Hero Bias?

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    Been on my mind for quite some time, the devs apparent bias towards heroes. i know I'm going to get hate for this but I know I'm not the only one who thinks this. Today, the weekly with orbs for Chaos Gotham. As a villian, I have to be spot on touching an orb, with a couple seconds delay to get it to "pop". A hero can fly by, further away from orb as I am, and it will immediately "pop" and go towards them. Hall of Doom vs Watchtower, you can clearly see which faction had more attention to detail when they were being created. Content with suicide squad enabled, get into an alert/raid with heroes in the group, no matter their cr/sp, it's always easier. Paradox wave for example, full group of villians going for An Epic Odyssey feat, bosses seem to hit much harder, even knocking players well above the cr requirement.. Take that same group at same cr but throw in a few heroes, raid is done in 3 mins with 0 deaths from anyone.

    So go ahead and say heroes have more sp/cr/whatever, I don't care anymore. It's become even more clear with this episode that the devs have a bias towards heroes. Don't believe me, if you have a hero and villian at same cr/sp, run something with only your side, you'll see the difference.
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    For the orb mission, it shouldn’t matter, I’d say it could be the speed of their internet to register, although if you hit it first, you should receive the credit. With my internet with being a hero, it takes me 2-3 secs to register I hit an orb. Also running away from initial hit orb takes a few seconds for the register credit to fly to your character if you travel

    Suicide squad queues are a lot common because heroes have the higher faction population between the two factions, so most likely it’ll be majority a group heroes and a villain or two. Just heroes have the higher player population, so running stuff tends to be easier over there compared to villain side (I have a few villains, I know)
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    As far as gameplay and mechanics, I don't sense any bias. I have just as easy/difficult a time getting the orbs and with boss mechanics (actually easier on my Villain, since it has more SP).

    The actual bias is toward the content, themes, and plots. I posted in the announcement thread for JLD that it's painfully obvious. As villains, our daily quests in Chaos Gotham has us working for the Lords of Chaos, getting our missions from Faust and Tala. Then we do the story/instance content, and we fight against them to thwart their plans, and let them get eaten and die. It messes with the immersion and feel of playing a villain. It would have been better if we were helping other villains fight against Faust and Tala to stop the world being eaten by the Devourer in Chaos Gotham, instead of helping them... then not helping them.

    The way they implemented the villain side of things in "Death of Superman" and "Atlantis" was nice. We fought against a common enemy. But the Lords of Chaos run the R&D in the Magic Wing in the Hall of Doom....

    The upside to the "one story fits all" of the current content is that I can buy over the feats I get on my villain main to my hero, unlike in the old content. Hopefully we can get a Villain-based episode, where the heroes have to work for us instead. But let's be real, more people play this game to play as heroes. It's where the money is. And in real-life, the vast majority of us want to be heroes and good people... despite our human flaws and hypocrisy when being good becomes inconvenient. That's why we have WAY more superhero comics, and superhero movies.

    I even started out as a hero. But then when I tried the Villain side, I got hooked on Calculator's voice, and Lex Luthor's charisma.
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  4. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm not going to comment on the higher level of difficulty as I've never noticed it on my Villain, but I will agree on the Hall of Confustion....er Doom vs WT. HOD seems like an afterthought and not well planned out.

    I'll also say that I've noticed on some runs and on the 'Villain' version of seasonal stuff, there is often more 'press button' activity, especially where adds can interfere with you...not so much recently as most everything is exactly the same, but for example Halloween. Heroes need to attack the ghosts, then pick up a ball and carry it to help the civilians....Villains have to attack the ghosts then press and hold on a civilian to 'harm' them. The ball carry most times is very easy with adds hitting you, in fact many balls will just drop where they need to be, and the civilian is immediately credited. The press and hold action on the villain side is easy to interrupt as ghosts will continue to spawn around you. The springtime event is similar in the fact that many of the outside activities require press and hold actions on Villain vs straight knockouts for the heroes. Is this the worst thing in the world, no....but there are a bunch of these where on the hero side the activity is a knockout and on the hero side it's a knockout and then press and hold action to get the same credit in parallel missions.

    Also in the mission writing. All of the missions are basically hero missions and if there is any difference at all, we get a "you need to 'save' the money" directive where the villains are told to "steal the money" but the rest of the mission is identical. It would be cool to see some missions written for the Villain side where the Hero side gets the minor tweak to customize it.

    I'm not generally a big advocate for the Villains, but I do run 1 or 2 and have notice some of these things as well. If they are going to maintain the factions, they could put a bit more work into it.

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