Heroes Color's Codes

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  1. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    I've been making a girl for each Lantern Corps and I've heard we're eventually gonna get the UV Lantern emblem and when we do I'll make one for that Corps. Anyone have any idea the color codes for it? Don't wanna make her look too close to Indigo or Violet.

    And UV Corps is shame, right? Or something along those lines?
  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    The Ultraviolet Corps represent negative self-destructive emotions.
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  3. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    Its based on hidden fears and emotions that many keep dormant.
  4. Mikeyb2001 Well-Known Player

    if I could embed images I'd wear Jos el's codes and screen shot them next to mine
  5. ngwilla New Player

    Hi could you give me the colors for Flashpoint Batman/Knight Of Vengeance in store?
  6. xxXIRolandIXxx New Player

    Can you do Ocean Master? Haven't seen his listed anywhere?

  7. El Presidente Well-Known Player

    Anyone know the color codes for Bombshell Harley Quinn?
  8. Mikeyb2001 Well-Known Player

    Guys Superman related codes will be updated soon I Caught Jos El online and shared my document and screenshots with him
  9. Lovora Liaht Well-Known Player

    I'm commenting on this thread for others that are requesting to find this specific thread.

    Your Welcome (^_^)
  10. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    Any chance we can get the color code for Hitgirl from the Kickaxx Movies? I can NEVER get her purple color correct.
  11. Rami-El New Player

    This is a really helpful thread! Thank you to whoever started it! <3
  12. Ihateforums New Player

    Oraclebot, Calculator?
  13. Lantern Schooler New Player

    Does anyone by any chance know where to find the color codes for in-game Commissioner Gordon?
  14. ActionGamerXX New Player

    What about Red Hood?
  15. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Anyone know the color code for the Two-Face eye? To make the other eye match it?
  16. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    It's the last thing I need to do for a style before I post it.
  17. Mister Hando Active Player

    Any Love for Scarecrow ? Could you say me the colourcode for him ?
  18. Darkus Infinitus Level 30

    I humbly request the Color Palette for the Bat God Barbatos.
  19. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    This thread needs to be pinned for eternity. I am still looking for a Hitgirl color code. And it’s not DC but could we get Rey from Star Wars? Thanks!
  20. Omega91 Well-Known Player

    Good work!
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