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    Ionic drain is meant to be used like invocation of renwal and bloom and based on timing, the heal at the end is the size of bio surge for the whole raid and then it also puts out those dookie heals which total up to maybe 500 non crit or so. Its also a decent heal to top people off if you dont make it to the end of the channel. You can also clip anything with ionic drain so useless no its actually extremely useful and is the only heal that electric has that can reach everyone in line of sight.
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    And that's you. does not mean every electric healer in game has to do the same.
    And if you do run with a dedicated premade team, then i can't even understand whats the problem here?

    Proper troll setup can push out so much power that you can close your eyes, spam surge (with current amount of restor) and be fine... It's not like "there is a shield! It's devils work!" situation. -.-

    Other situation where shields on healers actually come in good use is 3/4 man runs (like 3 man PBG). (specially with healer running as tank as healing on shield mod is lovely for healing just yourself).

    In all seriousness with current gear i rather have our DPS setup go full on power to finish raids as quickly as possible, so i would get my marks and unlock my mods from mainframe.

    With current gear i know i can keep them alive through a lot with surge/cap/galv/surge clip, so let them burst all the way and be as reckless as they want.

    That's why i still like to have shield around, even with the premade team. Not like i would lose anything.

    Sure, it has its uses, but personally i don't find it useful enough in most situations.

    Currently with a full dedicated raid group where most of the dps are stacked together and melee range (as damage is better) galv works perfect for the AoE.
    And with all the resto available right now surge/bio-cap clips can deal with everything else.

    With the amount of burst going on in T4 ops, specially on aggressive group (as people want to run through content as fast as possible) you don't really lose a lot if you skip it, but may lose a person or two while sitting in animation for too long.

    And after all if you really want to be as power efficient as humanly possible (for what ever reason), there are better ways to do it (EB for Cheap AoE heals with dual pistol right tap left hold to build quick high tier combos (instead of cast time)).

    But even then, i run with Cap/Surge/Galv/Invig/Flux/Genesis, have solo healed everything with no problems and can't really complain about power efficiency, as i'm always either last or 2nd to last in power usage (depending on content).

    I guess all i should have said -> content is way too easy to push things complicated and try to coordinate preemptive heals between 2 healers on the group (whose casting / whose not). Avoiding over healing with all instant all clipping loadout between main and secondary healer is much easier.
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