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    The "villain side is nicer/more mature" thing is a myth. I play regular on both sides on USPC and I get equal irritation from people both times. Griefing isn't faction specific either. Neither is skill.

    Lower population seems to warp people's perception of these things, but the reality is that the whole game is one big community. You're getting the same people on both of them.
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  2. evil keebler elf Well-Known Player

    In my past experience, ive noticed villains are worse then hero's. Granted that both sides have a-holes but for me, villains have more on their side
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    I disagree with this. Horde has always been the pricks and Alliance people tend to be very helpful, especially to new players. As a matter of fact i never met any trolls on the Alliance side during my stint in WoW.

    Anyways i notice this theme as well. Hero side is jammed with trolls and people who spam the Trade chat with garbage while you only ever encounter a few of those kinds of scum on the Villain side and luckily they seem to be solo-operators (not counting the amoebas who encourage them)
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    This. There are jerks and nice people on both sides.
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    I have just slightly more toons on the villain side than hero, because I have noticed that villians seem to be slightly more helpful to each other. That said - I have noticed some world class dbaggery in chat on both sides.

    I do find that hero toons are far more likely to go to villain leveling areas and troll / harass / interrupt the game play for villains. On PvE server. Don't get me wrong, I've seen villains do it while I'm playing a hero too, but I see it far more common (especially lately, the idea seems to be spreading) for heroes to be outright jackals to villains playing to level. I think it's wrong- if you want to interact directly with players of the opposite side in a game effecting manner- GO PLAY ON PvP SERVER.

    On that same note, I have also noticed that when a hero is doing that to low level villains on the PvE server, if the player asks for help in chat about it, they usually get advice on how to handle it, or someone comes to try to deal with that hero.

    However, on the HERO side, if a player speaks up about it, they get called endless names, ragged on, insulted, and told to stop QQ and go play something else. I mean, Good Guys? Not so much.

    However, there's definitely chat channel numbnuggets on both sides.
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    "older" ?
    Once the racing stripes on my walker dry, I'm gonna' (hack cough wheeze) give you such a thrashing! And get off my lawn!
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    I'm sure the ratio is still the same.
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    I have left Leagues due to A..holes. If only one person is mean to me however they choose him cause he's beast at DPS or what ever and I don't want to play with him so I leave the League. I use to have fights with the guy named Steeltitan back when Dualing started he was pretty drunk half the time and every time he would get mad and say Blocking was not cool in a Duel yet every time I did I would win the fight. We were both Fire Tank. Tank battle would last a long time back then.