Halls of Power and Gear Question.

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    Sorry if this has been asked already, but this past couple of weeks have been busy. With this new dlc I've noticed that gear costs Marks of Power and Marks of Fury, is this one or the other or both? I'm guessing its both as I've got the max amount of Fury yet can't seem to purchase anything. On top of this, is there any way a soloist can obtain Marks of Power? It would be appreciated if we can, as I prefer playing solo. Especially with all the recent "Game Data Corrupt", random disconnects, world down, and lots of lag I've experienced since the dlc launched.
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    You can not do anything solo and get symbols of power. The devs made it so in order to get the new gear you need to run some of the new content
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    Thats disappointing as no other dlc was that unfriendly to solo players. Even Origin Crisis and War on the Light had something solo. Oh well, I log in, consider group content, and get told World Down in a few minutes. Just my luck, it seems to always happen when I'm finally off and have time to play. This is another reason a solo alternative even if small and few would have been nice.