Has Sons of Trigon brought you back to the game?

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  1. BumblingB I got better.

    What kept you guys playing before 7? DLCs 3, 5, and 6 all were T4. DLC 3 released the tiered gear and norseman was a joke in stat upgrade. DLC6 gave 74 gear. DLC5 had the horrible ops.

    Just curious to know why DLC8 is such a hated DLC. It is no different than DLC2, 5, & 6 in terms of content. It helps you get gear you want if you are working on multiple alts. It's fast and can be done daily. Would you have been happy if it came out before DLC7?
  2. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    4-5 we lost a BUNCH of people...Our core group kept playing together and we eventually built back up after we recruited another league and a few players from the Alphas...We were all very vocal about how much we hated DLCs 4-6

    Had it come out before DLC 7 I would be upset as well because that would have meant that it was over a year that we got a real raid which is why I was fine with where it was released...I am fine with the structure of the DLC because while it might not be my cup of tea, I respect that others enjoy the content and the type of content, just not the difficulty and where it was released

    They needed to release the DLCs where they did thats why im still hanging around
  3. X-zero Loyal Player

    Even though my league and friend's list were becoming smaller and smaller around the time thinking about it was mainly because home turf. Origin Crisis didn't bring them back but Sons of Trigon did. I personally left around the middle point of Origin Crisis because some idiot from the power company cut my internet line by accident and it took a week for the internet company to fix it. So after a week of not playing I said why bother and stopped.

    I am pretty sure SOE will look at the money spent and population during both times to find the best balance of pleasing people and making money.
  4. BumblingB I got better.

    Ah, now I understand. Sorry, not trying to attack you or anything. I just didn't understand. And no disrespect, Seppuku tends to be very vocal in the negative catagory. So I was just curious about you guys. Everyone has hardships and relations in this game. Hate to see people you played with go away due to content you liked.

    The thing that not a lot of people realise is how much effort goes into making raids. DLC7 is proof that they couldn't figure out everything. Look at how many glitches were in the raids that had to be fixed and fixed and fixed, oh and fixed. To the extent that other things were being put on hold. (Loot issues anyone?) The devs need time to develop things and having a dlc like 8 pop up makes it easier on them and allows for the players to catchup. The issue that we saw with T4 was the Ops. Everything about them was bad. The open world negated any challenge, there was no stat increases as most people were already full T4 when it launched (even if they didn't replay in a week.) It was something new, so it had a lot of bugs that a small test server group couldn't come up with (eventhough there were a lot that got ignored that were mentioned.) It was a bad idea overall. They learned from it at least. With 6, it was actually not a breather for the devs, because they added something completely out of the game that was new that actually delayed them a bit. I bet they would have made it T5 if it wasn't for the technical problems, plus, they went with a whole new way of gear progression with 7, that it just wouldn't fit.

    But if you look at it, we have been following the small to big content since dlc2. Just the tiering has been skewed and we had too long in t4 that problems happened with 7 that could have been avoided earlier.

    I'm glad you guys are sticking around, even if you are angry and hate the content, the devs do listen and try to appease every issue to the best that they can. :)
  5. Cybernaut21 New Player

    Origin crisis almost made me unsub - I hated doing the singles because I don't want to play other characters, I want to play my character, and the raids were impossible to even get into, much less complete, especially if you play a melee character since the raids are instant fail for melee. SOT was a massive improvement and has me back on board, so hopefully they will continue in that direction, not the direction they were headed with origins (which was off a cliff...).
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  6. quirkers Well-Known Player

    I will say this while i didn't unsub, I was seriously considering letting my sub expire and not renew. Just getting my healer up to t5 was time consuming. I replayed maybe up to three times and that was mainly because I was close to buying another piece of gear.

    I did think the ops were interesting, I enjoyed the challenge and the newness of it. It was neat to get gear that increased stats. :) However, running the ops 5 times a week, became too exhausting. The time it took to do the ops felt like I was doing 2.5 raids each night. Then, of course sometimes I had to switch to troll or tank a few times so that meant my main had to wait a bit more. I just didn't have it in me to do my troll and tank

    The OC solos were a challenge for me. While I can't say I hated them, though they did frustrate me to no end in the beginning, I could only tolerate doing up to 10 maybe and some of the feats. And after a while I was thinking to myself, " Meh, I am sure if I play longer I will get a free MoR (lockbox)." I won't start/comment on the raids, there is plenty on that in other postings.

    With the SoT dlc, I enjoy the single missions, alerts, Raven bounty and the fact I can work on my alts now. I was finally able to take them off the back back burner. While I love my main toon, sometimes it is nice to just work on the other guys as well.

