Hard Light Happiness?

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  1. Mighty Committed Player

    150 probably doesn't even get you close, tbh. You can still use all the combos. For example I use a lot of chainsaw and ram-whip, entrap-swing, and snaptrap, and grasping hand in my alerts/dailies. In raids I tighten it up for maximum dps but I'll still use combo lightblast/minigun for doing damage while on the move. Your combos should be hitting for much, much more than 300 and 400, though. What's your might?
  2. Greenchain Well-Known Player

    I know you weren't asking me but if I can chime in with my feed back to the question.

    292 SP not fully modded yet 200CR. Have Starro Mask, both OP rings and UB. Have Waist and Back from AOJ. Might is at 15.7 K.
    Gen mods are now Might SF.

    Been trying lots of different items. Had Inspiration but not anymore. Use LWS for my PI and SC gen. Have tried Fan through MG/Ram then refreshing LWS. Had Chainsaw x3-4 then clip Fan. Today for giggles put BG on to do dailies with. I can't recall all what else I have tried.

    As noted above, the cast and 1st combo seem to hit ok (3-4K range with 5k crits, 4-5k melee with 6-8k crits had one BG hit for 11k) but any "taps" after that esp melee drop by about 50% even though the PI is still up. Its almost like the ramp up with the old AM but a ramp down instead. If I clip to another tray cast, the cycle restarts but this can then leave me literally powerless. I have about 24k power base.

    Maybe I just haven't found right combos, chains or clips yet or am just doing something wrong. Still got some modding and gear to get. Correct me if I'm wrong but having a higher IL weapon will not help with PftT. My current weapon equipped is 171.
  3. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

  4. Mighty Committed Player

    Yup item level on your weapon doesn't really matter anymore, beyond the small stat increase you get with better stuff. Try this: drop LWS and replace it with chompers. Chompers does more damage and costs less power. Then for your bread-and-butter setup, cast ram and combo into fan and repeat ten times, clipping construct fan with ram. For best results spend a few hours a week in front of the sparring targets trying to clip fan off as quickly as possible while still registering damage with it. That setup should be very solid damage-wise.
  5. Mighty Committed Player

    Also it's worth noting because I've seen YouTuber guides with this in it -- do NOT use robot sidekick with light. Pets nerf your power regen. With a full might/power SP spec, power genny mods, and modding a might-power into the yellow might affinity socket in your gear, and by using colas for power and not buffs, HL DPSes can manage their own power pretty well in a two-troll setup. However the moment you break that RSK out, you've just handicapped yourself. Do not use RSK.
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  6. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    As a player who was around back then,
    As a player who has watched and enjoyed a great many of your you tube videos and caught an occasional stream;
    As a player who watched Kaiser's solo DPS three Troll clipping extravaganza

    You got one part wrong brother, light players, who found a way to eesientally break the game are the ones who brought about the WM / AM decision not the people who wanted to keep up whinny or otherwise.

    If no massive deviation existed there would not have been such a correction.

    HL on brother
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  7. Taerie Active Player

    we're just lucky they haven't implemented busy signals - as that's the only way to effectively tune and balance damage output in a sustainable, consistent way - would make it quite meh.
  8. SparkmanX Committed Player

    [IMG] I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks so. Unfortunately, irresponsibly abusing the Hard Light clip will become the norm again, which will lead us to have problems with the trollers and the devs will have to go back to the cycle of correcting the power issue again
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  9. SparkmanX Committed Player

    I like to play using my combos and watching the animation; However I must admit that I can do that in the solos and duos, but in the raids is another story.

    The only thing that worries me is that the players abuse the clip irresponsibly putting in problems to the rest of the grup since the troller has to give power to a single player constantly (like old times)

    In my opinion, if the clip is used in a calculated and prudent way it makes more profit in order to complete the instance successfully and without causing much stress
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  10. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    I played with mine today, i enjoyed finally having the ability to feed back into my boxing infinite from minigun, used to be a dead end for me. The boxing infinite still works in that you can easily stay powered up while using it but its a weak infinite.

