Hard Light Happiness?

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  1. Saybro Committed Player

    Anyone getting chompers missing adds? Is it a cone or aoe move?
  2. matth431 Level 30

    OK, my DPS has never been great but is in the tank since revamp. However, googling some HL DPS guides I came across something I never knew (casual player, just assumed I was crap) - that combos were Precision-based as they counted as weapon attacks. Is this still the case post-revamp as I still rely on comboing a lot to keep flexible in my loadout? Might explain why my combos aren't doing much since I specced Might for preference (though am Hybrid rather than Superpowered so my Dominance is boosted for CC powers).

    ETA: Ignore - revamp FAQ says Might affects combos now so must just be me. :(

    I normally Chompers, Ram (Combo SnapTrap, Combo Fan, Combo Claws X 5, repeat) but don't seem to DPS anywhere near as hard as others.
  3. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Lot's of choices for you
    Melee with spread out adds: PI >power ram combo whip >clip Power Whip combo whip> clip power ram (repeat till PI wears off)
    Melee close group adds: PI > Power Chainsaw combo chainsaw (till power is off cooldown) > Power chainsaw (repeat till PI wears off)
    Range with Adds: PI > Power Ram >combo fan >clip Power ram (repeat until PI wears off)

    Single target...Have a good one, but it's POWA HUNGRY and thanks to Brice Allen for this one specifically

    Not saying this is the end all be all mother of all rotations, but seem to work well for me
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  4. Sixfiguredice Well-Known Player

    You get the best of both worlds playing light after revamp. Little bit of comboing with clipping. Dps wise Light & Nature are beast. Plus power regeneration is actually better then most power sets after revamp especially in superpowered tree. I always have the highest power while other dps struggle. I still haven't been beat on light, so yes happiness indeed.
  5. matth431 Level 30

    Power regen isn't as nice as good burn against bosses though - I'm not a tank so can't take the hits. A trio of adds in the Tier 7 duos (I'm CR151sp78) will kill me if I don't get a good hit in first and nail them all with Chompers.

    I have figured part of the issue - they removed CC effects from Combos, so my Ram->Fan->Light Claws old standby isn't gonna stun/hold the NPCs like it once did, meaning I take more hits than before.

    I'm doing about 2000 damage on the dummies with Ram after Chompers is up. Not sure if that's good or bad. Might is in the high 7k range.
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  6. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Rrwpec to Superpowered and you'll see a large difference.
    As for the Dom, dont go for it wether your troll or DPS. It wont help you out either way
  7. matth431 Level 30

    Is there some mechanic about SP over Hybrid I'm not seeing? Because both get the same 10% to Might and Power isn't an issue for me usually so I preferred to get the +5% buffs to Dom, Vit and Resto. Beyond those base mechanics, the gains from skill points are the same aren't they? So beyond giving me more Power to use, why would Superpowered actually up my damage?

    ETA: I stuck Reflective Shield in my loadout instead of Triage and survivability has gone up. I'm also trying a rotation of Chompers, Fan, Impact, Minigun which seems to keep me alive better while still doing decent DPS compared to my previous loadout.
  8. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Well unless you ade doing 50/50 tray power/weapon than Superpowered is qay to go. The rest is not useful to a dps (vit dom resto) until you maxxed the damage traits.

    Try my rotations, youll see a buge boost. For more info pm me and I'll give melee adds spread/ melee add tight / range + melee and single target to ya