Hard Light Happiness?

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  1. SixSigma Well-Known Player

    I just wanted to know what other people feel about what happened to Hard Light? I don't care so much about losing AM but I thought the power was going to still be able to be combo'd effectively to keep up in damage with other powers. Instead it went back to being a clip only power. I feel like it's a step back and doesn't hold true to the "play how you want to play" mantra that was said over a year ago. Hopefullly the devs can include a way to allow both clipping and combo playstyles be equivalent to each other.

    Thoughts from the community?
  2. Mighty Committed Player

    Infinite combos were an awful bore to play, an insult to people who had been light since before GU36, and the death of their usefulness on Wednesday is one of, if not the greatest moment in the history of the powerset. Boo infinite combos.
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  3. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    So that's 1 vote for "undecided" :D
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  4. SixSigma Well-Known Player

    I've played before GU36 also and it wasn't bad but it was just as boring with clipping. The point I meant was that it would have been nice to be able to flow into multiple combos and be effective since they removed power points. I'm not saying it wasn't boring to be stuck on the same combo, but it's just as boring to do the same clipped moves. With all the moves unlocked I was able to flow into different combo variants across different ranges and that was really fun... then I realized that it was only doing half the damage it should be doing.

    Overall, I'm glad that clippers get their HL back pre-GU36 but I wish it would still retain the damage from transitioning combos. All they needed to do was just remove the power back and have it so the combo does cost power.
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  5. Destiny Shark New Player

    Hi, I'll star with this, my cr is 188 and I have 130 skill points. I've been using this power for 2 years and I understand the unfair part of the infinite combo but with this update my power drains with every combo and to regenerate power we must defeat the enemy we are fighting but my power is gone even before I put a dent on the enemies hp bar. I think It's unfair that each hit of the chainsaw or the claws makes us lose power, power drain should happen everytime we chain up the combo not with every hit. So that's that I don't like Light powers anymore.
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  6. Mighty Committed Player

    I think for the time being, I'd say spec as much power as you can get without lowering your might. Get those SF power mods in your generator and hang in there. Folks using chompers to set the pi, right? Stuff like power fun, entrap and hand clap need to be dropped if you're struggling for power.
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  7. CassUV Well-Known Player

    Infinite combos aren't viable thinking about high Damage. Infinite combo results in high damage loss. I also thinks that, or remove completely the infinite combo or make it viable like clip and others ways of do great damage. Allows infinite combo with low damage I don't see the point. Make it competitive or remove it, simple.
  8. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I'm finding over the course of a raid Mighty that Light Weight Strike is better for setting up the P.I than Chompers. Since the rate at which I get to my Strafing Run is noticeably quicker. However, I still haven't found anything better than LWS, Ram, Whip, Strafing Run as the load out. How about you man? Any luck?
  9. Taerie Active Player

    probably what youre finding, is that super charge generation from power or weapon attacks has been cut in half from what you're used to as of a few days ago

    even with the supercharge generator its 20% slower to a full bar than before

    and those aren't guesstimates
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  10. LePurr New Player

    So the bunch of people who are boo-ing the infinite combos are those who couldn't get them right and those who think it was unfair to use minimum of power while doing your loadout. Interesting.
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  11. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    Clipping is a bore as well as being an exploit of the games animations. Clipping is no less of an exploit / cheat than the monkey with the beach ball. Whether it's a little cheat or a big cheat it's still a cheat.

    I don't know how you are specking your points but.........
    You can combo all day long with HL with less than 130 SP.
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  12. Mighty Committed Player

    I liked chompers because of the 100 cost vs. 200 cost of LWS, and I found chompers to hit a little harder, too. I didn't do a side-by-side with supers, though, which is probably a good idea. Most stuff I'm ram-whip, ram-fan if I have to back up, and if there's just one target up I'll try to stack my single target dots. If I can melee and the ads are grouped tight, I'll throw in a chainsaw-tap-tap melee clipped with whip-whip/chainsaw~.

    Unfortunately I spent most of the last month testing other powers for our balance comparisons, so I didn't give the SC stuff a real exhaustive look. However ballistic assault is no slouch. I think the damage from three ballistic assualts is better than one strafing run, but I haven't tested BA since they adjusted the stats and total damage values down. The other catch with BA is it's incredibly fragile. Any kind of bump and the channel is over, so you really want to pick your spots with it. That and obviously you are locked in and can't DPS with BA in the background the same way you can with strafing run. You do get a chance to soak up some POT and power regen though. I also need to play around with NVB, which should be a pretty solid option, too.
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  13. Mighty Committed Player

    The devs have told me explicitly that the expectation with HL is that we will clip combos. It has been balanced power/damage-wise around that.
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  14. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Sorry, but no. Clipping is not cheating, are you for real? They made a dang playstyle, hybrid, just to play this way. This way on thinking is what gave us WM and AM, or easy mode and easier mode.

    What I don't like, clipping is not rewarded like it was. I very disappointed in that. I haven't found a weapon combo that matches the WM combo I use.
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  15. SixSigma Well-Known Player

    I'm pretty much in the same line of thought where why even bother keeping the combo mechanic if it's not a viable option of play at all. Really, I'd be less disappointed if they just our right removed it and made HL like any of the other powers. At least that way I wouldn't have been disillusioned with believing I could still play combos with a higher variety.

    For now I just went back to Gadgets. I'm able to play Gadgets like it was pre-GU36. Hopefully there are still more changes made and the option of HL combo-ing becomes a real option. I'm not saying they should remove clipping at all either, a lot of people enjoy that and I don't think that should be removed. I just hope the "mantra" of Play how you want is still on the table with the devs.
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  16. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    I am totally lost with the revamp. I thought the point was to make all the powers viable and usable to be able to have a lot of fun diversity in powers and play style. So far the videos I am watching show everyone basically doing the same stuff using just 2 powers over and over and talking about clipping etc. I have logged in each day since the revamp and look at my stats etc and have no clue what to do and log off. I loved this game but I don't even know what to do anymore. Its sad.
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  17. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    thank the testers.

    HL Combo damage is utter crap. They pushed really hard for clip heavy style and now its the only way to play Hard Light.

    So much for options.

    Iconic loadouts are stronger than HL's melee combo rotation.
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  18. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    so then what's the point of being able to combo infinitely? Balance is balance, not "hey we as testers like this better, so lets make this stronger!"

    that is not balance and that is testers/devs purposely neglecting a play style simply because they like one particular style over another.

    I've seen the HL clippers and they use wayyyyy too much power. Hogging it all. Then they get pissed when they can't get healed/ or the tank cant hold aggro because they sapped all the available power.

    Yeah, clipping style is great. /sarcasm
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  19. Mighty Committed Player

    I mean, maybe solitaire or free cell is more your speed? They can't balance infinite combos AND clipping. They made a choice. Not everyone will be happy with any decision, but they went back to a playstyle that was most-loved by most light players. Sorry, it's a more skills-based power now than hitting triangle every few seconds. Be as hostile as you want, people are excited at this change.
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  20. Mighty Committed Player

    HL melee does about 14.5 dps average over five 30-second parses. If you're struggling to hit that number, maybe time to hit the drawing board and come up with a fresh approach. Don't blame the testers for you not figuring out HL.
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