Hand Blasters- what's the deal?

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  1. kepep New Player

    Hi guys,

    Did I miss something? Why every DPS at the moment use HandBlasters? I noticed everyone using Hold-Hold all the time, even HL are using Hand Blasters instead of phantomTriangle Rifle... What's the deal? More damage? It is slower than clipped rifle...

    Thx for clarifing
  2. the solowing Steadfast Player

    i think it would be one of the least used since its lacks pretty much all round it needs a instant blockbreaker or more melee moves
  3. T20thoughts New Player

    It does better weapon damage than Rifle grenades, and the hold-tap ranged combo is deliciously clippable (you can clip it pretty much as soon as your toon pulls his or her hands back for the Solar Flare burst). Plus, it's currently one of the easier weapons to get a hold of... Decent handblasters tend to drop from, among other places, the robot ambush in Nexus. AND they're one of the best weapons for building combos from afar when you need power.

    So in short: Easy to use + good ranged damage + both clippable and combo-building + easy to get = everyone uses them.
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  4. chaotic3430 Committed Player

    Agree, HB's are good for support roles, as a troll gives quick power back with power regen on as well. Helps CC with double blast knockback as well. But I am now going to play with bow as it looks fun.
  5. Delta795 New Player

    Two words:
  6. Tikkun Loyal Player

    Yes, Solar Flare is great, but I think the biggest reason is the 87 hb are one of the most dropped weapons in Nexus and 88 HB are easier to obtain than other dps weapons. It also has a decent lunge. I love HB on my Celestial healer, but I have come to appreciate Shield more because of the added mobility.
  7. ElectricPhoton New Player

    Didn't Mepps also say that HB was one of his favorite weapons?
  8. RageOfHeaven1990 New Player

    I think it was Spord when they were showing quantum powers, I could be wrong though.
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  9. SuperiorMouse New Player

    Deathloli uses it, so everyone copied him and switched to it.
  10. Ogat New Player

    1. It's not the hold hold combo
    2. Rifle/1h are still better options for light (rifle AoE, 1h single target)
    3. Erm welcome to last 5 months of the game.
  11. ElectricPhoton New Player

    Yes, I remember now, it WAS Spord.