Heroes Color's Codes

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  1. Xarga New Player

    For In-Game Supergirl try this:
    Blue: 0F2C7A
    Red: 420303
    Yellow: 875600

    Probably about 90% accurate. Fiddled with it for about half an hour after the "CW Supergirl" codes in the OP here came out terrible (the red code is totally wrong there). Did it while standing next to in-game Supergirl after the Metro General Hospital mission for visual comparison.
  2. Mikeyb2001 Well-Known Player

    The MOS superman red looks like bizarro
  3. amoul21 New Player

    I spent a while working on the Reborn Superman in game. [IMG]
    Blue 030E2A
    Red 5F0101
    Yellow 070500
    I use the yellow on the Chevron belt so it is much darker than it would normally be
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  4. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    The Flash/Barry Allen (Old school and retired DCUO model. Has since been replaced by Rebirth Flash)

    I did this way back in 2017; but I'm gonna share it here as well.


    54000 or 60000-Red.
    F77000-Main Gold.
    854E18-secondary gold(this is for the waist and enhanced flash emblem incase it's too bright)
    41 repeating for the white.
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    Can you get damian waynes color codes?
  7. JosEl Well-Known Player

    Hello everyone, haven't been on the forums in like, forever. I'll try and update as many colors as I can tomorrow. Hopefully anyone here is still interested.
  8. JosEl Well-Known Player

    • Future Batman
    • Batman Beyond (Time Capsules design)
    • New Wonder Woman model
    • Red Lantern Guy Gardner
    • Amazon Solider
    • CSA's Superwoman
    • CSA's Owlman
    • CSA's Ultraman
    • CSA's Johnny Quick (Alternative version)
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  10. Brandon-richard Active Player

    Update Static and Joker please.
  11. Mikeyb2001 Well-Known Player

    I don't have some of the pieces to do every Batman style I only did this originally as my personal record of my codes so I don't need to have an armory for every one of them but I gave it to the public as a kindness

    to help everyone trying to make Superman JosEL's MoS Red Code looks Bizarro Pink To me
  12. CaptainGoodGuyMan New Player

    Do you have anything for in-game brainiac or any of his forces?
  13. HouseofEl2021 New Player

    I was wondering if you could do Rip Hunter. I've got a Time Master alt look and like to have, as close as possible, to his colors. Thanks!
  14. Aquafan20971 New Player

    Does anyone have the color codes to Meras current outfit?
  15. Yodasith New Player

    Any one have color code for Calculator-Bot and Oracle-Bot?
  16. Quantomane New Player

    I want to know the skin, hair, eye, and makeup color of all these villains and heroes, please
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    What would be nightwing we have now on dcuo color
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    does this list get updated at all im looking for the exact color codes of the Sixth Dimensional Superman outfit/costume that just released in this past Legion of Doom Update please and thanks
  20. BLK Well-Known Player

    Hey king we still are interested lol. Youve doing an amazing job over the years. Any chance for a updated static and the new superman from this current EP?