Have Helm of Omnipotence scale.

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  1. Gokaigerbay New Player

    Have it act like a heirloom item that scales with your CR.
    Can be one time (have it "unattuned" then when you set it, it scales as your current cr+3 item) to match the rings.
    Or perceptual where it keeps scaling.

    Keep the rings as is right now, and do an update for them as well in a year or two.
  2. The Doctor Loyal Player

    Sorry friend, but you can't have an item that drops from a T4 raid scale with T6 content
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  3. Enickma Dedicated Player

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  4. Cloud_9 New Player

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  5. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    If you got one, be happy, you're lucky enough.
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  6. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Yes, please, I don't have one but think all gold items should scale with your cr, including the new rings
  7. Whiteroom New Player

    Just got it, have ran prime ~12 times... :)
  8. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

  9. Whiteroom New Player

  10. Hraesvelg Always Right

    If they do add items that scale, I hope they do it with currently unreleased items. Either that or go through an give all of us that salvaged it another one. Which would be a nightmare from the CSR's/GMs point of view.
  11. compasionate grenade Committed Player

    No. But keep the helm. When the entire style omnipotence is completed, of course in the far far far future, it would make for a great screen shot to share with us.
  12. ObsidianChillSucks New Player

    Make the Patriotic Belt Stronger
  13. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Just 5 more recruits for the t6 version! :p , honestly wouldn't be surprised if ti happened though.
  14. Whiteroom New Player

  15. Clutch Committed Player

    Think it would be better to just add new yellow gear to the latest raids.
  16. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    The $300 belt :)
  17. Dogzday Dedicated Player

    Getting something like the Helm of Omnipotence to scale is sorta silly to me. I respect your opinion nonetheless, OP, because it's an interesting idea and something I haven't seen yet, but I can see based off Celestial's buffs changing into percentile bonuses rather than flat ones.

    The reason why I think it is a little goofy is because (aka the "against" argument):
    • For one, the Helm of Omnipotence is acquired at a T4 content. Understandably, this is where the "ORIGINAL" story ends, where you finally defeat Brainiac (and then Lex Luthor has his own agenda, that's a plot continuation), and the magnitude of success is high because you put an end to Brainiac. However, the problem is that it's Prime - arguably the EASIEST content in the game. An easily obtained synergy with the group, or overpowered enough, can storm through the content time and time again in 5-10 minutes, and perhaps even shorter, to gain this item. For this, I claim though it's a huge point in DCUO story, the Helm should not be dropped.
    • A more valid point: the Helm of Omnipotence is a DROP item, and not accurately achieved through EFFORT. You "earn" the Helm by chance. The chance the item will drop, and by chance winning the item against your 7 teammates who turn into enemies after you walk out with that Legendary Item. I think people will be more insane than ever trying to get these Items to "invest" so they never have to get another Head or Rings (for the Ring of Omnipotence as well). 3 Items. Eventually they sure as heck will add more, perhaps one every Tier.

    • T5+ people can finish Prime in few minutes and get the Helm of Omnipotence to scale to a T5+ level EASILY whereas T3 people finish Prime in 30+ minutes with a LOT more effort, and only get the Helm that they can either: Attune to the T3/T4 level, or wait until they are high enough to attune it to whatever. Unfair to the newer people who have to put in more effort to get that Item. And if they are going to wait to Attune it, how long should they keep waiting, if the gear will not scale?

    • Unattuned or Attuned will not make any difference. If it's Unattuned, how long are you going to keep it in your bank? What if your CR goes up by 1? Will this continue to scale?

    • Lastly, getting the Helm or Ring of Omnipotence will make you SET for eternity in DCUO, meaning that there will be less overall need to get those Items until you are eventually fully "Omnipotence." In the end, there will be a LARGE gap between the "Omnipotence" and the regular T10 or wherever the full set can be finished if this were to scale. And yes, there will be a large gap because the Helm of Omnipotence was literally up at the T5 stage. Meaning the T(n-1) a LOT weaker against T(n). Why increase the gap, that can unbalance both PvE and PvP?
    To counter the reasons above with reasons for the Omnipotence scaling (aka the "for" argument):
    • It's a cool concept. Some games use it. Sometimes the gear can scale at a certain rate so that it doesn't surpass the gear that's already in-line with the content, and serves as a permanent solution sometimes so it eliminates one thing you have to worry about. Some games have different forms of this such as Abilities/Skills instead.

    • The set should all be around the same stats, making it consistent with the Iconic gear and some Theme gear though those sorta vary. I think a better alternative should be that this set be introduced at the end of DCUO's content production/expansion (like the Raids, Operations, etc.) as a purchasable set with higher than T(n) gear's stats, n being the last Tier. The set should cost a LOT of Marks, maybe 10x as much so there's a big grind.

    • The drop rates can be lowered significantly, but by making the rare even rarer will make it even unfairer to the general population.

    • The drops rates can be increased significantly but doing so can make more people not needing to purchase higher content gear.
    • Though T3/T4 people have it tougher, they haven't grinded the T5+ content to get the stronger gear, so the T4/T4 people can be just as entitled to the T5+ people to get the Helm of Omnipotence. Getting the Helm of Omnipotence early is just an early investment if people choose to hold off Attuning the item (if it won't scale).
    Edited for readability. Kinda. Well I tried, okay...
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  18. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    The OP helm, ring and (cash) UB are fine as is.

    Also, your gear determines your CR not the opposite, so having gear that scales to your CR doesn’t make sense.

    Finally, as was stated above, you can have a luck drop from what may end up being middle of the road instance (and a cash grab, in the case of the OP UB) perpetually being the best gear in the game.
  19. Gwalir Loyal Player

    This here is my main argument against this. If the Helm scaled with your current Tier, why would we ever need a new one? Like Dogzday mentioned, someone who had a full set of Omnipotence gear would never have need for any new gear, since his entire set would always be constantly improving whenever a new Tier comes out.