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    Bonus, the basics: https://www.dcuniverseonline.com/guides/guides-combat-basics-action-combos-mechanics-dcuo

    There are four basic weapon attacks, fundamentally shared by each of the game’s 11 different weapons.
    • Melee (Tap): Press and release Y (NS), X (XB), Square (PS), or Left Mouse (PC) for a quick melee attack
    • Melee (Hold): Press and hold Y (NS), X (XB), Square (PS), or Left Mouse (PC) for a stronger, lunging melee attack
    • Range (Tap): Press and release X (NS), Y (XB), Triangle (PS), or Right Mouse (PC) for a quick attack from range
    • Range (Hold): Press and hold X (NS), Y (XB), Triangle (PS), or Right Mouse (PC) for a strong attack from range
    These basic attacks can be used in sequence to chain together more advanced and more powerful combo attacks. Every weapon’s combo attacks require different sequences of basic attacks and have unique effects, from greater damage to knocking opponents down.
    Tip: Staying in combat and chaining weapon attacks and combos together without pause raises your hit counter. Keep your hit counter high to increase your power regeneration, so you can stay in the fight longer.

    Your opponents won’t just take the punches you throw at them, though, and will seek to counter your attacks just as you seek to counter theirs. This is best understood through the three basic kinds of counters.
    • Block: Hold R (NS), RB (XB), R1 (PS), or Shift (PC) to reduce incoming damage and to counter large attacks
      • When blocking, you are vulnerable to Block Break
    • Block Break: Use a Range (Hold) attack to counter a blocking opponent
      • When block breaking, you are vulnerable to Interrupt
    • Interrupt: Use a Melee (Hold) attack to counter a block-breaking opponent
      • When interrupting, you are vulnerable to Block
    When you successfully counter your opponent, you gain immunity from damage and from being countered for a short period of time, as well as knock them to the ground. Try to counter your opponents as often as you can!
    When you are countered, you are knocked to the ground. Try to avoid this, but when you can’t, you can hold RB (XB), R1 (PS), or Shift (PC) to Break Out and get back to the fight faster.

    TLDR: Counter mechanics for the win. It's sad when the tank does not use counter mechanics. You'd expect a tank to be interested in countering the npc and preventing them from attacking for a round, put them on their back to offset the time spent blocking or whatnot.

    also sad that dps does not see cogs to interact with. pew pew pewrs. :rolleyes:
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    cats, pugs, .....
    OMG, another one with rank 0 might precision dominance restoration vitalization origin augments? ok only 4 of those. none of which are the same, because to them it makes sense? Meanwhile, pssst. EVERYONE HAS ACCESS TO IT. https://dcuniverseonline.fandom.com/wiki/Lair_System
    Use the trinkets, u fools.
    pay and equip the https://dcuniverseonline.fandom.com/wiki/Generator_Mods
    along with the equipment mods ..... WTF! This is so not current!! https://dcuniverseonline.fandom.com/wiki/Equipment_Mods
    a few other websites gave up when i did? in 2016. /shrug. turns out making the most powerful enemy available was not the most powerful enemy in an mmo. it was just the next one, in a long list of content with vertical progression. Later on introducing stat clamping, vertical progression has no lateral movement potential yet? FU, time capsules. Good luck EG7/whatever you are, with the Daybreak asset. I never see these acquisitions with more money and employees towards the acquired. I expect layoffs and lobbyists. good luck

    base equipment mods..... DCUO main website, opportunity to define them. do it? ok, trying Support from main site. https://help.daybreakgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/230649987-What-are-Bases-and-Lairs-


    nope. no equipment mods from the base vendor tutorial/mods for dummies booklet. :oops::rolleyes:
    White mods being replaced with origin augments, was not intended to mean rank 0 origin augments are better than a equipment mod...
    If I see a rank 0 origin augment, and a origin augment of any other stat, I've exited asap in an alert or raid and you are a support role, specifically tank or healer. F1 or D pad, group, inspect healer and tank named characters at beginning.... 0o

    so, with the new user membership or lack there of, and all content is accessible model.... does everyone have access to make a base?????? yes/no? Equipment white mods?? has a rank 200 artifact and is unfamiliar with the minimap? a duo (Turf WAr Team Joker) is new to them at CR 344? ok.... 0o ....pugs....

    if they are high ranked and super bad, i often figure they passed the controller to their younger sibling or friend. a common aspect of a console user.

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    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............ i'll just show myself out
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    I absolutely love that cat video <3

    The thing about counter mechanics is sometimes it doesn’t work or bosses are immune to them. It gets annoying when counter them but the game isn’t registering it. Counter mechanic issues has been around for years.
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    • so many pugs this week. support role in a duo??? /sigh.
    • everyone, EVERYONE, Not using counter mechanics. It STOPS an enemy attack or STOPS them from blocking. It's not an aspect of elite content. It's basic mechanics. /sigh.
    • /sigh. has to be said every time. in Starro raid, vs Black Manta... when bombs show up, EVERYONE click a bomb or we wipe. moments later, wipe. /glare.
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    When I started playing, people were ashamed of playing wrong, they were curious to learn the mechanics, to assemble the builds, the loadouts. Now pugs are in the majority, they play wrong and they are proud of being wrong.