Hard Light Happiness?

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  1. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    This is what you get when you get testers that are biased towards themselves and their buddies, SCREW everyone else. You would not believe how much some players had to kick and scream to get what HL has for balance across the boards right now. The CC & Damage definitely needs to be adjusted.
  2. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    I tried and so did others. It's not over yet.
  3. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Perfect balance will never be possible, were clip madness can produce the highest dmg fastest its also true your power bar will empty just as fast, infinite combos allow you to give your troll and yourself a little regen break. Hl is unique in the fact you dont have to change your loadout for heavy power usage and conservation.
  4. Goddesssilver Well-Known Player

    Clipping is actually intended said one of the developers he said it's not cheating it was intended. Cant remember what post it is but someone plz find and post his quote I saw it posted just a few days ago.
  5. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    The people who state that "clipping is cheating", is the reason why the disastrous AM and WM were implented in the first place
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  6. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    I'm for people being able to clip and im all for people being able to infinite chain. They need to be closer together. This was the point of the revamp. Balance.
  7. Mighty Committed Player

    They can't balance infinite combos and clipping. They had to make a choice. They chose the option that resonates with more players. You want to infinite combo, nobody is stopping you. Just like nobody is stopping you from picking up a different power and putting together any ridiculous loadout you can think of. But wanting to just pick up a power and play it exactly the way you want to play it and have it be beast, that was never an option. If you don't like it, they gave you a free respec token. There's always munitions if you want to stand around and hit one button every four seconds.

    The whiney, entitled "meeeeh these people want to make me clip to be good, meeeeeehhhhh they're elitists, meeeeeehhhhh," that's EXACTLY what lead to AMs and WM.
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  8. The Horn'd One Well-Known Player

    While I do mourn the loss of WM combos, I like that now I can use the Iconic Power Light Shield along with the Absorption Adapter shield on my weapons. The grind for the higher damage weapons is a little easier now.
    What bites is the 2nd tier Hybrid bonuses. 40 sp for EACH?! Then another 175 for the others? YEESH.
  9. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    all I can say is, I will not put up with power spammers that sap the support roles power for the sole purpose of having the highest dps. Those dps will be swiftly removed from the group.

    If you can clip responsibly, maintain good dps, and not be a burden on the group, for sure, go clip heavy, but from my 6 years of playing DCUO, Clip heavy users were always a burden on the group. This remains true to this day.

    You wanna be a burden, go ahead, but do it somewhere where trolls don't mind being your personal battery and heals/tank don't mind sitting there starving for some power out while you sit there and do your thing. /flex

    (Clip responsibly, My friends)

    I like clipping and I also like maintaining combos, I find it fun and many others do to. I don't find it boring to maintain an infinite combo, especially now that we have access to every single combo, I find it incredibly fun, way more so than before.

    The revamp was supposed to be about options and all of them being viable competitive solutions. That's why they did a revamp, instead of just removing AM/WM and CR differential.

    You say balance can't be done, but it really only needs slight tweaking and it's right on point.

    If Infinite combo is meant to be non-competitive and purely for novelty, it should probably be removed entirely because it doesn't fit in with the theme of the revamp, as no other power has a vestigial organ about it, so why should hardlight?

    also you really need to come up with better arguments than calling people "cry babies" and "if they don't like it they can go pound sand with Earth", because they don't prefer your style. That's childish.

    i like clipping

    I like Chaining

    I support both.

    /end wall of text
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  10. DarthSupes31 New Player

    Absolutely on point, couldnt have said it better. If i cant heal anyone do to dps trying damage chase then those people shall be shown Italy.....
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  11. SixSigma Well-Known Player

    Exactly my point in wondering how the community felt. I'm not saying this is a strong representation of the HL community as a whole but I feel that only one side of the community is being represented by the recent change.

