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  1. N3GFreshPrince New Player

    gadgets dps/troll 160 cr and 176 sp long time player first time to test server name is Claim Item on tues-saturday 9pm-3pm sundayamd monday on all day
  2. Hemmy Committed Player

    I'm assuming you mean 9pm-3AM unless you'll be on for 18 straight :p

    But that sounds fantastic! I'll add you to the list, thanks!
  3. N3GFreshPrince New Player

    lol okay and is anyone able to log in test server at all
  4. Hemmy Committed Player

    Nope, unfortunately as the multiple threads have stated, Test server was/is down for the weekend. Should be up on Monday. :)
  5. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

  6. Hemmy Committed Player

    It's a shame the test server was down over the weekend, but hopefully now we can get a run or three of SM going even before this next weekend comes!

    Who's willing to go for it?
  7. Zamara Dedicated Player

    If you need help during the afternoon all this week I'll be free. I can do any role & I got the same name as here.
  8. Hemmy Committed Player

    Thanks! I've got you on the list :)
  9. Hemmy Committed Player

    Just a quick update on what's happening:

    I've talked to a few of you in-game and it seems like the best time to do the first few runs will be on thursday night and sunday night. I'll be sending everyone in game mail (and forum PM's to everyone from this thread) with more info about times, roles we'll need, and basically all the information you might want. This is a very large leap of faith however, as even if EVERYONE who's posted here responds, we would only barely have enough for a full group (of proper roles).

    In other news, I've started a conversation with Loche and Mepps requesting a hotfix to temporarily turn down the difficulty for this instance on the Test server only. Hopefully this will make people more willing to give it a go, as it seems that's the biggest turn off right now for most of the Test server population.

    I'll talk to you guys soon!
  10. Pults Loyal Player

    I can assist with tanking/dps/controlling, all I need it a set time and date to know if I'm free or not.
  11. SSeid Committed Player

    I am sorry but how does this make any sense? It is not there for us to enjoy it, but to test the version that will come on the live servers. Lowering the difficulty is not testing the SM.

    What if the problem is the dmg they do, and with lower difficulty it is not detected and fixed and people on live get stuck ( even for a day ) with broken tested content.
  12. Hemmy Committed Player

    Very very true, however right now the problem is:

    We cannot consistently get to the higher rounds to test the mechanics of:
    1. Enemies interaction with players
    2. Enemies interaction with each other
    3. Enemies interaction with the environment
    4. Loot drops at the higher rounds and consistency therein
    5. Feat/headline granting for higher rounds and their consistency
    ALL of which were very common bugs the last time this went live. At the moment, we CANNOT test these because we cannot reliably get to the higher rounds where the issues might be. Even if the problem were the "dmg" they do to us, we wouldn't know, because we can't get to those rounds at all. Hopefully, once we get a group with a good handle on this instance, we can then test it again with it's intended difficulty and damage output from mobs and bosses.
  13. ItsRem Well-Known Player

    I can help with this if you need a role filled.
  14. Hemmy Committed Player

    Yes please! So far we're in the most need of healers. But that's not to see we couldn't really use a tank or troll too :)

    What times do you think you could help out with? (and what character name should I be looking for?)
  15. ItsRem Well-Known Player

    Jay Syn on test. I'm going to log on here shortly to craft all of the remaining sets of gear. Probably can help whenever, just send a PM or keep posting on this thread if you have a time setup but I'm not on test.
  16. Hemmy Committed Player

    One more quick update everyone:

    Mepps and Loche informed me that the levels (only on test) for this SM are going to be reduced sometime within the week, and we'll have mepps' help after the weekend while running the instance. Everyone's welcome to join so leave your name, role, and time's available below!

    Talk to you all soon!
  17. NickDeDracu New Player

    hey hemmy its me Hawkins :) i would love to test the new SM with u :)
  18. Hemmy Committed Player

    Thanks! I've got you along with everyone else on the list, and having talked to you in game before hand helps a lot.
  19. Pults Loyal Player

    Aaand I can't edit my original post.
    This weekend I'm free 24/7. Well, 6 to 9 am EST would be a bad time for me.
    Roles Tank>DPS>Troll>healer

    IGN: Fabulous
    IGN on test: Fabby
  20. Hemmy Committed Player

    great! I'm about to send you a PM with more info and also some in game mail. If you could take a look, that'd help a lot.

    See you then!