Healing: The Big Picture

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  1. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    There has been a lot of commotion in the healing thread and throughout the threads in Gotham City so I decided to sum up my opinion on the state of healing and the powersets. I think the biggest problem for healing right now is the misconception of what healer's should be doing now vs what we use to do.

    Prior to revamp healers actually had a job. Our job was to mitigate incoming damage with HoTs, provide burst heals when necessary, and provide those amazingly timed shields and SC's in the oh **** moments. In raids there was actually something to heal. There was splash damage, aoe damage, and occasional mechanic damage (that wasn't a one shot). When emergent situations arose we had the power to do what was necessary to take care of business and the group.

    Since revamp has gone live we basically have no idea what to do with ourselves anymore. In raids the only real damage to heal is mechanic damage if a member(s) of the group doesn't follow the mechanic. Alerts we have more to heal because people aren't paying attention to the simplest of things i.e. standing in the bullets...Outside of this we literally have nothing to do. Power costs are considerably steep in the revamp and more noticeable in certain powersets due to their mechanic.

    Breakdown of the Powersets
    Celestial- This power is based around Burst/HoTs and once had the option to battle heal. Initial powers can also be combo'd for additional HoTs. The power cost to combo is 200 for Celestial, so take the initial power cost for the ability and add a 200 power cost to get the total cost for the combo. This is how Celestial's power costs/consumption reached such a high level. Celestial healers are also very clip heavy which unfortunately is a bad habit to have with the current power costs. The passive regen and two trolls isn't enough for the high rate at which it goes when clipping. This leaves the Celestial healer without power a lot because of the power cost/combo cost and clipping.

    Nature-HoT/Pheromone heal based power. The power cost to setup the pheromones is extremely high which puts a strain on the Nature healer. If an emergent situation happens (mechanic damage) that leaves Nature with a few options, trying to use enough burst (with high power costs) to get everyone back up to a safe range causing them to run out of power, or they can use roar which takes down all the pheromones leaving you to reapply them all using majority of their power bar.

    Sorcery-This power is based around HoTs and some bursts. It is more power friendly because of the duration of the HoTs and the need to reapply isn't as often as Celestial for example. This powerset lost a lot during the revamp. Some of the heals lost range (which it lacked in anyways), and some of the heals just lost functionality. Soul Siphon and CoP would be good examples of heals that lost functionality.

    Electric-This is a burst based healing power. In my opinion it is currently the best healing power on live at the moment for 2 reasons. First reason is bursts heals are extremely good at the moment. Second reason is, it is very power friendly.

    • The biggest issue Celestial and Nature users are struggling with is power cost/consumption. The easiest fix (yet again in my opinion) is increasing the healer power pool. There are guidelines in place for the healing power costs and the Dev's work based on a trade off system. If power costs are reduced so is the healing output. Also power costs will not be reduced for certain powers because that strays from the guidelines set for priority, 4 man heals, and 8 man heals. All of that being said the easiest solution to stay on par with the guidelines seems to be increasing healer power pool.

    • HoTs are under-performing compared to the HP pools of the other roles and should be buffed up according to properly mitigate damage for the HoT based powers which is 3 out of 4. I know I stated earlier there is nothing to heal and really need HoTs for at the moment but I'm looking at the big picture. Survival Mode will need those HoTs assisting in mitigating damage. New content is September and beyond if they adjust things better than AoJ is currently will need those HoTs mitigating damage. HoTs will need to be up to par in that instance.

    If this is gonna be the new norm of nothing to heal besides mechanic damage then 3 out of 4 healing powersets were just rendered useless. I can't believe this is intended. On that note I'm going to say I think development needs to look into the amount of incoming damage and adjust it accordingly followed by buffing HoTs and increasing healer power pool. If this doesn't get adjusted healers are predominately useless in raids and that takes the fun out of healing at least for me anyways. Something else that should be looked into is raising the ceiling for BcM and McB for those who enjoy battle healing as well as removing the damage penalty on healer role. One of Celestial's strongest selling points is the battle heal capability, and that was taken from us in the revamp.

