Having Trouble with ICE DPS? Here you go!

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    Listen to me or not its ur choice. Everyone says Rage or Sorc best DPS uhh WRONG. Well sorc maybe, depends on who using it. I have not yet to be beat by a rage DPS as ice. (Made it to round 7 in SM in 90 min I DONT run with bad DPS)

    If your not going to use the 2 loadout I'm using then you DMG will be trash and you should switch a different power. (DONT mean to come off harsh sorry just how I am)

    Precision Based or Precision/Might Based Ice DPS
    Ice Bash, Ice Boulder Strike, RS or Frost Snipe, Cold Snap, Blizzard, Reflection.

    When you are Precision Base, Depending on Sp your Stats should be like this.


    The Reason why I run this load out is because I'm in ICE ARMOR 95% of the time instead of 85% of the time. There for My 60% total Modifier is always up and going faster. This is because of Cold Snap (Grant Chill effects) I can get my ICE so much Faster.

    The more your in ICE ARMOR the more DMG you will do.

    Might Based DPS-
    Ice Bash,Boulder Strike, RS or Frost Snipe, Wintery Tempest, Blizzard, Reflection

    Wintery Tempest:

    So we have one Change and its Wintery Tempest with Cold Snap, this being said since your no full Precision and your full Might you want to have ur Ice Armor up about 85% of the time(Be nice to have it up 95 why not well) because you want to do a DOT DMG with wintery Tempest.

    Why am I using Wintery Tempest if I DONT have Galling on? Well the reason is because I'm a full might DPS and I love seeing ticks from 300-600.


    RS: it does nice DMG if you prefer to use it like I do it what I like to call FREE DMG. It hit for like 300 to 1000 maybe a little more some times.

    Full Precision- It hit anywhere from 2000 - 3500. 2500-3100 Consistently
    Pre/Might- It hits anywhere from 2500-4500. 3500-4100 Consistently
    Full Might- It hits anywhere from 3000-6000. 4500-5000 Consistently

    This Move is quick and is great for single target, but I only would use it if your ICE ARMOR is up because you want to get back into your WM combo as fast as possible.

    Why do I use it when ICE ARMOR is up only? Well because Ice Boulder Strike hits harder and is so much better!


    Full Precision- It hits anywhere from 2500-4000 3200-3500 Consistently
    Prec/Might- It hits anywhere from 3300-5000. 3800-4500 Consistently
    Full Might- It hits anywhere from 4200-6000. 4600-5200 Consistently

    When is come to Ice Boulder Strike it hits harder when you get a full DMG CRIT, its also is way more consistent that Frost Snipe.

    When my ICE ARMOR is up, I still use this move because like I said is more consistent, and its also an AOE move.


    Its so amazing that it's also an AOE move!

    2Targets- DMG diesnot split so that same number I wrote are the same on here.
    3Targets-DMG is split a little not a lot, you will see more 2k crits but you can also see a 3k sneek in there from time to time, if you full Might based more 3k.
    4-7 Targets- you will see a lot of 1k hits on most of the adds.
    8+ about 4-5 1k and rest are in the Hundreds (700-900)

    Compared to RG well RG is TRASH we will leave it at that.

    Its a Sheild, it Grants Chill Effects to get ICE ARMOR, it also a beast when picking players up.

    One of the BEST SC in the game maybe #1 but the electric SC is pretty beast.

    What about Berserk? Well berserk is an IDGAF SC moving on

    This SC is Monster. Keep in mind that you must use WM into BLIZZARD to get is full effect. Hit anywhere from 10k -25k on 2 targets I have hot both for 20k a price that's 40K DMG :)

    To get the best results pop a might trinket and Supply Drop at the same time.

    We Know now that BLIZZARD is a MUST!

    This is the best ICE DPS loadout there is if you disagree well I'm sorry I will prove you wrong because the loadout I use (Precision Base DPS) has no DOTs and we won't cancel.

    I hope you guys try and enjoy my loadout, be nice to the rage and sorc DPS they will hate you :)

    ICE # 1 :):):)
  2. Armaggedion Well-Known Player

    sounds good but i got only one question, what does the ice armor look like now lol ? i can't tell when i have it or not but i can tell it when i hit the big numbas
  3. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    big spikes of ice coming out of your back - if you're using the MAx Damage hand mod you won't get Ice Armor, but it won't matter because everything you use adds a 60% combo count / next five seconds bonus (as opposed to ice armor's standing 60 second 50% damage bonus)