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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ArcIgnis, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. ArcIgnis New Player

    Something that just feels missing in combat to me are hitsparks. Attacking doesn't feel so satisfying next to the sound effects sounding rather dull and plain, there is also nothing graphically showing that you hit other than damage numbers.

    Surely it wouldn't be hard to implement something as simple as this.
    For those who have a hard time or do not want to spend time in imaginging what it could look like, I've made a gif for those people. From each time I've made a suggestion, threads with pictures seem to have a stronger effect than leaving it up to the person imagining it.

    Now, I don't want it to be exactly like this for folks who love to nitpick for I'm sure with the flexibility and powers we have, the devs can make a hitspark for each power type. This is a mock image on what it could look like. A game that has no hitsparks to suddenly have hitsparks.

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  2. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    I think it would be too much work for something we can live without.
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  3. ErnieB Loyal Player

    LOL my friend it took them 3 years to make the Earth look like, The Earth, from the Watchtower, how long do you think something that has to be adjusted to dozens of combinations of weapons, attacks, not to mention weapon mastery. And honestly it's just making it look like an old 1960's Batman fight scene.
  4. AnonymousToughGuy New Player

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  5. Grumpy Dedicated Player

    No thanks.
  6. DCUController New Player

    as much as this would be cool or interesting to see, I dont think its needed, and atm the devs need to focus on more important things then stuff of this nature sadly.

    sure it would be a nice future, but there is bugs and issues that needs fixed still. Revamps to powers need to be put out still. All before things like this can be even thought about.

    I have plenty of ideas as well but theres more important things needing done atm then what I think DCUO is needing to be better / more fun for me
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  7. ArcIgnis New Player

    Strange. It didn't take me much work at all and I did more than incorporating one image for each hit.
  8. ArcIgnis New Player

    It's all about perspective but hitsparks is a very common thing in any game that has combat in it. Also, do you have a source of information saying it took 3 years to make earth the way it looks? From my edit, I had to keep timing and repeating the animation.
    For them, they only need to make one simple animation for each power to display upon contact. It can be coded that easily.

    Infact, they don't even HAVE to make a new animation. Have you ever just shot a simple projectile at the wall and see the collision? They could simply add that to display when hitting physically.
  9. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    No it didn't actually. Day one the earth was gorgeous from the watchtower window. There were also Batman's vehicles in the watchtower hangar. They took away graphical details on many objects in game and also completely removed many unneccessary objects in game so that they could add more things like powers and styles without pushing the memory any further than they had to due to the difficulty of the PS3's capacity to handle the game.

    When they overhauled the entire game graphically for the release of the PS4 they added the details back to the Earth. Knowledge is power my friend.
  10. ArcIgnis New Player

    From your post, I don't think you're familiar with how a team of game developper works. There are groups doing specific things. One bringing out new features, others fixing bugs, etc. They do not put every able man on one specific subject so quite frankly, your response to this idea feels rather invalid to me. No offense.
  11. ArcIgnis New Player

    Guess I haven't found one valid point to why this can't happen. ._.
  12. DCUController New Player

    your right I dont know thats why I enjoy games :p

    its the unknown subject I guess that I like, and I like to enjoy other peoples art
  13. ArcIgnis New Player

    ...That doesn't even make sense.
  14. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Point being -

    Hitsparks are a cute idea but not very essential, and in a game plagued with bugs, balance issues, performance issues, and a laundry list of a thousand other things to look at first? Not likely to get addressed any time soon.
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  15. Ghaladh Dedicated Player

    There are more than enough visual objects and lights on the screen already. Adding more flashes of lights and colors might be disturbing for people with a tendency to epilepsy and it will create even more lags during the fights. While the idea is nice, I wouldn't support it because of those two main reasons.
    As many others already said, the developers have more pressing matters to take care of.
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  16. RSL New Player

    lmao. are you comparing layering images in a precomposed video to generating actual CG? nice. lolololol. srsly lmao. you have to be a kid, right?
  17. ArcIgnis New Player

    Like I've also told others, there are several groups that focus on several things. Not every able man is going to focus on bugs so there being existing bugs is not an excuse to stop a game from releasing features and content. I've never seen one complaint that they should stop releasing DLC and fix bugs.

    I'm also well aware if it would be something, I wouldn't expect it soon either.
  18. Twilight Man New Player

  19. DCUController New Player

    sure it does, here I'll break it down:

    part in yellow means simply this, not knowing is the pleasure

    part in red ppls creations / video games they create are art no? Art is to be enjoyed correct?