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    Here is a few things that some people may wish for things to change about the game but are highly, highly unlikely due to staff shortages on the team and technology at their disposal.

    1. A big power rebalance patch
    Over time we can probably see smaller, impactful things to the way skills are. Look back to how they are now changing word of power to give 8% crit rate insted of 0.8%.
    We can see small adjustments but time and effort on powers would probably be low on the list. Balance takes a long time. Sure it maybe needed but it wont come for a long, long time.

    2. Reworks to omnibus and its mechanics (If i say a certain word everyone will lose their collective minds)
    Lets just... Move past it. As much of us dont like it and for many different reasons, just leave it. If It is better for the game and will be for a long time.

    3. PvP
    PvP is just dead. Without proper care for it, artifact balances, power balances, a renewed purpose for it... It will not come back. It will take to much resources to redo, resources that DB may not have.

    4. New maps similar to Metro/Gotham.
    I mean big maps, DLC sized maps we will get almost every DLC. But anything more will probably not come back. It would be nice to have a zone in open world with end game level enemies or even DLC content based on empty areas around Metro/Gotham but no, Chances are slim to none.

    5. New powers.
    Just no. Never say never though. Just dont get your hopes up. They take to much time, effort and thought with balancing.

    6. Account transfers/Account tethering
    Chances of linking your accounts so you can play on 1 account across all your devices is... low, very low. Though it would be one of the best improvements the game could do, it would be unlikely to happen.

    7. Server Merges
    Merging EU, NA, Other servers together. While it would be good population wise, with the extended downtimes the servers have on a regular basis, it would be murder for X time zone. (Switch users will never see anyone again if they merged. Load times for hours lol)

    8. Feat removal from TCs
    Its a big revenue maker. You still buy time capsules. If you stopped then maybe they would see your point. But if it isnt broke for them, why would they change?

    9. Iconic styles from a Show/Comic/Movie
    Chances are slim if not 0. Stop asking for a superman emblem. You probably wont get it again.

    10. Ease of access to older feats.
    By this i mean feats being handed out to those over levelled. This is not a game problem. This is a community problem. The community is selfish and most of the end game players care for only themselves. This is not a DB issue, its a community issue.

    11. Census
    Never say never. Please come back :c I doubt it will but it is a great tool to use. Any 3rd party tool for DCUO that helps you plan your feats, styles, stats etc is good imo. Wish we had access to something like that on the website itself

    And many more...
    Never say never... but these are highly unlikey
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    Steven always get me chuckling lol
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    The whole community agrees with 99% of this post. Unfortunately you’re right, highly unlikely.
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    I disagree with the 9th.

    Why those who didn't have the Superman Emblem should be quiet?

    It's unfair. everybody didn't have the luck to connect to the game during the availability of the emblems (80th Anniversary, BVS), whatever the reason that prevented them to access it. Otherwise, DCUO should remove those emblems to all players who have them, like that, everybody is at the same level !!! (But for real, it should be a suicide for the staff).

    Though, players who don't have them should keep asking to DCUO's staff to get them. (It's worked one time by the way...)
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    I am trying to figure out the point of this board. You basically just told most of the posters to stop posting. So why come here at all?

    Regardless, maybe a lot of this would go away if a Dev would comment. For example, if the Superman symbol can't come back because of licensing issues, then just say that. Then going forward the regulars will have that to reference when someone asks. If the devs will absolutely not look at the omnibus, then how hard would it be for Mepps to just say "Sorry gang, this is a non-starter right now". I have at least seen in some powers threads where people posted that the devs said it is unlikely, but I haven't seen them comment on the others.

    But ultimately this thread won't stop some of the postings because those happen from hew players that won't see this thread. They play DCUO, have issues, and come here to ask/rant about them.

    Lastly, you speak with authority as though all of these issues are off the table. Are you a dev? Can you site where the devs said "no" to these? Are you suggesting that any thread that the devs don't respond to is a "No" from them? Is it that hard for people to just ignore threads about topics they don't care about? If everyone was on the same page, these threads would just die after a few "I agree" posts. But they don't because people have differing opinions, which I would think, is the point of a board like this. And for all I know, the devs are reading some of these debates and taking them into consideration.

    If the devs truly want any of these listed to stop being brought up, please post it.
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    I would like 6 and 11. And removal of that gatekeeping solo for Metal I which is impossible for some characters. Other than that, I'm fine.
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    i post this because in some form or another, the devs have said that some of these will be unlikely.
    PvP is from my own accord because not only will it need adjustments of powers, artifacts, allies etc it would be a waste to do so for such a small part of the community who actually do pvp.

    The Census has been broken for a while and to my knowledge, i have seen nothing about it that seems like it could be coming back or even being worked on to be introduced to 3rd parties.

    New powers wont come because they take a long time to balance, make, animate, think of unique features and in general implement into the game without making it the best p2w asset or worst waste of money.

    I often see so many people ask for superman emblems, old batman movie emblems and the reality of it is.. They will probably not be added. Lots of things go into the legal side of it and DCUO have to request to DC to do so. BvS pack was up for what? like a few days? a week? before it was taken down. The 80th was limited and is now gone. Those who have obtained them will keep them. You forget that both DC and DCUO want to make money from said things so its hard to justify giving someone the rights, purchasing the rights if only a small %% of players will purchase.

    Most posters dont understand that things are not as simple as "ask and you shall recieve". The dev team is alot smaller now, and given they are using old tech/software for the game, its hard to find people with experience for the specifics they need.

    I dont speak with authority. I say it as a recap of things that have been said or implied over the few months. As i said. "Never say never". I could be completely wrong with all of it and if i am, i will gladly take that because i know that if some of these came to life then it would make the game better to play for everyone, not just a small part of the community.

    I dont plan to stop people from posting. They can post all they like. I just dont want people to waste their time, asking for new things that are highly unlikely and save them the disapointment of hearing nothing back on the suggestions.
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