Helping The Unskilled and Inexperienced

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  1. Lightful New Player

    I was going to make a whole back story that lead me to this post but then decided to cut straight to the chase.

    There needs to be some way to help the unfortunate. Just ran a Paradox group where a DPS was kicked because of his lack of burn. They didn't give him any ideas, any tips, or even any direct attention. He was kicked almost instantly.

    Imagine spending months of your time into an MMO just so that when you finally reach the end game content, you get kicked....repeatedly. In the raid mentioned previously, I asked the pugs to give him a chance. (He already spent over an hour with us) and I was answered with "No, get that scrub out of here".

    Is DCUO a playground for the inhumane?

    Well, I have a proposition:

    A "submit player performance profile" option. Where players who actually want to see their fellow players succeed can help by checking off where the player is lacking.

    How it works for Submitters:

    If the player is inexperienced and has trouble with the Raid's mechanics, then players will check off "inexperienced" and that same player will be responded with "which instance?" and from there they can choose which raid the inexperienced player was having trouble with. What will happen from here is now the inexperienced player can check his own profile and look at where others feel that he is lacking.

    How it works for player being reviewed:

    If this player clicked "view performance profile", he will then be shown two titles: 1. Instance Mechanics. 2. Role Effectiveness. If he clicked on "Instance Mechanics", he would be shown percentages (based off how many have submitted their review) of where they feel he is lacking. In this case it's Paradox. If he clicked on Paradox, he would then be told "based off your performance, players think that you should take a look at this" and that player will be given a link that leads him to a guide on the forums.

    A good portion of players I've met on USPS3 had no idea there were guides on the forums or even videos on YouTube that help better their gameplay. I think this will help.

    This is probably my biggest post. I'm a little disappointed with this community.

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    the problem with this is the anonymity playing a game especially a online anything gives people. and because of that fact people are rude, mean and cruel. If everyone who comments were good people they would try to help the inexsperianced individual but thats not how it will normally go down.. people will hate on them and call them names and generally cut down there self esteem and nothing constructive would come of it in the end..

    all this is sad but nontheless true so good idea but it will not work as you wish it would
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  3. X-zero Loyal Player

    People hate to be judged and this probably would create more frustration from a person who is getting kicked. If they read a guide to use the ideal loadout then what is the point of selecting powers. Just give every dps the ideal loadout based on their power and cut out the middle man.

    The reason the player base is having problems is because the difficult spike in the new raids compared to everything else. You can't train people to play tag football and expect them to be instantly good at pro football. Even if they know how the games works they are just going to end up hurt. Maybe after they take enough punishment they will adapt but still it isn't the best way to learn.
  4. EvilSnake Well-Known Player

    one thing that's a problem is everyone in the game can toggle and dps but not everyone can effectively dps. new players should try learning these raids while playing their role with the exception of tank or solo heals it's much more forgiving
  5. Minnion Devoted Player

    Well we could tie it to a leader-board where we could rate the advice given to us.(Thus allowing everyone to check the leader-boards to see who gives the best advice/coments on kick, since it's the people being kicked are the ones upvoteing or downvoting the people on this leader board hopefully the jerks would be sitting at the bottom and the names of the decent players would be the ones everyone goes to for advice.)
  6. aceCase Committed Player

    As a returning player, this is how I feel like when trying to get into a Nexus/Paradox Raid.

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  7. Whiteroom New Player

    One big issue with this is that there is so much misinformation out there. I have heard so much stuff that was blatantly wrong this weekend. These people giving feedback does not help. Also remember, in most pugs, its always the other guys fault...
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  8. Lightful New Player

    Guides aren't monkey see, monkey do. At least not in the case of a proper guide. They're suppose to be informative and accurate but most importantly help solidify decisions.
  9. Minnion Devoted Player

    Thus where having some way of rating the advice given to you might help with this.(You can even look at the advice givers place on the leader board while considering what you should rate their advice. But yeah, I can see where we get a lot of the blind leading the blind issues here to.
  10. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    If someone wants to learn there is plenty of help on youtube and this forum.

    I do think that the group abused 'vote to kick' and if the kick vote required 7/8 people, you could have kept that player in the raid.
    The problem is not the bad apples abusing 'vote to kick'. The problem is that the mechanism allows it to happen.

    The Magnitude of removed a players access to game content is not reflected in the current 'vote to kick' mechanism. It is too easy to do.
  11. Lightful New Player

    I literally said that in my OP. The issue I come across is players aren't aware of this.
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  12. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    I was agreeing with you. :) I just think the learning curve problem can't be solved other players - you gotta want to learn. If you want to learn, you hunt the info yourself.

