Happy Halloween! Free Treat or Treat Gift!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. DarkVisor 10000 Post Club

    Just because haven't reached MEG yet, doesn't mean don't read what other people (including DEVs) have to say, you know, this old fashioned thing that seems to have gone out of fashion called 'educating oneself'
  2. NotNew New Player

  3. NotNew New Player

    There's a large difference between what people are posting and what you may experience ingame.
  4. DarkVisor 10000 Post Club

    What does that have to do with someone rage-quitting over a free gift? o_O
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  5. XMLX New Player

    to com alguns episodio perdido como eu posso jogar eles novamente ja fais 2 dia que n consigo jogar
  6. NotNew New Player

    Why are you so concerned with it?
  7. DarkVisor 10000 Post Club

    Over the gift? Not
    Over someone rage-quitting about the bug not being fix immediately? Can't stand things like that: if you are going to quit, then just do it
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  8. NotNew New Player

    But that's not even why he's letting his sub lapse. As he stated there are numerous issues that are forcing his decision.
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  9. DarkVisor 10000 Post Club

    And, as pointed out in initial post: why bother waiting if it was the last straw?
    Regardless if it was one thing or multiple things, they are still rage-quitting, but making a big fuss over it (like all rage-quitters)
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  10. Ender1Game Developer

    · All Characters that were not properly granted the 4 Star Feat with the “Treat or Treat Gift” should now have the feat. You can confirm you received the feat completion by selecting Deeds UI, navigating to the Feats menu and under Seasonal, The Witching Hour section you should see the “Bat Got Your Tongue?” feat as completed. Completion date will be October 10, 2017 for EU Worlds & October 12, 2017 for US Worlds.
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  11. Dionysus New Player

    I got the "bat got your tongue" feat. Thanks.
  12. Gonadicles New Player

    Seriously, this guy doesn't even play the game, but he's STILL going on about my response. Let it go, guy who doesn't even really play the game but lurks on that game's forums regularly. Let it go.

    Also, if you're talking about educating yourself, first start with your grammar, THEN move on to actually reading my posts' contents, like others noted.

    And also also...the feat is now fixed, for those showing up for that original reason.
  13. Dreadshow Well-Known Player

    That Aura was an horrible gift to those that own the Aura Pack II could at least be tradeable or a different color than those in pack.
  14. Vesper Dedicated Player

  15. Dreadshow Well-Known Player

    What Am i suppose to do with it? Create a character just so I can collect it before I collect the one I got with the pack? Can't sell it, Can't Trade it. Haven't tried to delete it because surely the gift was not meant to just be deleted.

    DB:"Hey here's some trash for you to throw away, Happy Halloween".
  16. Vesper Dedicated Player

    OMG. So you got a whole set of Spooky base items, which give you a feat worth a FULL SKILL POINT. That base item box costs 50 marks, so that's 5 full daily runs you don't have to do or $6 for currency you don't have to spend. You got a cat scratching post that (at least so far) is exclusive to this gift. You got 25 marks of Halloween currency to spend how you please. AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT, you got a free aura.

    Awe gee wilikers, you already have it. So do I. So does everyone who bought the aura pack. So what, it was FREE. It's an ugly orange stank-looking aura I will never wear on any toon. So what, it was FREE.

    OMG......were you the kid who whined at the birthday party that Granny bought him a He-man he already had?

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  17. Dreadshow Well-Known Player

    No Granny was thoughtful enough to slip the gift receipt in the birthday card.
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  18. supp1238 New Player

    so i have a question, did they give us the new aura to forget about getting the ghost aura? lol
  19. bigbadron alt Well-Known Player

    It isn't a new aura, it's an aura that was previously included in an aura pack.
  20. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    I opened the trick or treat bag, I didn't get the Orange Vapor Aura? :(

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