Hard Light Weapons Pack?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by April Fool, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. April Fool New Player

    Do you guys think they will ever add it? and how do you think it will work? will Villians get Yellow ones and Heroes get Green ones? do you think it will be in the same pack and auto attune to your mortality? Post your comments below! i wanna know!
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  2. Darkness New Player

    I think eventually they will. They already have the Nature (organic), Earth (tectonic), Fire (fiery) and Electric (voltaic) weapon sets and the Sorcery and Gadgets are coming in the next update. So I think it is safe to assume that they will bring out HL weapons set in the future.
  3. zColdFire New Player

    Yeah they probably will. They already have Ice, Fire, Mental, Nature, And Earth. In GU 24 they are having Sorcery, and Gadget weapon packs they did look pretty sweet.
  4. 13igtyme Loyal Player

    You can just get the fos3 weapons or the ones from the ops and make them yellow.
  5. StrayWolf New Player

    I think maybe but consider "Light powers" aren't inherant as they are from a ring's powers. I can appreciate this fact for the sake of DC Universe continuity, but on the same note, a lantern using a real weapon vs a light constructed one seems silly. I think ultimately for the sake of fairness it should be so.
  6. Statman New Player

    They teased something about it when showing off the sorcery and gadget based weapons in the latest webcast. They didn't mention it directly, but they teased it. I can't recall the exact quote.
  7. Kroye Loyal Player

    +1, I'd love to see light-themed weapons (light the one I heard about but never actually saw, in beta)
  8. Ikyotojin Committed Player

    The preview of the magic pack already has me sold. Add in light based and they have a pair of packs I can see using with almost every character I have.
  9. Rebelyon New Player

    They will give you Light weapon pack...once they implement Green Auras in game ;)
  10. WorldsDown New Player

    How so? It makes perfect sense... instead of a lantern running around with (lets just say) demonic inspired dual pistols, he can run around with light construct dual pistols (a mini-construct, if you will). The light construct weapons in the Green Lantern game were surprisingly fun to use, even though Hal Jordan sometimes felt like Kratos while swinging around dual mace constructs.
  11. recespieces31 New Player

    Well, there are Ice, Earth, Fire, Mental, Gadget (coming), Nature, Electric, and Sorcery (coming) inspired weapons

    By my calculations, that is 8 powerset inspired weapons out of the 9 total powersets...therefore, my hypothesized conclusion is that Light powerset inspired weapons will be coming as well
  12. Omnilegion New Player

    if they put hardlight weapons before a green aura, ill dropkick my mum out of sheer confusion
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  13. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    aren't all your powers technically weapons?
  14. Nitefelina New Player

    Runic weapons?
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  15. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    Use the texture/glow thingy from the hand of fate weapons on older weapon styles and I think it would look cool. I'd totally use a bat staff with that texture.
  16. StrayWolf New Player

    Oh no I meant I agree that light constructed weapons makes more sense for a lantern to use than actual physical weapons.

    Like why use those demonic dual pistols when you already have something so much better infinitely built into your own powers.
  17. X-zero Loyal Player

    Every set has had two weapons before so the final set probably will include green light pack and a yellow light pack since you can't just recolor the weapons you buy. Wonder how many people will end of buying the wrong light set by accident if I am right.

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