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  1. Venomsaga28 Well-Known Player

    hello there name arashi okami cr 97 sp 117 ice dps us ps3
    heavenly knights christian league now recruiting all roles
    combat ratings it is a new league if you have any questions send tell in game or on facebook of same name god bless and have a pleasant tomorrow
  2. Venomsaga28 Well-Known Player

    Heavenly Knights new christian league recruiting all roles combat ratings right now its just me and a friend but im hoping to expand look me up on us ps3 arashi okami cr 97 sp 117
  3. Yahkov New Player

    Hey there! I am interested in joining your league. I am not sure if your monitor these forums or not but i would prefer a response in these forums than in game.

    I have been playing dcuo for awhile. I was gone training for the army and i have been in active on DCUO for about a year.

    I know how all roles work but my primary role is ofcourse DPS.

    My stats: Electric DPS. CR 90 PVE, 72 PVP and 91 SP.

    I realize my stats are not that great but i have been gone for sometime because of the army.

    DCUO name: Yahkov