Henchmen?? Could you be selected by your mentor?

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  1. SparklingMayo Well-Known Player

    Why aren't we used as henchmen for our mentors? It'd be like a surprise short duty mission to be summoned to assist your mentor during some fight for a minute.

    Just a thought for a fast diversion.
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  2. Highplains Sailor Active Player

    As a relatively newcomer to DCUO, I think it would be nice to occasionally assist your mentor. I do remember my villain helping Lex Luthor fight Superman in STAR labs in the beginning, and another character helping Batman fight the Joker in a hotel.

    And it wouldn't just have to be your mentor. Could be a call to assist any of the JLA leaders. From an RPG perspective, getting some thanks and recognition from your mentor now and again is kinda nice. And at the end of the mission, having the subdued opponent say something along the lines of "Don't think this is all over. I'll remember you, and I guarantee you'll probably wish I didn't!"

    Just a thought.
  3. TechWarrior0329 Devoted Player

    You do see that sort of thing below level 30... Actually at around level 15 you get your second "Mentor Mission" and hero side in each case you wind up battling along side your mentor.

    Players with Superman as their mentor wind up battling their way through a Star Labs facility that has been invaded by Lex Corp troops. Final battle has you and Superman face off against Lex in his power suit. You actually help Superman save the day... Oh yeah and in the mission right before that you actually rescue Superman from Metallo who is using his kryptonite heart to defeat the man of Steel.

    Players with Batman as mentor do actually assist Bats in the Regal Hotel and defeat Joker sending him running. Bats leaves you to help Jim Gordon while he heads off to confront the Joker again.

    Players with Wonder Woman help her defeat Circe and stop her from stealing a batch of exobytes that help create Magical super powers. Heck in this one Circe even casts a spell on you and you are turned into a Beastimorph and held Womder Woman stop Circe that way. After you 2 take Circe down the spell is broken and you return to normal LOL

    Now after you hit level 30 you start getting solo challenges between tier 1 and tier 3 and all three of those same missions appear again with mobs that are much stronger of course. This gives everyone, no matter who the mentor you picked is, a chance to battle along side all three of the mentors.

    Now You do get a final mentor mission at level 30 before you are invited to join the JLA officially. Those mentored by Wonder Woman get to battle along side her again against Circe but its more of a rescue since by the time the final battle begins Circe has trapped Wonder Woman. You defeat Circe and then free Princess Diane.

    That theme holds true throughout the final mentor missions.. Those mentored by Superman battle their way through the Hall of Doom and defeat Lex Luthor and rescue Superman who Lex has locked inside a set of chains made of Kryptonite and the final batman Mentor mission has you save him from a Robitic clone of himself in the batcave. And like the level 15 missions.. all three of those level 30 final mentor mission battles show up as duos at Tier 4. So again every one gets the chance to rescue the three of them.
  4. SparklingMayo Well-Known Player

    Not the same thing, I mean when you use your base features to summon henchmen they show up and fight for a minute for you. THAT's what I mean but your mentor calling YOU to do it for them.

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