Healing artifact question

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  1. Skoll Well-Known Player

    I have enough Nth to level page of destiny & scrap of the soul cloak from 180>200, but with that amount of nth metal i can also level another artifact from 0>180, which would be the better option?
  2. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    I usually see people with purple healing ray, page of destiny, and either transformation or eye of Gemini.
  3. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    Scrap I think is better for dps using a supercharge whether with or without the eye of Gemini because they don't have the benefit of the greens returning supercharge unless a healer like yourself is running EoG. Me personally, I'd leave the scrap alone, it works fine at 80 in my opinion. I find more utility in a supercharge generator, having an EoG at minimum 160, and run multiple supercharges. At that point you will wonder why you invested in scrap at all.
  4. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I would say save the nth metal four double nth week and level them both up.

    But if you can’t wait then purple and page are your 2 best healing arts with the 3rd being a flex slot for what you want to do. Best 3rd slot arts are EoG, trans, and clarion with some honorable mentions. And if you want to dive head first into a full EoG healer than you’d want EoG soul cloak and the 3rd being between page or purple. Page being better but purple if you struggle with power.

    Now, it’s not a “you must use these arts or you’re a trash player”. It’s more of a guideline
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  5. Art New Player

    Do they do these 2x xp often? I was told to save my metals for it. I’m new to the game, got 3 of my arts to 80+ just to proc the bonus buff thingy. Do you remember when was the last time they did the 2x xp?
  6. Siramez Well-Known Player

    based on the patterns, they usually do 2xp event about 2 weeks before the new DLC launches, then on special occasions (special events, etc,) they will randomly drop 2xp week.
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  7. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    I pretty much said what Deity reiterated, minus the "save the nth" but you can probably get by getting the PHR and EoG to 160. Farm more xp, buy it, whatever you want to do, and have enough to level those artifacts by time this next DLC drops.

    Also keep in mind there was a time when artifacts did not exist and people got by with having sufficient skill points, knowledge of their power, and plenty of practice.

    Complete some feats, get somewhere close to having end game gear. 200 artifacts are nice, but maxing every artifact is not required to play your role correctly, nor is it necessary to have fun. Although someone may chime in and say differently, I find it to be more of a flex when people inspect you and say, "Ahh, 200 artifacts!" However you prefer your 'oohs and the ahhs.'
  8. Art New Player

    Thank you for the info!
  9. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    There is NORMALLY 1 double nth week about 2 weeks before a new dlc drops last dlc they did 2 double nths within the same dlc but that was a special circumstance. This dlc will be an extended dlc so there may be a second double nth.

    That’s said, there is no guarantee of when it will happen. Regardless it’s still best to save them
  10. Ranmaru Developer

    I'd generally recommend waiting for a 2x weekend, but additionally just having 3 artifacts at 160+ will give you greater output then 1 200 1 160 and 1 80.

    But its best to look at your build and see which artifact works for you.
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  11. A2J New Player

    Can I ask when is the next 2x artifact xp week? I'm holding onto the metals like larfleeze holds his orange light. But my will is being tested lol
  12. CityboyInk New Player

    There was also a 2x xp last time survival mode came around, so we could hope they repeat it for us again.
  13. Ranmaru Developer

    I don't manage the scheduling for events so I am not sure when those are planned.
  14. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    My sorcery healer is my main so he’s got page, purple, orb, EoG, scrap. And like every other arti but those are the ones that get used for healing. If I’m soling hard content, it’s usually page/phr/orb for me. Fire tanks and their 700k health let orb shine. If it’s an ice tank or something that’s shielded a lot, not as shiny. Trans works well enough but never been a fan with sorcery tho I do use it on my electric alt since it dual roles nicely. If it’s easy content and I’m running 3 supers, it’s page EoG scrap. If I’m running 1 EoG and it’s decently tough content, I’ll swap orb for EoG. My electric alt healer runs trans/ scrap/ EoG full time on both roles. She’s tougher to use in end game pug runs but she’s a great 2nd healer in elites. Electric already has a similar move to the page revivify perk.

    Clarion works well especially if you’re hybrid and a weapon tapper. My main will get one and will try harder content with it replacing orb since I weapon tap non stop. My electric toon (and even when she was water) barely weapon taps and is set as superpowered so not a great choice. I’d be going for either phr or EoG. I wouldn’t even level the scrap any higher. It’s good at 160 then use head and chest supercharge mods. But the “solo heal anything while running with anyone” choices have page and phr in them. 3rd slot like Deity said is your flex spot. Scrap is really only needed if running 3 supers. With one super, unless a 10k, it won’t be doing much. What powerset are you? And what type of content do you run? If you’re always in regular and running with friends, page/ scrap/ EoG and 3 supers is a good time. Running pug, it’s a pretty terrible time.
  15. A2J New Player

    Understood. Thank you for the response
  16. Henoshock Well-Known Player

    I would save until a 2x weekend (like most people here).

    PoD 200: only good at 200 for better AoE (so not Nature), generally not required for most content. Fairly situational, I wouldn't prioritize this at all.

    Scrap 200: Necessary if you want to run 3 supercharges for EoG spam, very good on DPS when art swapping, very good when full healing and using a 10k supercharge (e.g. Electricity's Transducer). If you aren't an EoG spammer then I wouldn't get this, you can probably maintain 2 supercharges with only an 80 Scrap.

    Purple Healing Ray: I'd leave this at either 120 or 200, best healing artifact in the game.

    EoG: would get this to 160 if you don't have it already.

    All the other artists are in my opinion niche or not actually that good. I think EoG spam is good to prioritize, then after that you can get Page. Page proc isn't really necessary (though helpful in some cases), the extra AoE at 200 is niche (but cool).