    I would be kicked instantly from T5 raids because, my goal is not to do as much damage as possible in the shortest time. It's to have fun with a load out that I like.... My solution, I currently have no interest in that content and the type of player it attracts. I will run it once or twice once I have gear from the next DLC. That is what I have learned from the forum, LFG and listening to fellow players. Sometimes, the education is not 'how to play' it's 'what not to play'. If the 'Origin Crisis' trend is revised in the future DLCs... I'll begin to re-valuate the value of DCUO compared to other PS4 games.

    I think your idea would be an excellent addition to the 'vote to kick' mechanism. VoK, would requires an explanation from each player voting and the results are sent to the kicked player via email. BUT, the vote needs to be more difficult.
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  13. Whiteroom New Player

    Yeah, it would just be something like
    "Dom affects aggro",
    "no it doesn't",
    "yes, read the description",
    "they haven't updated it",
    "Thats stupid, its easy to update, so if they changed it they would update it."
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  14. Voltage Source New Player

    Like it, hate it at the same time. There are people like Orbit, SmileB4Death, etc, who will automatically get positive reviews. Then there are players who might be more infamous, and are good players, but will be given negative reviews simply because of their reputation. If we look at fame in MapleStory, a lot of people got defamed for no reason despite being in the right. A lot of people bought fame. The same thing can happen in this game. "LFG: Buying positive reviews, 1 Exobyte per review!" To make things worse, the community in most games is lazy as hell. Same thing with the Microsoft Live community. Most people will only give negative reputation, and this is only when they are angry. They have incentive to give negative reviews. Very few people give positive reviews for the sake of it. I myself would probably just comment aloud, "damn he's a good player. -leaves alert-" I wouldn't spend too much time giving positive reviews to every player I ever met who was actually good. On top of that, players can lie about their reviews.

    The system proposed is cumbersome, and I honestly don't trust trash players of DCUO to review me. I was in a black dawn raid where I was calling 1st troll out for SPAMMING p0t, and he nor the group could understand why he wasn't giving any power. I was badmouthed, and I left. I don't need a group who doesn't understand p0t to review me. The list goes on with T4 failing FoS1/3. If I was the T3 player carrying the group DPS, and someone decided to negative review everyone because the whole group failed, why should I be penalized for the mistake of other players? Even if some people assume I'm talking out of my butt right now, this is the reality for legitimately good players. Plus everyone calls themselves a good player on the forums or in-game, so you don't have to credit my self-proclaimed player quality, but just think about really good players being unfairly negatively reviewed. This would drive good players to raid exclusively with their leagues. This would created an even larger divide between the good players and bad players. Bad players will stay at the bottom, bad players who become good have their reputations follow them and will never raid with good reputation players, etc.
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  15. MCAZR New Player

    I agree that this is true for a large percentage of people and most simply rage quit at the first comment that there is room for improvement. Although I don't agree with kicking people without trying to work with them, I understand why some groups forgo the formality and kick right away. I'll still try to work with people, I've even worked with quite a few after the instance, and let those that are too ignorant or embarrassed fend for themselves.
  16. TheRealDeathern New Player

    So we would have a report card to fill out on players that gave them a reason for the kick in the first place? Two problems with this.

    A). No one will fill them out. The kick happens anyway.

    B). The player kicked wont read them, the kick happens anyway.

    The best thing to do if you really want to help them out is offer to add them to your friends list and see if you can help them or explain what happend to get them kicked.
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  17. Minnion Devoted Player

    I was thinking more along the lines of the New-grounds system for evaluating reviews of "Did you find this advice/review useful (Y/N)" where yeah you could get into a more in-depth conversation with the reviewer about it if the two of you should so choose to do so mostly the feedback on the feedback would boil down to a yes or no system of "Does the recipient find this useful?"
  18. HardlineHero Committed Player

    I play this game for fun not to write evals of other players. The only thing that needs to be done is for devs to offer a more substantive in-game guide for players.
  19. Whiteroom New Player

    Oh i know but with misconceptions in the game like this how will anyone find it useful, and maybe they find the wrong information useful, making them worse. There could be some better explinations on the part of SOE. If a player doesnt visit sites like this, they are pretty much left alone in the wild to figure it out. And i tend to hear more wrong opinions from players in game than right.
    So how is a community that is wrong so often supposed to teach itself, keeping in mind that a lot of the wrong players think that they are right and seem to be the loudest voices about it.
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  20. X-zero Loyal Player

    I don't blame guide writers I am just saying what happens due to human nature. Person get told you are awful, gets kicked, and told to read a guide because that person going to keep getting kick for under performing.

    That person will usually say one of two things to themselves I am just going to use this as a good jumping point or the less shameful people will just say they are going to do things word for word.

    That person will either read a guide or searches it for recommended loadout and rotations. And if the new loadout is successful and they aren't kicked why would they bother to experiment again.
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