Hi Res maps of everything / Collections / Exobits / Investigations / Briefings

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  1. AceTheDazed Well-Known Player

    what on earth is old_yel? im looking for collections i know what grn blu and yellow are so is old yel collections? if not what is?
  2. Vinny Tireshine New Player

    just curious, If I hit up every spot in gotham and Metropolis, roughly how many SP would I get?
  3. usrevenge New Player

    not sure exactly, but I got almost everything from metropolis so far and I think I maybe got 2 sp. I need a few blue things though and hardly touched gotham.

    I was hoping for more, pretty new level 30 with only 30sp worked all night basically for 2 sp. hope gotham is at least more fun >.>
  4. Vinny Tireshine New Player

    yeah, sp grinding is some of the most boring time consuming stuff in this game in my opinion... I think I'm gonna pass on the inv, breifing grinding and just do all the solo, pvp, mission related content for sp. Or maybe I'll just do the "complete 10 investigations feat" and call it quits
  5. Isikel New Player

    Thank you for the maps, they got me started on a similar, more robust, endeavor. I've created a series of maps on my league's website. Everyone should be able to view them.


    Currently I have completed maps for Gotham, Metropolis and Central City and am working on similar maps for Gotham Wastelands, the Watchtower, Hall Of Doom and all Instances. The maps show locations of Briefings, Investigations, Collections, Exobits, Booster Gold Kiosks, Iconic Characters, Abductions, Walk-Ins, Races, MBots/OBots, Bounties, CC Bounties, Vendors, Exploration points, Hero PDs, Hero Rally Points, Villain Clubs and Rally Points.

    The thread in the link above has multiple versions of each map, and a multi-layer hi-resolution PSD file available for download. Following each map are tables describing all points of interest, including additional screenshots where applicable.
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  6. Healzzz Yahh New Player

    If you are on ps4 you can easily do that.
  7. Flamboyant Chaos New Player

    It's almost been a year, and I haven't seen anything. If people are willing to help with adding datapoints, I've got something started up to use Google Maps API. Please message me. :cool:
  8. Flamboyant Chaos New Player

    Actually, here's the link to help entice people on this work-in-progress: http://dcuo.laughdonor.com

    Working on getting full-size maps of everything in before adding all the data. I will just need help putting data points/areas into a Google Fusion Table (it's pretty simple).
  9. Dragonfyre New Player

    Hi mate, would love to include these on theDCUObook website. Some of the people on our forum are pretty dedicated so with your permission I will send them on to here if they want to help.
  10. Flamboyant Chaos New Player

    That would be awesome! Just have them message me their Google Email address on these forums. I'm so excited!
  11. Sifo Drogas New Player

    Thank you so much. Do u by any chance have the Gotham investigation locations for "Power Armor Integration Circuits" and "Arkham Session Notes". If you have any advice or reason that they're not on please let me know. Thanks Again!
  12. wonderkid0 New Player

    the map is confusing me plz help:confused:
  13. SinestrosTaken New Player

    Oh man. Is News from around the Planet the Only NOT on there? Oh well :/
  14. Fiox New Player

    cant see the images says i dont have sufficient access
  15. ShadowCyborg92 Loyal Player

    the maps show Investigations and Briefings. News from around the World is a Collection.
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  17. AnimusCorpus New Player

    Do you have those high resolution maps stored on imgur.com or photobucket? The google link is listed as viral now.

    Appreciate the help :)
  18. Flamboyant Chaos New Player

    Didn't think I would see this thread pop up again. I had helped a bit with this project, then abandoned. Not sure what's the status.
  19. AnimusCorpus New Player

    Yes, found the maps on another site that referenced this, but the site tried a back-door hack, so i left quickly. Came here looking for the source. Was hoping such a map was still around. I dislike having to use those little communicators and run around like mad for 15 minutes at a time grabbing each one. I prefer to have a high resolution map up on my second screen and simply glance over.