    Side note, I do agree wholeheartedly with your wall of text.
  12. Mighty Committed Player

    We've beaten both elites since revamp, no gorilla cheese, so it's really not a big deal. If other people are having power issues because of hard light guy clipping combos, that's 100% on the rest of the group, because I've seen a half-dozen different groups of people play with that type of HL guy on the team and they were completely fine on power. There are loadouts that you can run and switch up depending on the group, and rotations within those loadouts that can let you throttle appropriately. That's awesome, no other power can really do that, and no power feels the way light does when played fast. Sorry that hurts your feelings, but if you want to play channels, there are plenty of channel powers. As to your other nonsense, I'm not a dev, I'm just repeating what I've been told about clipping and balance and power costs. Light is a difficult power to balance and they did a great job at bringing back the old school feel, making it competitive, but not making it broken and OP. But while we're critiquing arguments, feel free to stop lumping an entire playstyle and the players who enjoy it into one negative type. Light is power-hungry, but with two trolls it's perfectly fine, everyone has enough juice.

    I never told you to qq, you're probably projecting a bit there. If it makes you feel any better I'm sorry that your feelings are hurt because the devs brought light back to its roots as a skill-intensive power, and not the rollface snore-fest of hold triangle spam. Like I said, there's lots of stuff out there that still plays that way.
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  13. Mighty Committed Player

    If you're running out of power, that's 100% on you. I've never seen a healer on live or on test run out of power because there's a HL on the team.
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  14. Mighty Committed Player

    I know HLs who are coming back to the game because of the update. I have a half-dozen leaguemates who switched their troll alt to HL. You're not seeing those people here because they're not whining on the forums about how they're not represented. The revamp was Wednesday. The time to actually jump in and test and chime in has passed.
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  15. SixSigma Well-Known Player

    I fully understand that people came back to play HL because it's back to pre-GU36 but I know half a dozen as well who just switched powers because of the changes who never liked clipping in the first place. But you don't really see the point...

    Pretty sure you just don't really understand what's going on as a whole because the bubble you live in wasn't really affected by the stat update.

    The point is that the changes to HL weren't as transparent as other powers. I don't recall on the forums (since I couldn't play on test server) any mentioning that the combo-ability of the power was going to be severely nerfed. We were told that we were going to be able to play the way we want to play and that the powers are getting a real balance. I do recall them noting that clipping was coming back (which is great to get some players on board), but they never said that the combo portion wouldn't be balanced as well. Now if I'm wrong and this was mentioned on the forum I'm sorry for being mistaken and not seeing it sooner. Had I seen it sooner then I would have chimed in.

    Also, you do realize that the devs are asking for feedback post stat update... so you understand, that means that the "time to actually jump in and chime in" has not passed.
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  16. Mighty Committed Player

    The construct combos were not nerfed. Light lost its AM boost for being in the combos. This was extremely transparent. Every other powerset lost its AM boosts as well. The construct combos do similar, if not more relative damage now than they did pre GU36. Moreover, the construct combos doing competitive damage would either require that they all cost 200-300 power AND be non-clippable, that's the point that y'all continue to fail to understand. The construct combos cannot be buffed and cost 100 power and be clippable. Period.

    I'm sorry that while this was on test for months, and the discussion was open for months, that you, in your bubble, failed to learn about the future of your powerset. But that's on you.
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  17. GRIZIM New Player

    Wierd.. I don't use any power when I clip.. and when I get interrupted or do whatever my power comes back immediately
  18. SixSigma Well-Known Player

    Obviously the AM bonus damage was removed, that was kinda said all over the place and that was great. I said earlier that all they needed to do was have the construct combos actually cost power. I never said to keep the combo a low cost, just keep the combo a viable option in damage compared to clipping and keep the same power cost per move. It's okay for it cost power, and it should cost power...

    Also, keeping the damage chain-able DOESN'T mean it has to be non-clippable, that's the point that YOU continue to fail to understand. I never said that the construct combos should be buffed AND cost 100 power, that would be broken and ridiculous.
  19. SixSigma Well-Known Player

    It should cost you power. Are you sure you're not chaining a combo? If you're using the construct combo then you're right, it wouldn't cost you much power. Clipping isn't the same as a construct combo.
  20. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    I thought both ways would be viable, not just 1. The point of the combos I guess is to still do some damage while you regen power back while still using your power like a lantern would as opposed to using weapon attacks.

    My primary issue is I don't fully understand the revamp as a whole and as a HL dps primary player, where do I put my stat points? What powers can I use on my loadout? Can I use any I want? I watched a few videos and saw someone saying to use chompers, into the fan combo then clipped with ram. Do the fan into ram clip 9 times and then chompers again. I was like what? After all these changes thats what we get? Fan clipped into ram 9 times in a row? Is that a joke?
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