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  1. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Hey Folks,

    After reading many posts regarding the "smaller" leagues and/or "lone wolf" players having a tough time getting a league hall and/or keeping up with the 80k cap to maximize proficiency bonus and such why not combine forces for a mutual benefit.
    Just some outside the box thinking, but If I were running a smaller league and want it kept that way where I only want to deal with X amount of member and/or only want certain people in, why not go to the recruitment forums and offer lone wolf players a weekly fee, either in money, bytes, mats whatever they deem as value for their services and have them "work" for you.
    The lone wolf players usually values not having to deal with "others" and go about their own thing and live/love the pug life. so why not make an arrangement where they "freelance for you.

    Example, I'm a lone wolf player that has 2 bases both with 200 items in it, I hate being in a league as I don't want to be "obligated" to run with anyone and play on my own time, own schedule, etc...However I would like to take advantage of the extra proficiencybonuses a hall gives.
    In turn I'm a "small" league leader who only wants 10 or less members who are my friends and don't want to be bothered with anyone else really, but find it challenging getting enough prestige to get and maintain a league hall.

    How about making an arrangement where the small league freelances the lone wolf where the lone wolf will receive a set fee for their services by getting X amount of prestige for my league per week and in turn the league along with paying the lone wolfs "fees" would receive the league proficiency bonus just by being in the league, however the lone wolf has no rights to anything the league hall has to offer (bank, donations, etc...) and the league will not speak to, bother, ask, inv to groups the lone wolf for anything other then mailing them the agreed upon fee thus giving them the flexibility they enjoy.
    Also, the LW (lone wolf) could make some extra $$, bytes, whatever just for doing what they always have been doing.

    Any thoughts ??
  2. Tre Day New Player

    If you can find leagues to do this, go for it.

    That's pretty much what I can say on that.

    If you're going for the Devs to implement something like this, I highly doubt it. Just saying.
  3. Twilight Man New Player

    This is a game of outlaws packaged with the DC brand, there are no rules morals guidelines or honor.

    Do what you want.
  4. Ice Lantern New Player

    This is the advantage of being in a good league with a good number of players. In our league we don't want people to feel pressured into running things.

    When I started recruiting I allowed people to join just to be lone wolves. What I found was that there weren't really that many people who wanted that. And of those who did, they quickly changed their mindset once they spent some time in the league. I think a lot of them feel the way they do about leagues simply because they haven't found the right fit for them.
  5. Schimaera Devoted Player

    I don't get why 'lone wolfs' want to be in a hall for a LEAGUE!? Oh well ofcourse because of proficiencies. Well guess what get a league then! The proficiencies are buffs you can get for working as a team,for being part of something bigger. If you can't - no that is wrong - if you don't want to be part of a league then you shall not get these buffs.
    They aren't that high and won't make that much of an impact that you can't live without them.

    And apart from that...what do the wolves want with the hall besides the buffs?
    Hearing the echoes of their steps for minutes because there is noone else? Having 12 statues of themselves? Sharing items in five bank vaults with noone? Well thats really awesome. You have a lair and the shared bank for that.

    Really. Small leagues will eventually get one and be happy with it, non league players will not have one until they join a league. I haven't heared any reasonable argument for not founding or joining a league yet. 'I like playing alone' 'I don't want to be in one' 'I don't have time for that' are in no way any close to be arguments.. Most to all of them sound just like some ego-thingy o_O

    We also have some players in our league who are rarely on TeamSpeak or online. That's just fine.
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  6. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Oh I agree Ice, and I love my league as well. Just was giving some out of the box thinking to folks on here that like to be in/run small leagues as well as those who like to run alone. Give some ideas where they can help each other out you know.
  7. Malachyte Devoted Player

    I agree totally, like I said I was just trying to help those out in small leagues and/or solo players by suggested something different to try other than the same old "join a league" and/or "get more members" responses.
  8. BigAl Devoted Player

    Only one more week, right? Doesn't it take 2 weeks for a topic to be discussed to death before a new one takes its place?
  9. Arcpope New Player

    Oh I did .

    It's on ff14 .