    I can't and won't speak for all healers when I say this, but I don't like feeling unnecessary in content. If I put up my HoTs I feel like I'm wasting power. If I don't put up my HoTs I feel like an idiot just standing there waiting for something worth healing to happen. I main with Celestial so maintaining HoTs to mitigate damage is what I do, its my thing. I have nothing to mitigate now and feel pretty yucky in content. Then when something exciting happens I clip a couple burst/HoTs and RIP power bar..That makes me feel yucky too lol.

    I have been one of the biggest supporters and a main tester for the Revamp. I love the Revamp overall because it brought back so many great aspects to the game as well as an amazing level of customization and variety. However, I don't love what it's done to healing as that is my main role. I don't feel like it's a lost cause by any means. I just think some things need to be tweaked and adjusted to make all healing powers viable as well as making healers useful again.

    I gave more information/feedback towards Celestial since that is my main power and I didn't want to step on any other power's toes lol. Any additional CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, information, thoughts, and feelings are more than welcome. This thread is in no way, shape, or form meant to start a flame war or pissing contest among healing powers. This is all strictly based on my opinion, feelings, and feedback for healing.
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  2. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    I stopped healing on my a alt, and wont heal on my main.

    alt is 197 as heal with 303sp, and main I havent bothered gathering heal gear hes sitting at 201 as DPS with 305sp.

    Nature, both - 1s going to heal the others going to be DPS only.

    Least til water drops then alt may go water :p
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  3. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Keep in mind unless Water is a burst based healing power like Electric it's going to experience the same struggles as the other 3 powersets if changes aren't made.
  4. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    true, but Im hoping its more like elec but with more a dab of celes, range wise.
  5. iplaycardgames Active Player

    i agree. as a sorcery healer this is the first patch that i do not enjoy healing i feel like everything costs too much and does not heal enough, but maybe i just need to play more and adjust to the new patch
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  6. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Above is purely my opinion, but it's how I feel
  7. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    It's pretty rare that a power isn't a little OP on release. I guess atomic wasn't but...
  8. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    When I mentioned CoP losing functionality I mean not receiving heals outside of the circle.

    When it comes to Celestial clipping heals is apart of it. You can't just casually put out HoTs and chill like you could with Nature for example. These are 6sec HoTs that put out 6 ticks each. Even if you don't clip power costs compared to the other healing powers are a lot higher due to the combo aspect.

    On to your last point. I didn't say any changes needed to be made to Elec or to bursts, so I'm not sure why you think Elec would end up in a crappy place healing? Elec is in a great spot, but shouldn't be the only one in that spot...The other healing powers need to be brought up to par which means HoTs have to be buffed for that to happen. At that point all 4 healing powers would be viable and in good shape. Shouldn't that be the goal?
  9. hoaxone Committed Player

    I'm gonna post this here and only here..take IT how u will...
    Every tank power does a tanks purpose...to taunt enemy's.
    Every controller power now does a controllers purpose...to give power.
    Every healer power does............nothing.
    I know as nature now with the nerf to bug form (12 secs proc,-700 resto,spit does no dmg)....none of our healing powers does damage to our enemy's so we essentially have to remove vital job abilitys to use dps powers.i don't know about the other healing powers but this sounds dumb....
    Now they was suppose to make every role be able to help in damage,but a nature healer can't do both effectively....js
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  10. ozzy1111 Dedicated Player

    have not done elite US-E JFA-E yet. but, on my nature heal. power is not a thing for me. I heal just fine. the burst heal might be a little slow, for that...crap moment. but nature is good. I oh, so much do miss harvest!!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. Mazahs Loyal Player

    CoP, noted and agreed.
    Celestial, slight power reduction in combo is what I said. That should allow both, as you stated people tend to be clip heavy. Adjust the burst an lower costs fix this
    Dots vs Burst we'll have to agree to disagree. When increasing something you automatically decrease another. As Electricty is almost exclusive to burst thats what happens. I aslo agree that E healing is in a good place , yet I can make a viable staement that with loss of bio charge interaction we are more power hungry then before.

