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    Hello everyone,

    so I switched to hard light and I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I’ve been using the loadout from might master thread. I was wondering what artifacts to use. I heared that clock grim and transformation/ solar is the way to go.
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    The might master thread is very helpful and has some great information! What kind of help would you like or need? I'm not consistently on the forums any longer but will try to check back over the next few days to see a response. I did create a guide on Light but have not consistently kept up with updating it since the stat revamp so their may be information helpful there but its still a work in process (without much time to update). I do still play regularly but with life and work I don't get on or log in to the forums as much.

    Loadout examples

    Great for boss fights
    Range - Grasping Hand, Hand Clap, Robot Sidekick Light Blast, Light Barrier, Neo Venom Boost (Heat Vision can be subbed for Light Blast or Light Barrier if preferred).

    Great for adds
    Melee - Whip Thrash, Light Weight, Robot Sidekick, Light Blast, Neo Venom Boost, Chainsaw

    - Chainsaw could be subbed out for Sonic Cry or Chompers if your not using Grim or if its lower ranked/leveled. If your Superspeed Whirling Dervish is a popular substitute too.

    - Using Armories to quickly swap between loadouts can be very helpful since Lights best AoE attacks are going to have you point blank at the enemy a lot of the time. They can also be helpful if you want to use different tactics with your artifacts and builds.

    Light Melee and Range single target can both use the same artifacts without a substantial loss depending on the powers that are used. I'll break down the three most popular that I've seen and then cover some substitutions. All artifacts apply a passive stat buff some are better than others.

    Transformation Card - Passive crit chance and crit magnitude buff at the cost of overall damage out. This pairs well with the Strategist Card since Strat works off of crits.

    Strategist Card - Has a chance to apply a tick (either heal, power, or damage based off the type of crit) whenever a critical attack, heal, or power crit occurs. This pairs well with Transformation card since Trans causes more crits to occur. Keep in mind to maximize the strat card you want to use a loadout/rotation that will cause lots of hits (if in DPS stance). That's why the above loadouts are recommended. They'll cause more hits to occur than say a loadout of Claw>Final Claw,/Chainsaw>Chainsaw/Boxing Gloves>Boxing Gloves/repeat.

    Grim - pet that auto spawn while in combat. At rank 120 pet will apply Dazed to a single target enemy. At rank 160 pet will apply Dazed AoE to enemies around target. At rank 200 pet will remove passive power regeneration debuff from player for robot sidekick. This is helpful since Light has a limited supply of options to apply Dazing. Chompers, Entrap, and Sonic Cry are preferred if not using Grim but if using grim those powers are not needed. A dazed enemy will take 10 % more damage by most of lights powers.

    Solar Amp - Has a great might % buff when fully ranked (5%). At full rank it will apply an explosive tick of damage AoE and is not interuptable. key bonuses are 120%, 160%, and 200%.

    Tactical swapping and other artifacts that are helpful. I'm gonna give less detail on these ask questions if you have them.

    Dead Kings Sceptar - Increases orbital strike damage and can randomly proc when attacking. Reduces cooldowns for trinkets of all kinds.

    Philosophers Stone - Removes power consumption for a set time when using your supply drop. Basically unlimited power for a set time. Light is very power hungry.

    Eye of the Gemini - Deals 20 % of damage dealt inside the circle by all players at the end to your target(s). This can be a good substitute if your using a two or 3 super charge build (especially for Melee AoE). Or to sub in when casting a super power then swap back out when its complete.

    Scrap of the Soul Cloak - increases super charge gain and meter. This is great pairing in a super charge spam with Eye of the Gemini.

    Let me know if you have questions about the controller ones? I don't plan on covering those as this is already a very long post. Don't feel like you need to immediately rank all your artifacts up. I'd recommend leveling them together. If using the Trans, Strat, and Grim I'd focus on Trans first but try to keep them all within 20 levels of each other. You'll get more bang for your buck that way.
  3. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    After updating my loadout I pretty much use the same loadout for everything lol.

    My loadout is:
    Impact, light blast, grasping hand, hand clap, robot sidekick, neo venom boost

    For range aoe I use impact comboed into chainsaw (tap melee) and clip the chainsaw instantly with impact again. So:
    Impact c chainsaw/impact c chainsaw Repeat

    If my power is getting low (low troll) I’ll use light last into ram (tap range) when off cooldown to save some power. Impact c chainsaw is very power hungry so you’ll either need a good troll or you will need to sub in light blast often. Alternatively you can also add minigun c fan to help with power by making room for it with another slot.

    For single target I hand clap fully comboed clipped with light blast comboed into bowing gloves (tap melee) clipping the gloves with hand clap full combo and clipped with grasping hand comboed to pull grasping hand (hold melee) so basically:
    HC c HC c HC/lightblast c gloves/HC c HC c HC/grasping c pull/ HC repeat

    For artifacts I use transformation, strategist, and grimorium.

    But I’m going to tell you something very important about the strategist. You have to be honest with yourself. If you aren’t playing content where adds live more than 6 seconds than the strategist isn’t best for you. If adds are dying fast than you won’t be getting the strategist to do their full damage. This means that you lose damage not running something that gives better stats.