happy hippolyta? feat

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by WalterlightOmega, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. WalterlightOmega Committed Player

    please can you fix this so I can obtain the feat even if i die and retry. I managed to keep the harpy alive the second time :(
  2. Ice Lantern New Player

    No thanks. It wouldn't be fair for those who already took the time to get the feat. Feats shouldn't get changed just so some people can get them quicker.
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  3. WalterlightOmega Committed Player

    but i did the requirements. it never says you cant get ko
  4. WalterlightOmega Committed Player

    the harpy survived
  5. Doc Holliday New Player

    If you were to ask a good strategy on how to obtain the feat instead of asking to get it for free, you might have better luck.

    Either way I hope you get the feat.
  6. WalterlightOmega Committed Player

    get it for free? i did the feat didnt i? so what if i ko'ed i still had to redo the battle again.
  7. WalterlightOmega Committed Player

    i just fly up. thats how i did the battle in the end. i just got grounded and ended up in the earth aoe attack and died
  8. rival exe New Player

    How does that help your pet from dying? You abandoned it...:(

    Also I do think it should be changed to either allow retries if your pet never died in the first place or to give you a hint at the final boss combo when you first start the mission.
  9. Elusian Crowd Control

    It happens all the time *cough* envy to die for *cough*
  10. WalterlightOmega Committed Player

    well i managed to do it the second time.

    Lmao #spoonfeeding
  12. WalterlightOmega Committed Player

    or say that you cant die during the final fight. that was my pont
  13. rival exe New Player

    Yeah. I'm not sure but I think some feats allow you to die and try again and others don't. It should be consistent for all feats.
  14. Ronamus Well-Known Player

    The devs said before that getting Ko'd will end the feat. So it won't be changed since they established that it was meant to be that way. You'll just have to start over the instance like everyone else had to.
  15. Last Dancer New Player

    lol I hate this feat too~ Hope you get it~! ^-^
  16. WalterlightOmega Committed Player

  17. Crackin New Player

    I just finished this yesterday. The warrior statue made me feel like I was watching a bad horror show. Pissed and angry I finally got the harpy to make it without any mistakes. Good luck anyone trying to do this one. In all took about 10 tries with combos & failures. Not a easy feat and aggravating as he11
  18. Pew New Player

    The only tip needed is that legends characters grab aggro just like tanks do.
  19. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    I agree with him....I can get the 4 corner feat after multiple deaths but I can't get this feat...if you complete what the requirement states, you should get the feat, death or not...