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  1. Toxiic New Player

    The tittle (title?) says all. I just want to know which one is more entertaining and why because I like being a hero but there are too many heroes. From what I've seen the hero to villain ratio is like 100:1 and my friends told me that Villain side is much harder especially in PvP phase but I don't like PvP phase much from a bad experience as a low level with superman as my mentor. Since I've only gotten a villain to lvl 12 are the raids/alerts the same as the heroes but from villain point of view?
  2. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    I started as a hero and, now i mainly play on the villain side. there is nothing different about the alerts and, raids. The villain side can be harder if you do random ques because there is a less chance you will get the roles you want to through a mission and, in some missions you can get away with it. With raids good luck. You can always shout for a team or, if you see someone shout for roles for a mission you want shout to get in the group. The only real differences are central city, flash back duo, police station duo this one is easier then the hero nightclubs duo and, instead of fighting grodd in the T1 duo It's gotham mercy hospital with mr. freeze ill admit i like the villain side better because i think villains have more skilled players and, I also think it's more entertaining all i can say is just make a villain and, go from their the villains have more better looking styles of armor for T! and, T2 the reverse armor in central city i think looks better then the high voltage armor style. I,m on the us ps3 also so if you want help with villain side for somethings i can help you in the game. Just let me know.
  3. Mini Lini New Player

    There's not much difference at all in the later content, Raids/Alerts/Duos. I can't comment on que times or anything since I'm USPC but...It's pretty similar from what I gather, Heroes outnumber Villains 10:1. This makes PvP very fun since it's more Heroes to beat on.

    It's really just as entertaining as you make it, no matter which side you're on.

    P.S. Villains rule, Heroes drool, all that fun stuff.
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  4. Romeo777 New Player

    They did mention that some missions are harder depending on choice of being a hero or villain. so what one mention might be easy for a hero, the villain version might be a tad bit more harder. now im not saying all the mission are like that, but it is noticeable if you play all the missions from the hero and villain views. if you ever need help with anything on US PS3 just send me a message and i'll be more than happy to help. it can be a bit annoying when you cant find other players to help you.
  5. Ryejin New Player

    1) It's title, one t.

    2) Tittle, two t(s) refers to the dots placed above letters. For instance the lower case i and j both have the dots above them, which is what tittle refers too. Although I've never actually heard anyone use it in a sentence, or well ever for that matter.

    3) From what I've noticed end game is pretty much the same regardless of which side you are. As far as 1-30 goes, you fight villain or hero npcs to accomplish you mission. Not really a huge difference but I suppose it's there. Some solo instances are different too, and not shared between the two factions. Haven't payed as much attention to duo instances though, I'm sure there maybe at least one there too.

    4) Heroes do out number villains by a lot though, so something to keep in mind. On the one hand less mentally challenged people to deal with. On the other hand I suppose it makes it harder to find quality people to group with too.

    5) As a villain I can push people of a building, brake down atms and steal cash, beat up citizens for money and other fun things. As a hero, well I suppose you can rescue someone, but bla who wants that. The downside is the people you push off the building don't actually die, the money from the atm is like $1, and the money you get from beating up people I believe is the same. Still between that, and torturing people for some of Circe's quests it's a lot of more fun in my opinion. One of the joker's quests has you burn cops alive which is messed up but funny at the same time. (I'm a bit sadistic if you haven't noticed), and really even if you don't actually kill the person you pushed of the building or actually gotten any decent amount of money from robbing an atm, it's the thought that counts =)

    P.S and really who doesn't want to punch Superman and Batman in the face?
  6. P1nk13 P13 New Player

    Go villain. There's way too many heroes already and the last thing they need is another one. Also, it's more fun to be a villain since there are lots of fresh hero meat around and it's fun chewing on them, also you get to beat up Titanic Trenton (or something). Villainsarenicer!!! (forget I said that)
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  7. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    ^^^What she said.^^^
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  8. Destroyer New Player

    Villain side's PvE missions are fairly harder. Hero side is for da bumbs.
  9. Phantasy2013 New Player

    I will take world domination over saving the world any day. I feel more ALIVE being evil and being a member of The Society means more to me than being a member of the Justice League. Now, if we can only get Superman to his evil self again lol.
  10. hollowreflction Well-Known Player

    I have six characters three heroes and three villains and although I would Never delete my heroes (Especially my wonder woman mentored hero) I will admit I am a lot more entertained as my villain. I get to beat on superman, batman, robin, nightwing, Donna troy, I don't know why but in this game I have a serious hate on for Donna troy. And I honestly don't know why. I mean I like her in the comics and her back story BUT in this game the second I see her I am attacking her even if the other titans are there she is my target. I have no idea. I figure I am just messed up that way. But back on topic yes I do have more fun as my villain characters than my heroes.
  11. Sinseer New Player

    Just make a hero and a villain. Then judge for yourself. It's not like leveling takes a whole lot of time/effort in this game.
  12. Jurgen Blitz New Player

    Or increasing CR. On my latest villain i reached lvl 30 in about 3 days, and got to the first t3 pieces in a similar timespan. So yeah, good advice, actually
  13. DuxGregis New Player

    Honestly in my opinion there are more heroes but villains are normally better players than heroes. in skill and in knowledge of the game. Rarely do you find a a bad pvp as a villain.
  14. Larfleeze New Player

    Hero side - Go here, attack these guys that aren't friendly, pick up whatever gadget they drop, then go into the iconic encounter (which are all fairly unique)
    Villain side - Go here, attack these guys that aren't friendly, pick up whatever gadget they drop, then go into the same iconic encounter only fighting the hero instead of the villain

    The biggest difference besides the Hall of Doom/Watchtower and Style differences is that Heroes get Watchtower Containment Facility as a t2(or 3, I don't remember) alert, and villains get a Hall of Doom Containment as a t2(or 3, again, I don't remember).

    Pretty much everything else in the game is 95% the same, with a few minor tweaks and different voice overs.
  15. Antarian New Player

    does anybody know situation in EUPC?
    I mean especialy queue times ... The side with less players should have shorter queue times ... Or at least I will supposed it for PvP.

    Less players should play more because there are more enemies which needs to wait (But I dont know how it works)

    Can anyone let me know if its better to start as villain or hero? (queue times are most important for me and maybe which side is more skillful?)
  16. KillerQuak New Player

    [It's te="DuxGregis, post: 1895878, member: 305470"]Honestly in my opinion there are more heroes but villains are normally better players than heroes. in skill and in knowledge of the game. Rarely do you find a a bad pvp as a villain.[/quote]

    Its hard to find a villian that can't PvP cause when your in PvP phase all you do is fight heroes so either your gonna learn to fight or get yo but kicked.

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