Hi Res maps of everything / Collections / Exobits / Investigations / Briefings

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  1. ALEX33016 Well-Known Player

    Still really relevant and useful for alts to get the base items...
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  2. JRave New Player

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  3. MerKat New Player

    I don't have photoshop is there another way to see these maybe another format?
  4. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    Old maps but still relevant. Unlike all of the old content under CR relevancy.
  5. Yuki Amo New Player

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  6. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Any reason why the Arkham / Stryker's / Ace / Steelworks Investigations & Briefings aren't listed?
  7. darth_paul Committed Player

    I just use the blog guide.
  8. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Those are a part of the Home Turf episode, the maps were made before that episode came out. They weren't updated because the creator didn't want competition for the collections.
  9. Eddie.Nash New Player

    What about the collections? Is there a map of that?
  10. L T Devoted Player

    The collection spawn points are yellow dots on the maps. Since spawns are somewhat random not all of them are guaranteed to be there. Different collections drop in different zones. I don't think anyone ever made a comprehensive guide to them.
  11. Valkjur New Player

    I suppose most, if not all, the collection nodes have been made to spawn in different spots since the original post huh
  12. Geron Zu'Daq New Player

    This is great, well done and thanks!:cool:
  13. sebfm Level 30

    That's a really nice and perfect job. Thx very much for these great maps. :)