    If you want to champion decreased power costs for combo and better burst for nature / Celestial then Im right there with ya. But by increasing something like HoTs when Electricity has almost none, then you do infact take away from 1 to give to another. That...Im not ok with.
  12. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Electricity is not power hungry at all, it's one of the most power efficient healer sets post revamp, this is due to the majority of its healing being burst. The argument charm stated Is that hots are underperforming in comparison and as a result burst heals have to be used more frequently as the return from HoTs isn't sufficient to cover the damage spikes the way content is now.

    Burst heals are OK for all healing power sets, it's purely hot abilities which are lacking right now which in turn requires more power to be spent and is why elec is clear cut above the rest in terms of power consumption. Whilst celestial is also as good as electric, theres just no reason to have celestial rather than elec since celestial uses a shitton more power since half of its abilities are HoTs and the additional combo costs the devs implemented.

    And when I say no reason, you're a burden to your group not healing as efficiently as possible and due to how hots are now that's pretty much every power set except elec
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  13. xD25x Dedicated Player

    I think what happened, purposely or inadvertently, is that burst heals became the meta for healing. Instead of healing proactively we nowill have to play more reactively. Let's be honest it's always been difficult for them to balance dots and burst so why would hots and burst be any different? Electric is the top heal power atm. That's not in question and anyone who disagrees with that is trying to convince themselves. But after adjusting to the changes it doesn't feel like healing with any powerset is incredibly hard. Be mindful of your power and if a dps is taking considerable damage it's because he/she is doing something wrong. Could just be bad situational awareness. While I agree the other 3 healer powers could use some adjustments I like the increased difficulty. Even if it's only managing power usage better.
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  14. xD25x Dedicated Player

    Be careful the electric fanboys will come at you if you keep talking like that.
  15. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I want celestial battle heals back. I don't enjoy just pure healing, it's boring and tedious, I enjoyed cele battle heal because I was able to heal the group effective and put out high damage, made you feel powerful, but the revamp killed it. It's hard to put out high damage while healing, unless you get DPS that don't really know what they're doing and make your damage look better then what it actually is.
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  16. Mazahs Loyal Player

    In short NO
    I cant troll and put out damage...why should you be able to do so with healing?
    Sorry but thats part of the revamp you all pushed for when I said it wouldn't work.

    You reap what you sow
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  17. Mazahs Loyal Player

    This whole hing was about balance and making support roles better
    What we got was decent tanks, decent heals and utterly craptastic trolls

    Oh yeah now dps is just like what it was if you min/max like with AMS.
    Which was really just a huge nerf to players aka stat clamping

    Called it
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  18. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Celestial is also the only healer that lacks a 200 power cost heal. Celestial problem is it lacks burst heals in which it relies on its HoTs which are far too weak and too power expensive even when you stack them.

    From what I have found that most healers are better off by going the superpowered route. Only because certain mechanics require you to move where you dont have time to fire a weapon attack to get power back.

    For most powers celestial included I have used 200SP as the tone. Put 100 into might and power. Get all your healing crits and weapon attacks, and the extra SP you can place wherever or get WM.

    The biggest problem with healing going anything other than superpowered hurts your play, and having low SP is much more brutal compared to being a dps with low SP.
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  19. Surtur Well-Known Player

    Interesting,......... I don't have any issues with nature. I can heal just as well with nature as I can with elec.
    I stack & boost the HoT's while rotating in group shields. Then I use a burst when needed. Mix in some weapons and I can carry a group of clueless derpity DerPS pew pew pewing away. I rarely have issues with power either.
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  20. M1 Garand Well-Known Player

    Ok, there is pretty much RIP for battle healing with Celestial and Nature as far as I see. Especially when healer doing their job.
    At least I figured out Nature healing, and I have some notes to OP. :)
    Nature's HoTs are not about direct healing, and never been. It is ultimate PI for Blossom (and Harvest before revamp). 10 point or 100 point tick - does not matter, as long as pheromones set burst heal is what it there for.
    Setting 3-4 pheromones upfront use the whole power bar and looks scary. I found useful split setting on 2 and 2 way, doing power regeneration weapon attacks in between. After all set the one pretty much just refreshes pheromones for cheap, regenerates power with weapon and burst heal with Blossom clipped. At least power is not an issue for Nature when managed right.
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