Halls Of Power CR Requirements Too LOW!!!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MerkyMouse, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. ARI ATARI New Player

    all content has always made it clear that the cr requirement is for the most elite players to complete and highly unlikely.
    there are players out there that can contribute plenty with the minimum cr, they are just for and few between.
  2. MetalMario Loyal Player

    Prideful and type V mods will get you to cr 98 unless the hero version of Prideful is item level 87 rather than 85 like on the villain side.
  3. MetalMario Loyal Player

    double post
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  4. MetalMario Loyal Player

    triple post sorry.
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  5. Sbel Devoted Player

    You can't tell they're bad without the scoreboard? Wouldn't they be dying all over the place? o_O

    If you can't tell who's bad why do you care? o_O

    And you still couldn't find time to check the scoreboard? :confused:
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  6. LordStrongsword New Player

    Prideful for Heroes is 87, Corrupted is our 85 gear.
  7. Sbel Devoted Player

    Prideful is 86.
  8. LordStrongsword New Player

    My bad, I hadn't been on to check. I got my gear months ago. Though it was for the style feat. I had better gear before I bought it.
  9. Sbel Devoted Player

    Prideful/Blood Cursed with synth V is 98. With V Experts it's barely 99, just enough for the Iconic solos.
  10. Sbel Devoted Player


    Loche: [will min cr for 12 be 100?]

    Edit: links not working, will see if I can find them. fixed
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  11. Mister Brees New Player

    I trolled the new stuff with an alt in a mix of OC and Vestments. No issues here.

    They don't need to up the cr, it's tier 6 not tier HoP.
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  12. DC-Doll New Player

    I don't see the problem. Justice Girls PS finished 2 of the new raids first week and I for one only had 2 or 3 pieces of AF vendor gear. Nobody to my knowledge was over 150 skill points and I doubt many people in the group were 106+ either. Yeah the burn could have been better I'll admit but it was still easier than Nexus pre-nerf.
  13. MerkyMouse Well-Known Player

    are you stupid? they run war of light, get vestments. go do the solos and duos from amazon fury and that will give them marks of fury, buy some stretigos and move further into teir 6 scrub, plain and simple. none of you are finishing lockdown with these so called 103 104 characters and thats my whole point. ive been in atleast 30 groups or more where these noobs are holding everyone back, because they compare this dlc to amazon fury
  14. rival exe New Player

    The requirements seemed fine to me. I was able to complete them and excel even with my purple gear. Get better at the game or grind easy alerts until you have enough gear so you don't have to get better.
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  15. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    30 or more groups?

    Well then....looks like there's a common denominator at work there doesn't it.
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  16. Mister Brees New Player

    I watched a twitch stream with a guy who dps'd lockdown in vestments yesterday. They finished it and he was on top of the chart. If you are good you don't need to be in full gear to beat this stuff.

    If you are in 30 failed groups you might want to look at the common denominator.
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  17. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Nope, I am not stupid.

    Not everyone has Amazon Fury. As I pointed out, Amazon Fury is small group content. Halls of Power is large group content. War of the Light would be considered more large group content than small group content, and as such, it is the segue into Halls of Power. Amazon Fury is not available to everyone, so the CR requirement for Halls of Power has to accommodate those who did not get Amazon Fury.

    Mepps has mentioned on numerous occasions that large group content has its own set of DLCs going forward and small group content has its own DLCs going forward. Just because you cannot comprehend that aspect of the DLCs does not make me stupid. Don't insult my intelligence with your lack of understanding.
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  18. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    there are many players that are cr 105 106 etc but only have 50 sp i know because sadly some of them are in my league and they are awful players who constantly ask for help with EVERYTHING and i hate doing runs with them because they make it hard for everyone else because they die every 2 sec and can't play their roles etc and just want to be carried through everything

    my point is cr does not mean much if you only have 50 sp and can't play your role so upping the cr requirements won't do much having a sp requirement would do much better for example make t6 100cr and 90 sp min or even go as low as 80 sp

    also with new content you have to give people a bit of time to learn the content don't expect everyone to just know what to do on their 1st run and if it is your 1st run tell the group and ask for info on the alert or raid so you don't end up being a burden
  19. Starblast Well-Known Player

    The bottom line is the bosses have too high of health which is why the OP feels this way. HOWEVER, when people point out by saying they don't like this it's considered whining for a nerf when merely it's just saying we are not a fan of this concept. and it seems if you say something like this, you get 10 people to everyone one person who makes this statement responding with something like "stop whining" "get a group" "join a league".

    Anyway...after watching this special on the OWN channel the other day on Sharon Stone she talked about how she tries to do everything with joy because staying mad is a waste of time. She raises her kid without full custody with joy, dealing with relationships she messed up, and in turn she used her money for a good cause and adopted her own kids and ya know maybe in a way it made things better. So...I'm inviting you all to try to just accept things and experience them with joy. Yes...it is a challenge at times and frustrating, but why let it get the best of you?
  20. winter13 New Player

    We spent 40 minutes on Barda tonight, and the dps didn't even have her half way down. I just couldn't do it anymore, and had to switch from heal to dps. The dps died almost right away after that. We would have been there for probably an hour and 15 minutes minimum just for the dps to burn her down. He was all 90 gear, half completely unmodded. I'm loving this 100 minimum cr requirement. :rolleyes: