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  1. Zamara Committed Player

    I remember in an update the devs made it so you can't heal bounties of the same faction to prevent other players from healing them while the other faction was trying to take them down, can this be done to all npcs?? or at least to the ones in the leveling missions??
    I was leveling a new character the other day, was doing the 2nd mission in the giganta/supergirl storyline & there was a nature villain (He was almost T6) healing the npcs we were fighting (there was 2 or 3 of us around doing the mission) making it almost impossible to complete anything as his heals were strong enough to fill their health from almost 0 to full.
    It was obvious that he was doing this intentionally since he would wait for us to attack the enemies to start healing them & he wouldn't stop unless we flew away from the ads, we told other people in chat and a higher level had to get there to help us finish the objectives (that was the only way we were able to take the ads down) for that mission and when we did, we moved to the next area he followed us there & kept trying to heal them.
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    Very annoying I know, yet this form of griefing doesn't have much of a fix. Other than getting in game support from others.

    Nice job putting out the call for more heroes and much respect to whoever showed up to help.
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