active Member

    Don't have any and it's only 10 feat points. The thing is, I know some keep trying but most people I know just give up. It can make you go back to alerts to finish styles etc but when you make something soo rare, you just give up on it. I think that's an issue with certain styles that really does need balance.
  14. Cataclyzm Well-Known Member

    Buddy in my league has the whole set. He runs t2 alerts A LOT and got most the set from the reward boxes.
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  15. Volaron Well-Known Member

    Some of the hive defender pieces were taken out of the game. It's a impossible feat.
  16. BigBabyGeezuz Well-Known Member

    I have 7/8 pieces of Hive Defender on my main, missing the feet. I have the feet on an alt. So I can confirm that all eight pieces drop. Four pieces, head, back, chest, hands only drop from the T2 Alert. All eight pieces drop from the weekly T2 Alert Reward Boxes.
  17. Starblast Active Member

    I've only seen two pieces drop ever. Luckily I won one of them. It was the head piece. It was actually just the other day.
  18. BigBabyGeezuz Well-Known Member

    I meant to say that ONLY the head, back, chest and hands drop in the alert, all eight pieces can drop from the weekly T2 alert boxes.
  19. BigBabyGeezuz Well-Known Member

    This sounds like BS, I know a lot of people that do Sbot and Mbot every day. No one has ever said they got a piece of Hive Defender from these boxes. Pics or it didn't happen.
  20. Will Power Well-Known Member

    Same here never got even one drop. Not sure if its random or weather there is something else I have to do.
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