Hard Light: Thoughts?

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  1. It'sEPIC New Player

    So I am currently Nature and I just wanted to switch to HL to try something new, because I've never really been HL ever since revamp. How is it for DPS? Is it decent? I was also wondering about its trolling efficiency. Is it also decent?
  2. Isif Committed Player

    Trolls are basically the same. Knowing how trolling works makes them interchangeable. HL has its admirers. I believe that it is said that true efficiency with it, is knowing how to clip properly.
  3. Mazahs Loyal Player

    If you want to clip headlight is for you, if your not a fan of clipping then no it won't do very well.
    In terms of DPS strength, if you understand what combo clips to do in various scenarios its better than good. Single target range damage above par, melee damage above par, range multi target is on par.
    It can be totally self reliant more than most powers when no troller is present as a dps. You clip away your power quite quickly but can easily do a short combo of LB>Mini Guns and your good to go when in a pinch.

    Trolling is fine with w/ hardlight. You can actually do hybrid quite well since you have some quick construct combos or weapon attacks.
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  4. RLManuel Committed Player

    HL dps is great, if you know what to do...
  5. Mighty Committed Player

    HL is above average at melee and at range, and great on single target. If you click the link in my sig you can see an example of some combo rotations I like to use. It's definitely a power-hungry approach, and if you don't clip, the damage is "meh." It's fine for trolling, definitely check out Obsidian Chill and Kuroki Ono/Spoken For's YouTube trolling videos to set you up there. Any questions feel free to hit me up here or by dm.
  6. It'sEPIC New Player

    Ok, thank you all for the feedback. I appreciate it. I will practice my clips and practice HL trolling. Thank you all once again.
  7. It'sEPIC New Player

    Thank you, I will ask some questions if I have any extra. HL looks like an enjoyable power.