    Lws+Handclap is pretty damn strong but I cant keep my power up. Especially since I dont use any infinite connected to it and just keep recasting. Might be boring but its ranged, has nice visual, nice sound, and i never used it before lol.

    Everything from assault tree was very power hungry. I would never not use boxing but i have empty spots to fill.

    Also why the hell doesnt HL have a finisher? Again i got empty slots to fill and I love finishers in revamp.

    I'll say it again. I think infinite links should be done away with. It should play more like the other combos. Having certain moves tied to certain moves is holding it back, and has this power set in a mess if you dont use certain powers. Aka why is boxing garbage and why does chainsaw drain u dry?
  11. Char Well-Known Player

    Isn't Light Blast a finisher? Or are you talking about something else?
  12. TheDrone Well-Known Player

    So, I'll get all extreme with you here. They should remove clipping. All clipping. Everywhere in the game. Remove all clipping from everything. It's dumb. It's cheesy. It's annoying. Not more 20% of the population even knows what clipping is. So, you're right. We can't have clipping and infinite combos. So, what gives you authority to say that clipping is better and the rest of us have to live with it? Would you be taking the same attitude if they went the other way and removed clipping entirely? Or would you be screaming about infinite combos being boring and you want clipping back? I'm guessing you'd be outraged.
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  13. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    God no...the combat would feel sluggish and boring.

    Also, you have no clue how much of the population knows how to clip and how many doesn't.
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  14. SparkmanX Committed Player

    You may not know the exact amount of players you know about clipping, but what we do know is that in the descriptions of each power ability it says absolutely nothing about clipping.

    The only thing I read in the description is that you can do more damage with the powers interaction or if the enemy has 35% below health

    I have never read that says: you have clipping to get more damage, or something like that.

    For me, clipping is only part of the meta-game and devs had to take that into account. I doubt very much that the person in charge of the design of Hard Light thought that this power was going to be used that way, but in the end this is how it is used, at least among the hardcore players .

    Honestly we can not do anything about it. Now what was done, was done. Apparently, this is the way things are now.

    My opinion, the devs had no idea what to do with Hard light and in the end they made the most comfortable decision they could find to try to make everything balanced. And that's it,

    Not even bothered to make it more efficient in the role of troll so at least what we are not interested in the dps clipping fiesta we can opt to enter the instances as an interesting and attractive controller. We still have to jump to cancel a simple de-buff :mad: .... And we still have a de-buff melee that must be clipped so we will not get killed :mad: .... I mean ... MAN, COME ON!, They could do something better than that.
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  15. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    We might have differing opinions regarding the DPS side of Light but we agree on the Troller side. They should have put the Defense Debuff and SC Generator in one power (Light Weight Strike). Light Blast should not be a debuff. Whip Thrash should not be a debuff. Those powers make zero sense to be a debuff. :\
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  16. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    I simply do not find HL fun anymore. I especially find having HL in the group stresses out the support roles significantly. I see no reason to group with clip spammers anymore. You wanna spam your powers, be responsible, otherwise you will quickly learn the shape of italy
  17. Mighty Committed Player

    Brice have you seen the trick where you can debuff with whip at full range? Obsidian included it in his troll video. Doesn't help with power costs but it beats lightblast jump cancelling.
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  18. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    HL became the go to power in t5 because of damage at range. OC and HL is the reason for u36. Pre t4 HL was ok, but any ice and any power using ss was wrecking hl on ps server. Just some info. Fyi I use to run with Potent. The player who figured out jump canceling hl. Just wanted to put that out there
  19. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Yeah I seen it man. I just think they should have put the Defense Debuff on Lightweight Strike. It would have been perfect. HL would then have a safe Defense Debuff and Heal Debuff that didn't need clipping or jump canceling.
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  20. Mighty Committed Player

    You and me both. Kinda feel like, honestly, all the troll SCG should be defense debuffs.
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