    I added an extra month of legendary hoping to see where DCUO would go. While I didn't want to quit, I just wasn't sure I could hang that much closer and the extra month would give me time to decide whether or not to keep subbing. Playing Sons made me realize I can hang longer :p
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  7. ReggieLightning New Player

    Im unsure about coming back...
  8. Burnt New Player

    I couldn't help it, "Renewed vigor" made me laugh lol :D
  9. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    No I get it, most of us wont shy away from giving our opinions about how we feel, positive or negative (more often negative)

    In my case, I look at the quality of the content that was released over the past year (DLC4-8) and then I look back at the content that was released prior and see a HUGE downgrade...Going from the Batcaves and FOS raids to the HoF ops and Home Turf was just bad.

    When DLC 7 was released we finally got some challenging content, albeit not exactly what we wanted, but at least initially we were excited about it until we realized the time/reward wasnt there...Then the last DLC just didnt have much for us and it rubbed all of us (and many of our friends) the wrong way so a majority of us took a break

    DLC 9 is going to have to turn out well to determine if most of us will come back regularly, at least until the next "big group content" DLC
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  10. sAssyCc Well-Known Player

    The last dlc wasn't anything to me other than easy feat points ~ Wave and Nexus are two reasons I still play on some of my toons (got to get those TT styles for both stances) ~ Wave I actually still enjoy running after 5.5 months ~
  11. ARI ATARI New Player

    sons of trigon did the opposite, most of my friends list disappeared in response to it.

    sure its quick feats, but it wasn't really worth sticking around for.
  12. T20thoughts New Player

    I was getting tired of the game before Trigon, but stuck around because Trigon was promising. And it was fun for a bit... But then I finished the Trigon content. After having grinded away at Origin Crisis missions since they came out, and without anything to work towards other than more stats and having a minor chance at pugging Paradox Wave (which I still haven't done, since my league pretty much never tried it), I simply decided to take another hiatus.

    In a perfect world, Trigon would've been out at the same time as Origin Crisis. I get why it wasn't, but, well, OC and Trigon actually do form a great fifth-tier set of challenges. Trigon just came out too late, after I'd already gotten tired of OC.
  13. Playhard Well-Known Player

    My league has dried up and so has my friends list mainly because this game has devolved into a lottery. Everything is based off of luck and completely driven off buying replay badges. What finally got me is that it's completely "random" to get the weapon I really want to play with. And, there's no way any rational person is going to believe the devs don't hold back on items just to generate more replays. This coupled with the other games coming out means most of my friends are gone for good.
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  14. Zuse Loyal Player

    never left the game in the first place
  15. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    OC did absolutely nothing for me, and still doesn't - but that could be the players, not the content ("need xxx for Nexus - 100cr, no noobs" shouts and horror stories of people being kicked / abused for not knowing the content).

    Trigon was fun, but then I got bored of my controller so went to FF. Then I decided to create a celestial character, and haven't looked back.....but I'm starting to sour on the players again, so who knows.

    All the great content in the world won't help if the players are wankers.
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  16. LaughingRiot Well-Known Player

    It brought some people back, however I think that now doing the solo content and the Duo's is getting stale. Unless Game Update 31 bring something exciting, we'll see a significant increase in the game when DLC 10 launches.
  17. HardlineHero Committed Player

    Never left but SOT has put some fun back into the game.
  18. Little Creep New Player

    Omg, seppuku is SO awesome at this game. We get it already, stop crying or quit already. If the game were catered to you and your league, Soe would be bankrupt.
  19. LisaLoeb New Player

    Oh my, lol.
  20. Greenman_x Steadfast Player


    We have never claimed to be "SO awesome", ever...Where in that post did I say anything remotely close to that? The content in DLCs 4-8 has been sub par, period and anybody that says otherwise is just trying to cover up for the Devs

    Hand of Fate ops were too easy and were poorly designed, Home Turf was the worst DLC in terms of playable content released so far, DLC 7 had severe loot issues combined with unfair mechanics and DLC 8 offered nothing for the people that were able to beat DLC 7...We give our feedback, and make sure we are vocal about it whenever something comes out because we dont want to see the same mistakes being made over and over

    Dont get your panties in a bunch because we dont agree with every decision the devs make...Seeing the same things over and over, the attempts to force us to spend replays, the terrible loot system (that they did fix), the bad DLC releases, the refusal to address problems in specific powersets (Earth specifically) has gotten under our skin...As a whole, weve been around for 3 years, and probably wont be going anywhere for a long time, so get used to the complaints.