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  1. Whodini Well-Known Player

    Been doing some daydreaming with about the expert plans/mods. Typically I would mod all yellow slots with the highest Restoration plan (in this case expert).

    BUT, with expert plans I could mod the 6 yellow slots (gear and rings) with Resto & Precision V expert giving me an extra 216 precision. On the other hand. Resto V expert will provide me with an extra 120 resto.

    So what's more useful? Approximately 3500 resto/500 precision or 3620 resto/284 precision?
  2. Whodini Well-Known Player

    I also realize that in the T5 raids the extra precision might not matter as much if I'm spamming heals the whole time lol.
  3. TheAkuma Well-Known Player

    In PVE content ignore the Precision and go straight Resto or Resto Health. In PVP going Resto Precision is very nice in my opinion
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  4. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    For all content T4 & below, I think you might see a difference
  5. Iron YoJimBo New Player

  6. Shadow Vlad New Player

    I've always preferred mixed mods personally but to each his own. That's the beauty of mods.
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  7. Zeikial Committed Player

    resto power 5 expert, or resto health 5 expert, I respecced my healer the other day and grabbed all the precision gave something like 468 or something like that, didn't see a diff in t5 content, at least not enough to warrant remodding my gear. And I did have the core strength mod in to. And in my opinion once you reach the 3500 resto mark without that mainframe neck your set, if you cant heal with that an extra 100 or so resto wont help you. I am going to re mod to resto power 5 expert, the resto power 5 gives you 73 power if it follows suit you will get something like 98 power with the expert, my power pool will be around 4100 when done
  8. TheAkuma Well-Known Player

    Yea I basically stopped at 3250 Resto without using expert mods. I put Resto health in all my blue and yellow slots. I like having 6300 health with my pvp weapon, things do not one shot me unless they are wipe moves. Even when fighting General Lex he can teleport to me and do his chop move and I do not have to even block it.
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  9. Zeikial Committed Player

    Yea man I was thinking of doing that, but I like the feeling of being able to heal whenever I like, with my skill points and a pvp weapon I can still reach 5500 or 5800 health something like that. I been fid lin
  10. TheAkuma Well-Known Player

    From personal experience the difference in your heals from 3200 resto to 3500 is minimal at best. The scaling is way off the higher you go and you do not get the same kind of bonus you did when you went from 1700 to 2000. I do like the Resto Power idea but since i am a very aggressive healer with attacking I tend to not need the extra power
  11. x2TMx New Player

    I use resto prec and the white mod giving no damage penalty in healer role. Nice to see 100+ numbers instead of 10-20 damage numbers. I use hive mind as well so it makes up for the missed resto on mods but not a huge deal to miss that 120 something extra resto.
  12. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    What this guy said.
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  13. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    Go with Resto-Health or Resto-Power before Resto-Prec, if you don't want to go with straight Resto. While before I was never one to put in straight mods (excluding Prec on my Hard Light DPS) on any character, the gear for support roles has increase the damage potential so much that modding for offense doesn't give you the return you think you'll get in higher content.
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  14. willi3bx Committed Player

    prec is 10/1 for an increase resto is 4/1, at that rate u get 21 more damage per second or 30 more base heals
  15. The Nightcrawler New Player

    Personally I would go with the resto/prec mostly for solo stuff and anything under T5 really. Being nature I spec down the wolf side to get carnage as my buff instead of hive mind. Allowing me to use wolf when I do solo's. With the new resto being 3500+ I can usually heal in wolf form for alerts T3 and below (as long as I'm wearing my healer gear). I notice a big difference with the extra 216 prec. I'm pushing 550 precision as a healer and this def makes things much easier. Like everyone else has been saying the resto returns are diminishing. I can usually get by with the relentless precision neck mod as well adding another 170 precision to my stats. and using carnage instead of hive mind bumps it another 115. This is putting me around 750 precision a lot of the time in the alerts. In the T5 alerts I try to come in second in damage without sacrificing any healing. As long as I don't try to go might based all I'm doing is increasing my precision while building back my power so I can just focus on healing.
  16. Buckley Loyal Player

    if that's all you are going to do then fine but there will be times that you have to do some things on your own, then the prec will come in handy
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  17. Grees New Player

    I've always have run as a combat healer or the name league refers to my style always modded with rest/prec and had no trouble healing away from day 1. Though the best thing especially with the new raids is too get all the extra yellow socket gear pieces and mod one set rest/prec and the other straight resto. This way you can adjust with the group your running with. Some groups are good needing less so then rest/prec suit on others that need the extra heals boom resto suit.
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  18. Toren New Player

    I can totally appreciate a healer wanting to do more damage, I wish all roles did more damage. However I think it comes back to the old addage "Know your roll". I've never seen a healer kicked from a raid for not doing enough damage.
    You're never gonna compete with a DPS (or an equally geared tank or troll) when it comes to damage out. I say whatever role you are strive to be the best at it. When I heal I compete with other healer for healing out, I compete with myself as well. Ie.. last time we ran this raid there were 2 deaths, this time I want 0. Or can I solo heal dawn? Etc.
    I think the best solution is to first get your full healer suit & mod for optimal healing. Second get your dps set. Now when you run lower content swap out some pieces. Healing Outer Caverns in a full T5 healer suit is overkill.
    Also keep in mind you're gonna want that full on healer suit when harder content is released.
    Lastly, have you solo healed the T5 raids? Can u run the T5 raids & see 0 deaths on the scorecard at end? If you answered no to either of these then you still have room to improve as a healer & just remember what your role is & what the group needs.
    Hope that's helpful.
  19. Whodini Well-Known Player

    I've modded my yellow pieces with resto/health V expert to improve my survivability. It gives me the same resto as resto v, but also an extra 95 health per piece (570 extra health) instead of 20 extra resto per piece (120 resto).

    Also, the extra precision wouldn't be for my solo stuff (I have DPS gear for that), it was for doing a little extra damage in healer stance to increase burn for the group.
  20. Toren New Player

    BTW, How much extra damage is someone in healer stance doing with high precision? It's crazy small. Your "extra damage" will shave 30 seconds off an hour raid. Then when people go down because you're getting in that extra weapon combo 1 of the 6 other people doing more damage than you will have to stop putting out damage to pick them up. Just not wise IMO.
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