Hi Res maps of everything / Collections / Exobits / Investigations / Briefings

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    Download the PSD from Google here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxT5z97H012qYU0tc3UxVlFwSmM/edit?usp=sharing
    NOTE: Do not click on the direct link on the left of the page, click on the arrow to the right and select Download from the drop down list.

    The original images were moved and are now located on Google if you wish to host the image, feel free to they are free for public use.



    Gotham Key:
    EP - Enigmatic Puzzles
    FF - Falcone's Finest
    FH - Frozen Heart
    GITM - Ghost in the Machine
    PP - Pernicious Pictures
    RCJ - Ritual Canopic Jars
    RBAON - Rose By Any Other Name
    TPOF - The Precipice of Fear
    TTT - Twisting the Titans
    VLLL - Viva la Lucha Libre

    AUE1 - Arkham Unleashed: Episode 1
    AUE2 - Arkham Unleashed: Episode 2
    AUE3 - Arkham Unleashed: Episode 3
    BOTEE2 - Beginning of the End: Episode 2
    BB - Big Belly
    BI - Brainiac Incursion
    GN - Gotham Now
    GGWE1 - Gotham's Gang War: Episode 1
    GGWE2 - Gotham's Gang War: Episode 2
    GGWE3 - Gotham's Gang War: Episode 3
    LC - Levitz Cameras
    PE1 - Punchline: Episode 1
    PE2 - Punchline: Episode 2
    PE3 - Punchline: Episode 3
    PE4 - Punchline: Episode 4
    SOTFE4 - Sins of the Father: Episode 4
    SC - Soder Cola
    SD - Sun Doller
    TDDUP2 - 'Til Death Do Us Part: Episode 2
    UOG - University of Gotham
    WE - Wayne Enterprises



    Metropolos Key
    ATH - Against the HIVE
    AOM - Amulets of Memory
    ASG - Azarathian Sin Gems
    CA - Confiscated Arcanum
    CSF - Crystalline Soul Fragments
    GBC - Gorilla Bomb Components
    GS - Gorillatech Schematics
    LGD - LexCorp Genome Database
    LS - Lunar Silver
    NME - No Man Escapes
    OOL - Oaths of Light
    SOTB - Signs of the Beast
    TAC - The Atlantis Chronicle
    TDII - The Doctor Is In
    TTA - Trigon Tainted Artifacts

    BOTEE1 - Beginning of The End Episode 1
    BB - Big Belly
    BI - Brainiac Incursion
    DPL - Daily Planet Live!
    DOTLE1 - Dying of the Light: Episode 1
    DOTLE2 - Dying of the Light: Episode 2
    HODE1 - Hearts of Darkness: Episode 1
    HODE2 - Hearts of Darkness: Episode 2
    HODE3 - Hearts of Darkness: Episode 3
    HODE4 - Hearts of Darkness: Episode 4
    HODE5 - Hearts of Darkness: Episode 5
    LOKE1 - Legacy of Krypton: Episode 1
    LOKE2 - Legacy of Krypton: Episode 2
    LC - Levitz Cameras
    LexC - LexCorp
    MT - Metro Transit
    SOTFE1 - Sins of the Father: Episode 1
    SOTFE2 - Sins of the Father: Episode 2
    SOTFE3 - Sins of the Father: Episode 3
    SL - STAR Labs
    SOTFiE1 - Survival of the Fittest: Episode 1
    SOTFiE2 - Survival of the Fittest: Episode 2
    TDDUP1 - 'Til Death Do Us Part: Episode 1
    UOM - University of Metropolis

    Antibiotic original / Happy Cat updates
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  2. Red 0rion New Player

    you made me so very happy:D
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  3. Doc Holliday New Player

    Very nice.
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  4. Happy Cat Well-Known Player

    South Gotham Cathedral is my neighborhood nom nom nom. If anyone wants the very large .psd photoshop files just send me a tell.

    Edit: Arkham and Strykers Islands are not updated yet because I don't need the competition for my collections.
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  5. Gottcha Well-Known Player

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
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  6. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    Excellent work! This saves myself and many others from going through multiple pages on the other website. Make sure you ask Drift to add this to the Guide Database because it surely deserves proper recognition there.:D
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  7. DarthDiggler New Player

    Someone should really put blank maps into Google Maps API and allow peeps to annotate the map with the different items. Good maps though none the less.
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  8. Happy Cat Well-Known Player

    I did, but it is very klunky
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  9. blklightning New Player

    I can add quite a few more exo locations to the Gotham map, if you're interested.
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  10. Happy Cat Well-Known Player

    do you have photoshop ?
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  11. DarthDiggler New Player

    Do you have a link? Maybe there are some other solutions out there?

    Putting the marks right on the graphics is just going to get crowded and what happens when they move things?

    Also do we need Exobit locations on the map? :p
  12. blklightning New Player

    Yes, I do. Not super skilled, but enough to get things done.
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  13. blklightning New Player

    Maybe a seperate map for exos. It can become quite congested otherwise.
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  14. Happy Cat Well-Known Player

    Exos only the legacy "Axxah" tribute layer was removed. This map is actually many layers which can be manipulated through photoshop.
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  15. blklightning New Player

    Get me the .pst and I can add more exo locations if you'd like.
  16. marmar1975 New Player

    I'd like a copy of the PST as well, pls, if you don't mind :) Also I'm curious how you got the original file? did you piece it together from in-game snapshots, or some other way?
  17. Superhiepsi New Player

    VE RY NICE!!
  18. Happy Cat Well-Known Player

    The PSD file is available on my Google drive later today once I edit a few things
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  20. Happy Cat Well-Known Player

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    You, sir, rule.