Highly unbalanced and abused powers

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  1. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    As I'm writing this thread I'll tell you that I'm not completely sane. This is due to fury and anger I've experienced today over everyone, and by everyone I mean EVERYONE, owning a following weapon or a powerset abusing it, knowingly, to no end.

    Sorcery's Watcher pet as mentioned in another thread.

    Light's Chainsaw combo - cannot be countered or stopped in any way, even out-damaging it is impossible. First part is ok, but the latter is completely insane and offers huge reward for absolutely no risk at all. If it remains uncounterable, its base damage should be reduced significantly, or simply make it counterable.

    Rage's Outrage - Standard Outrage is fine. The problem comes with PI and 50% health condition. Outrage + PI deals the same amount of damage as standard Outrage with 50% health condition. Outrage+PI+condition can kill a person (or 2 ) in only 2 combos. The only thing that makes outrage better to deal with compared to chainsaw is that its 2nd combo is counterable by blocking. Solution = Only one damage buff should be active at a time, which means if there's a 50% health condition, there would be no additional damage buff from a PI and vice-versa.

    Gadgets' power-return mechanic - I don't know the exact names of power names in gadgets' power trees, but I do know that when power spamming with no risk and superior damage is a problem. Possibility of no exposure to counters (not talking about EMP) is definitely not intended. Solution = lower the % of power refund mechanic in while in PvP zone. This should go for all powers, but Gadgets is the only one that can use power refund mechanic and do greater damage than Weapon Mastery in PvP with no risk at all.

    Martial Arts - Using Knee Launch while having Dual Pistol Mastery combos makes Knee Launch not vulnerable to blocking, which again is abused due to CC issues and the fact that it's the only combo that causes CC that can follow up with Weapon Mastery combo and not being counterable. This has been discussed many times in many threads and is long due.

    Electricity's Galvanize - Power itself is not unbalanced, but it does become abused when teams spam pets to significantly increase the healing output of the power. It can reset a match over and over without the much higher power cost intended to even make this possible. Solution = Galvanize should not heal NPC allies while in PvP zone.
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  2. Dylan Top5 New Player

    How on earth did you not mention Rifle? Also it doesn't help that Rifle's WM combos hit like a truck

    Currently on live, my vote goes to Sorcery's watcher and rifle for most broken
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  3. LastMight Active Player

    What? im confused healing is nerfed in pvp gadgets power mechanic is block able now and rage is rage.. You're also coming for HL which will only get better and better with its planned changes for gu43 youre argument is invalid chainsaw doesn't even deal that much damage yet wait till we get our new combos and threating chainsaw which is the move required to continue chainsaw is block able
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  4. Juxes Committed Player

    Gadgets Battle Display is vulnerable to interrupt, one well timed lunge should knock the user down and make the user lose the Battle Display forcing he/she to activate it again.

    Are you implying that whenever you see a gadget player using Battle Display that they are immune to being interrupted ? Have you tried lunging them and failed to succeed ?
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  5. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    This highly begs to differ.
    Chainsaw is the best single target damage in PvP with no risk. [Along with HandClap]
    You might want to add in Fire's Reignition in there Gale.
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  6. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    When you're really angry, you tend to forget some stuff.
    Healing is nerfed in PvP but watcher is not affected by the nerf because it depends on the player's CR which is 110+ in Arenas. Gadgets' mechanic is not blockable. Not sure what you mean by that. Chainsaw deals 2-5k+ damage per hit - equivalent and greater than most WM combos on top of the fact that it cannot be countered. None of the powers that combo into chainsaw can be countered.
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  7. Dylan Top5 New Player

    I actually feel since the update, gadgets is a pretty solid mid tier power, not op at all. Maintaining battle display and not being vulnerable to interrupt means spamming weak might powers, doing weapon attacks will net you much more damage. EMP is very vulnerable to interrupt so it has a lot of risk. Getting hit by emp is about the same as getting hit by a range weapon mastery combo, so really you have no one to blame but yourself for that since it is easily lungable.
  8. LastMight Active Player

    Are you serious youre comparing A AWESOME MECHANIC(COMBOS) TO WMMMMMM. Talk about a scrub mentality Wm is not meant to be a main source of damage I have no idea why you implied that like WM should be equal or better Chainsaw is one of H'ls only unblockable melee moves and is top tier which warrants many benefits and comboing is hls main attraction and I meant gadgets AM is vunerable to interrupt your trying to stray from the point here
  9. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    I thought there was supposed to be some kind of change to all powers that gain power refunds through AM use that made that player vulnerable if and when the power refund occured?
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  10. SkullGang Devoted Player

    No melee combo should be unblockable. Period.
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  11. LastMight Active Player

    Why not? So we can all use WM and be happy ever after hah... lets say yea chainsaw was blockable in every way from start to finish why be a top TIER move that's like saying gauss grenade should be counterable in the act but anyway good job trying to get Hl nerfed
  12. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Gauss grendade is a top tier move ? I didn't know that. Does it hit hard like a chainsaw combo ? I know EMP is a top tier move and is interruptible. Top tier doesn't mean no risk high reward.
  13. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    I feel like that's an oversight. They've been doing that with most of the combos in legends as of late.
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  14. LastMight Active Player

    Cyro field is way more useful than chainsaw which has keep in mind no stunts or power effects like freezing and electrifying chainsaw is flat damage wi cyro field can stun and cause confusion in pvp the fear P.I has been broken for chainsaw for years and until a dev says so Chainsaw and Outrage are working as intended
  15. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Nah lets give Outrage the unblockable attribute aswell. I'm sure that will work out perfectly.
  16. LastMight Active Player

    Even with being a top tier move and having a 50% hp mod and max damage mod it wil still not be op or even a contender compared to Chainsaw
  17. Last Dragon Well-Known Player

    Hm, no mention of Nature's 12k burst?
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  18. Captain Neos Committed Player

    A good balance for light is the addition for combos to act as counters. Final claw should interrupt, chainsaw should interrupt to balance being blocked more easily, ram and impact should bb and the same could be said for handclap to make the vulnerability that people want to be somewhat fair. Echain and Dblast could also interrup and block break on their combos to make it more risk v reward.
  19. LastMight Active Player

    Let me address you since you are knowledgeable about these powers I ;love your idea on chainsaw I definitely needs another feature besides being flat damage and ram and impact since the speed was nerfed it would fit perfectly but about final claw being vulnerable to interrupt is a no-no considering it can easy be dodged
  20. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    Small tip, use the reply button so your post looks like mine. Makes the conversation much easier to follow as we've got no idea who you're talking to right now. If you are using it and not getting the results you want, try right clicking on the reply button and opening the link in a new tab. Should fix the problem.
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