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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by segundoblz, May 26, 2013.

  1. segundoblz New Player

    I ran both T5 ops with an Ice Tank, OK!
    3 or 4 (don't recall) pieces of his gear - DPS - Full modded with precision based plans.
    1 Promethium Ring for DPS modded with precision & might
    1 Promethium Ring for TANK modded with dom & health
    Everything else was tank gear and his damage output was incredible even in tank role.
    Like I got 1 million damage on FR and he got like 600k. 39 minutes run WITH A TANK.

    Just sharing because I would love run more ops with him instead of another dps. Safety and power!
  2. chaoticreign New Player

    Compel right?

    Yep thats me. Although 99% of tanks will say I play tank wrong :rolleyes:
  3. segundoblz New Player

    Yes, that was you and they should learn more from you lol
  4. Burning Oblivion New Player

    I'm fairly new as well (1 toon CR 47) and find when I go into pugs with my tank, I'm doing more damage than the DPS while still maintaining my tank role. By no means am I saying I'm fantastic at it, I just really like that play style so I would love to hear more about what it takes to be done successfully.
  5. crownclownking New Player

    well to be fair having tank gear in the op is not a deal breaker i mean i had to tank them with only 3 pieces of tank gear and i did fine maybe it was the awesome healer keeping me alive either way i didn't feel like i needed more tank pieces. But being in raids is a whole different story cause those stuff hit like crazy . Either way yay for shorter operation time cause those take like an hour to do . lol